The Dr Who Experience

Matt Smith the new Dr Who
Matt Smith the new Dr Who
K9 Oh yeah!
K9 Oh yeah!
The tardis console!
The tardis console!

My Husband is a Doctor Who fanatic. He has all of the DVDs of every season. He has a box set of the 11 doctors in their costumes and many an hour has been passed debating "Who was the best Doctor?". In fact he even has an adipose... mmm don't ask!

I must admit that I am also a little smitten with Dr Who and when David Tennant was the Doctor, lets face it who wasn't. So it wasn't very surprising that when we were in London in last Summer that the one must see was, The Dr Who Experience. The tickets were booked almost before the flight were it was such an important event!

When we visited the exhibition it was with our daughter (Weenie). She was 5 months old at the time and I was slightly concerned that she might be frightened. But it would appear that a predilection for Dr Who is genetic and she was fine!

The adventure starts with a wait for all of the audience to arrive, you are then led through the doors to the experience with an attendant. I would not wish to spoil the story so I will leave you with the thought that it was very well put together and it really did feel like you were in an episode of Dr Who.

After the Experience it is time to have a look at a number of Dr who props, of which the Tardis also features quite heavily. My favorite was the Model of K9 who is one of my favorite old characters. Seeing the center of the Tardis was also wonderful. There are models of all the doctors in their outfits which was also realistic and interesting The Cyberman and the Darleks of course were scary. The face of Bo, also made an appearance.

As you walk through the exhibition you are drawn inexorably towards the souvineer shop. As I mentioned my husband is somewhat of a Dr who afficionardo but even he was dazled by the range of items. We left heavy with Dr Who paraphernalia!

All in all an enjoyable couple of hours for those who love Dr Who and those who might just have been bitten, just a little by the Dr Who bug.

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