Things That Irritate Steve Serra Issue #3 -Lady Gaga

One word. One question.  Why?
One word. One question. Why?

Before I start. She has a very talented voice. She is the second person most liked on Facebook (behind Eminem). I like how she's very supportive to her fans or should I say "Little Monsters" (I think that nickname is SUPER f***ing corny). She even has "Little Monsters" tattooed on her arm. She collaborated with The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake for the song "3-Way (Freaking Hilarious). I am not irritated with her ability as a singer. What I am irritated/annoyed with is...why...oh,why...does she dress the way she dress.

Just look at the top picture...look at this text. Now, look at the picture again for 5 seconds then look back at this text. At this moment, if you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to take acid...just look at that picture (Your grandmother will look like that when you're on it and so will everyone else). It was cool when she first came out. She dressed different. She was/is the modern day David Bowie, Madonna (80's Madonna. Not the modern day I get a divorce every 3 months Madonna), and Cindy Lauper. Cool I get it. You want your own look. Now she's getting a LITTLE over hand. Coming to the Grammy's in an egg? Wearing a Kermit the Frog dress with a shit load of Kermit the Frog's on her dress. A meat and condom dress that she wore on different occasions. (As if it's cool to wear on separate occasions. Might as well put them together and make glasses out of tuna some how. I don't know how. She's the fucking weirdo.).

Lend an ear or should I say lend an eye? HAHHAHhHAHA (I told you I'm good!). What irritates me is that she does ALL of this crap for attention like that suicidal friend that tells you he/she is going to kill themselves, but all it is is them screamiing "ME!!! LOOK AT ME!!! ME,ME, ME!!!". Now he/she calls you and you're just like "Alright. I'll visit you at the hospital tomorrow.". Before he/she even tells you that they're going to do anything stupid. It might have even been them wanting to tell you they had a life changing experience, but so many stupid attempts (or dresses/eggs) you're like..."I don't give a flying shit". She's shown that she is talented (5 Grammy's in 2 years). What's next for the next Grammy's? I got an idea! Just come as Darth Vader. Coming in an egg? For real, do you know how many aspiring musicians watch the Grammy's? Young and old. That watch and think to themselves "I can't wait for that moment..." Then, she comes in a FUCKING EGG!?!?! It's like "I made it! Look every body! I'm going to make a mockery of this and I want everyone to look at me and question it all!!!!!". I just want to say...stop it. I can't wait though for the next Grammy's when she comes in the Death Star. BOOM! Star Wars reference...

Do NOT Look While Stoned...You'll Be SCARRED For Life.

How is this even comfortable?
How is this even comfortable?
Miss Piggy was pissed!
Miss Piggy was pissed!
This is what Satan's penis looks like...
This is what Satan's penis looks like...
Not sure if this is her, but looks like it.
Not sure if this is her, but looks like it.

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celebritie profile image

celebritie 5 years ago

Ha Ha Ha your too funny!

profile image

rorshak sobchak 5 years ago

Nice write up. I kinda like the unique thing that this woman does it is kind of attractive :) She does her own thing. Nice hub.

MicahI profile image

MicahI 5 years ago from Central Florida

I LOL'd at the Grinch picture! Very funny!

Crobin28 profile image

Crobin28 5 years ago from Pelham, Alabama

Wow!! This was just great! I loved it!! You even inspired me a little! Great job at making me laugh!

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

You are hilarious man, Its funny how most of the stuff that annoys you has the same effect on me.

Voted up and awesome - SO FUNNY - I needed a good laugh

ryokowaren profile image

ryokowaren 5 years ago from USA

I get the fact that she's being creative...but the funny thing to me is that she said that she's got alot of her creative ideas from cocaine use. I'm sure I could get alot of creative ideas on cocaine too, or LSD, or acid, or whatever. Anyway, I think she should go to the Grammy's in sweats and no make-up next time. That would be the biggest shocker of all. No disrespect to Lady GaGa - 'cause I do love her music, but yeah, I see your point.

THEHuG5 profile image

THEHuG5 5 years ago

I'm a Lady Gaga fan but this is too funny! I like your style sir.

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