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The Time Traveler's Wife begins with a young boy going for a drive with his mother. He has his first episode of time travel where he literally disappears from his mother's view. This occurs in the midst of her being in a car accident where she is trying to regain control of the car. Sadly, she is unable to and she is killed in the accident. When the young boy time travels back to the scene, he sees that his mother has already died. A man comes to him and tells him not to be afraid. The man is that same young boy as an adult and he has time traveled to see him and reassure him.

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The adult Henry (Eric Bana) lets the little boy Henry know that he has to go and time travels back to the library where he is a research librarian and has a waiting customer.

One day at the library, he meets a young woman (Rachel McAdams) who is giddy when she sees him. He does not think he knows her at all but she knows him and would like to meet him for dinner to explain the relationship. She tells him to go a particular Thai restaurant. It is his favorite restaurant and he is amazed that she knows that. They meet at 7pm that night in the restaurant but not before he is delayed by some more unexpected time travel and return.

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At dinner, Clare lets Henry know that she first saw him when she was only six years old. He was an adult and time traveled to a meadow near her parents' home. That is where they met.

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Clare explains that although Henry might feel like he doesn't know her, she considers him her best friend and has also been in love with him most of her life. He had time traveled back to her many times over the years. Henry is flattered and surprised by the story and very accommodating. He invites her back to his place and a love affair begins rather instantaneously.

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The relationship is not a fleeting one. Henry goes to his father and asks permission to give his mother's wedding and engagement rings to Clare. Shortly thereafter, Clare becomes The Time Traveler's Wife.

Their time as newlyweds is not easy. Henry disappears frequently as he time travels. He is unable to predict or control when he will disappear or for how long. One time, he is gone for a full two weeks and Clare becomes very frustrated. She does not spend any time greeting him when he returns and she says she is going to work. She is a studio artist and her boss Jeremy has offered her some time and space to work. Where they live has become too crowded with the clutter of her other projects and she can no longer work there.

Henry feels guilty about the whole situation. Before meeting Clare, being a time traveler was a very lonely existence. With her, he is no longer lonely but he feels bad about having to continue time traveling with no notice.

Henry waits for Clare by sitting on a bench outside of her job, the artist studio until closing time. He then tells her that he wants to show her something.

Turns out, he brought a lottery ticket already knowing what all the winning numbers would be. He wins 5 million dollars for them. He explains that while there are a lot of down sides to time traveling, look at what he can do that's great. Clare questions the ethics of Henry winning the lottery and already knowing all of the winning numbers. She says that taking the money would be cheating. He invites her to tear up the winning ticket but she can not bring herself to do so.

They keep the money and move to a lavish house. There, they try to start a family. Clare has a series of miscarriages. Henry suspects that the fetuses must have the time traveling genetic trait and that they traveled right out of the womb. He thinks it would be terrible to go through another miscarriage and suggests adoption. Clare does not agree. She feels that she should be able to have her own biological child.

 The movie continues on with the challenges this couple faces and the love they share.

The Time Traveler's Wife Trailer

Rated PG-13

107 minutes

Directed by Robert Schwentke

Screenplay by Bruce Joel Rubin

Based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger

Starring Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams and others

I rate it 3/5 stars ***

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Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Sounds very interesting and intriguing. Thank you for sharing.

Journey * profile image

Journey * 6 years ago from USA Author

Hello, hello, thanks for your comment. The movie did have a very interesting plot.

Smireles profile image

Smireles 6 years ago from Texas

Thank you for this look at The Time Traveler's Wife. I had seen previews but never got around to seeing the movie. It is interesting.

Journey * profile image

Journey * 6 years ago from USA Author

Thank you for commenting Smireles. I hope you get to see it soon!

TINA V profile image

TINA V 6 years ago

I was able to watch this movie. The film did not show the reason for Henry's travelling in time although it was quite interesting. But overall rating, it was good for me.

Journey * profile image

Journey * 6 years ago from USA Author

Hi TINA V, thanks so much for commenting on this hub. I'm glad you enjoyed this film as well.

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