The Real Angelica Panganiban!

Everyone has loved to see her in the photos of the Ginebra calendar. No doubt she looked really beautiful and sexy in those bikini photos. In fact Angelica looked her best in those photos. This celebrity actress is considered as the 8th most beautiful woman in Philippines. Click Here to watch the Ginebra photos and more

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Ginebra Calendar

How Sexy She Looks!
How Sexy She Looks!

Now here is the shocker. Well, it was, for me! It seems that the calendar photos were manipulated using Photoshop and other image editing softwares! The liqour company Ginebra is supposed to have hired the best Photoshoppers in the industry to do the thing. Below are the dressing room photos of the calendar shoot that shows how flabby she really is. Compare them with the photo above and judge for yourself.

The Real Panganiban!

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(Update: Her crisis managers hired the same group of Photoshoppers to edit these dressing room photos!!!)

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cryze 3 years ago

wala lang gusto lang kita..... idol kita e.... your the best....

Wiwik 5 years ago

I'm still love her... she is sexy...

Dennis 5 years ago

i love angelica .... kahit anong mangyari

bianca chai 5 years ago

di lang nmn c angelica ang gawang photoshop..hlos lhat ng c agelica kht chubby mgnda at very versatile na her so much!

baby nics.. 5 years ago

i really love angelica., mga mapanira jan umaus nga kayo!! bucit...

jane of 5 years ago

inggit lang kayo kce c angel kya magpaseksi d katulad nyo mga usyusera...

none 5 years ago

these pictures are not bad....she is still pretty....better than becoming anorexic

J.O 5 years ago

WOW!! malake

jan2 5 years ago

u sow hot

tambok bil2 mo te

isang kilong boboy nga yung malaman ah

lilian 5 years ago

mestiza,the most beuty ng abs-cbn franka,matapang,walang tinatago,hindi fake na tao.basta gusto ko siya kung maaari nga lang kaibigan,makakasundo siya .

florence 6 years ago

Hay naku! yang mga feeling beautiful jan, for me AngelicaP is still the best hindi lang physically but also best actress everrr!!

ana marie  6 years ago

ok nman ung pose pero laging naka-bra sya

Red Horse Girl 2010 6 years ago

Well, I like Angelica Panganiban a lot. Kahit ano pa maging ichura I still like her. Did you watch The Buzz last sunday August 08, 2010? Grabe! bow ako sa kanya nung ininterview siya ni Boy. Matalino at totoong tao. Walang keme.

nonex 6 years ago

i love you talaga angel

..nagseselos nga ako ky derek..

rajesh 6 years ago

vooooooooooola bingo

erica 6 years ago

yak nmn. na amaze pa nmn aq sa katawan nia..mas mataba pa pla xa saken. d na q mgpapa payat ahahhaha

Catherine 6 years ago

Mataba tlga si Angelica!!! Just watch when she dances in her bikini sa ASAP! So disgusting!!! She should be dethrowned as Rubi for misrepresentation!!! Haha

jerusalem 6 years ago

take care nlang ate ang.......hopely makita kita n person.........

Rock n Roll 7 years ago


unknown 7 years ago

yah im absolutely agree, sexy is not always in a body, maybe on the temper of a woman, dont you?

willard 7 years ago

ang tambok naman ng pepe mo

jr 7 years ago

para skin khit gano p sya k flabby maganda parin sya n yummmy..............

cris 7 years ago

she is still soooo beautiful!

Brodfit 7 years ago

whatever?! I like her!

aregudoy 8 years ago

mayammy pla cya!!! bakatan d best!

aregudoy 8 years ago

wow bakatan pla cya !!!!

Reese 8 years ago

She's thin enough. Just problems with her belly. She isn't into going sexy before posed for the calendar. This is her first public appearance in a swimsuit, I guess. So she isn't really prepared for it like most of the so-called sexy girls did. They went to Belo's or somewhere else to get their bellies trimmed. Bad news for Angelica she didn't have time to do that so she merely sucked her breath to make her tummy go away. And photoshop of course.

regiene 8 years ago

i love my mommy alnis and papa regie canson

cap 8 years ago

nakakagigil ka angelica sana makasama kita isang gabi

myrtle 8 years ago

you dont have to judge her, besides may kasabihan ngang if you judge a person you dont actually judge her, but YOURSELF. so what if she's flabby?, so what if it's edited? for god's sake,even me a 16 year old girl can do that editing and stuffs :)) hahaha! tell me, do you have a good body? do you have an angelic face like her?, im indeed sure everyone has a good heart, even you :p

harold 8 years ago

very hot!!!!!

Jack 8 years ago

You are really that nakapanggigigil. Mwaah!!!

totoybibo 8 years ago

ur so hot and sexy.. be mine...

harry 8 years ago

heloo there...

my 8 years ago

youre very young before but now, youve grown a lot,theres changes as you go along,youll be a succeess in the got the perfect looks and body,if i wasnt married,ill be your boyfriend.keep up with your figure,kawawa na man si carlo.youre very seductive and make me tremble.

elaine 8 years ago

shs pretty& sexy. Talented and very charming girl.I really like her.Nakakaaliw.

jean 8 years ago

i dont believe in that flabby pictures. I've seen A Love Story, angel's movie and she's very sexy there. That pictorial was shot long time ago and now she's sexy

nessieness 9 years ago

angelica panganiban is the prettiest girl on earth for me. i have always idolized her. she has this really beautiful smile that stops traffic. pictures of her may have been edited, but so what? you can edit her pictures but not her wonderful personality! You rock angel!!! remember you have lotsa admirers who will always be there for you!



basti_wolfgang 9 years ago

Perhaps we all need to read and be aware of the goings-on in the photography and modeling industries. The truth is those pictures were taken a FULL MONTH BEFORE the actual pictorial because THOSE WERE "FITTING" TAKES. The bikinis had to be "fit" by Angelica before the actual shoot for the calendar. For that reason those pics were not so "desirable", so to speak. Angel FOREVER!

mrs.sparrow 9 years ago

sexy isn't always an equality to being skinny. i still say angelica's sexy. photoshop editing shouldn't be that surprising nowadays. if you guys make a big deal out of it, you've been under a rock for so long. this is the 21st century, guys. wake up. a pretty face is still a pretty face.

neil villanueva 9 years ago

hi mo ha.

Marie 9 years ago

love your face.....she is still sexy

dougnut 9 years ago

So... these dressing room pictures were made flabby by the same photoshoppers? :)

She is still sexy to me ... whatever they did to her pictures :)

Way to go Angelica!

jiggs 9 years ago

agelica is one of the famous teen sexy star i met her a long time ago she is cute smile

california 9 years ago

who cares about other people says, basta ako si angelica isang napakagandang babae sa buong mundo,...............................................................keep it up angelica.....

oj 9 years ago

edited pictures

The Affiliator profile image

The Affiliator 9 years ago from Rushmendon Rd

She is awesome. Even in the dressing room. She is gorgeous and incredibly sexy.

angelicafanaticz 9 years ago

hoy!! f inedit nga yung fotos nya at talagan tabachingching siya, bakit sexy siya at di mataba sa movie nya na A LOVE STORY!!?

salisbury 9 years ago

i dont care about those photos taken in the dressing room.she has one of the most beautiful faces in the industry and she is really sexy in those people who laugh ang criticize her i only have 2 things to ask you...are you sexy?do you have a face as good as hers?heck im sure you guys dont hahaha

lester 9 years ago

have more pictures?

asim 9 years ago

hi inede thes fotos

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