Three Mistakes in Nolan's new hit "Inception"

I've watched Inception three times already in Theaters with my friends and every time i watch the film i came out with an open mouth like an amazed kid just came back from wonder land !

but though i did come up with three mistakes one/'s not that crashing films mistakes, but you can consider them a little noisy notes from an old movie geek! :D

1. The Sequence of time calculating through Dream layers. it should vary from one person to another depends on his own way of handling brain thoughts and ideas. Nolan made it constant that 5 minutes in real time gives you an hour in the first layer of the dream..I think that's a mistake, i'm just saying it should vary from one person to another.

2. How didn't Fischer recognize Saito in the dream as his father's first opponent and rival ?

3. How did Saito become an old man when Cobb got back to him in Limbo? 

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amagdy profile image

amagdy 6 years ago from giza, Egypt Author

you guys read it..why no comment then?

Skyler J 6 years ago

1 and 2. Valid questions. 3. The time in limbo changes a lot. Saito was in limbo for many years in the few minutes it took Cobb got back to him. That's why he was old.

luis 6 years ago

I was thinking about number 2 also while watching the movie, but I realized that he didn't appeared to him. He never saw saito, or even if he saw him maybe he just didn't care, "in dreams things seem normal". The thing that I´m having problem with is the whole limbo thing. How did cobb and saito got out of limbo? By killing themselves? if so, then why didn't cobb said to everybody "hey if you ever reach limbo then all you have to do is kill yourself, don't wait 50 years for me to go and pick you up!"

Neknek 6 years ago

"hey if you ever reach limbo then all you have to do is kill yourself, don't wait 50 years for me to go and pick you up!"

-coz you are not sure if it's reality or not

unique 6 years ago

and maybe: if you die in a dream while being heavily sedated you fall into limbo, where dream/limbo length grows even more, and you need to wait until the drugs wear off which is in limbo many many years

the real definite mistake is Arthur not being woke up by van smashing the barrier on the bridge and starting to fall down, which was said to be the planned "kick" but missed oportunity

V. 6 years ago

Also, the music that played into the dreamer's ears should have sounded slower to the people in the dream by a lot, given the different time sequence.

Charlie P 6 years ago

If they are hooked up to a machine how can it vary from one person to another if the machine has a set time???

Someone 6 years ago

@Charlie P. I think he's talking about each person's experience. Five minutes on the machine means whatever time in the dream world. He's saying how it's just odd that five minutes equates to one hour, that how can it be so easily formulated. If you take into account different people's psyches, we don't experience things the same way. Thus, the purported 5mins=1hr is incorrect as it doesn't take account the variable of different people's psyches experiencing things differently. But where I disagree with him is that everybody is in one person's dream, so the perception on time should be reflected on the person's psyche whose dream everybody's in. But still, the 5mins=1hr still would seem incorrect. How can you calculate something with so many different variables to take into account. The perception of time would be different to each person.

amagdy profile image

amagdy 6 years ago from giza, Egypt Author

@someone. that's exactly what i meant, thanks you.

richard 6 years ago

1- this is a valid point however they go into a single persons dream and therefore it should reflected that persons unconscious mind.

2- its not reavealed that fisher knows who saito is

3- cobb and adriane go into the fouth dream layer to rescue fisher, meanwhile saito dies and goes into limbo, adriane and fisher then use a kick to get out of the dream while cobb kills himself to go down into limbo and save saito so therefore the time difference would be much greater for saito then cobb

sidey9 6 years ago

I agree with richard. However, I found a mistake in the movie as well. As per the movie the physical state of being gets translated from the first layer to the second layer. Hence when they are falling in the car in the 1st layer, they feel weightless (zero gravity) in the second layer. How does this not get translated into the third layer and subsequent? Why don't they feel weightless in the snow? However, they do show that when the car is shaking, things are shaking in the hotel and the snow scene. I thought that was big mistake in the logic!

bobo 6 years ago

did anyone notice that the kicks were supposed to bring them back to the level where the kick happened, but in the end they kick back a level from the level they are on. also the van kick is inconsistent because firstly she jumps off a building to go back to the snow, then the building blows up to go back to the hotel, and then the elevator drops to go back to the van but then the van doesn't kick them back to the plane

anita 6 years ago

hey didnt anyone notice that cobb couldnt save saito from the limbo.the totem didnt fall,so they were trapped in the limbo forever...

Hmmmm 6 years ago


Anita... your a retard

Another man 6 years ago

another mistake is....penis

wamp 6 years ago

how about the fact that a person can't read in their dream due to the section of the brain that it uses?

me 6 years ago

I thought Fisher had been killed by Mal, therefore Cobb and Ariadne had to go into limbo to get him back. You don't have to die to go into limbo, that was only what would have happened if they'd died in the dream as they were heavily sedated. Cobb had said that the first time he had been in limbo was because he and Mal had just gone deeper and deeper. They didn't kill themselves to get there, they had to kill themselves to get out.

amagdy profile image

amagdy 6 years ago from giza, Egypt Author

just so glad with all your ideas and comments guys, and with the topic making it to the main page of the site :)

theglass 6 years ago

The biggest error for me was the fact that while the van chase was happening the lower layers felt the effects of the chase (i.e. the van crash, turns, rain etc) in real time, but when the van went over the edge of the bridge it took forever for it to hit the water. Also, the 5 mins- 1 hour ratio was broken during the chase, and throughout the layers. If it really were the case then the people in the lower layers would have spent weeks/months/years in their respective dreams - but noone seemed to be in their layer for more than an hour or so. There are a few others but will take too long, thats the main one for me anyway.

The only possible way for the movie to make continuous sense is for the whole movie to be Cobb's dream!

Stian 6 years ago

They didn't have to spend weeks/months in the lower levels if the ones in the upper levels kicked them out.

richard 6 years ago

@sidey9 Arthur explains in the movie that the effect diminishes as one goes deeper into the layers so the effect was felt as zero gravity in the second layer, but the effect diminished in the third layer and only manifested itself as an avalanche

xoxo 6 years ago

that's because it is cobb's dream... the whole movie is just a dream! i think nolan is laughing out loud reading all the opinions out there! just watch the movie again and you'll understand.

same ol' 6 years ago

watched the movie again last night and couldn't help but notice that in the car chase sequence, everyone except for arthur was in the third layer of the dream (two layers below; meaning they wouldn't be woken up by the kicks, except for arthur (who had to stay in the second layer to wake the others from the third)

now since the sedative left the inner ear parts untouched (to render dropping or toppling over as a possibility to wake them up) arthur should have woken up when the van was pushed through the railing by the car and OVERTURNED at least two times. And then again (as already mentioned) when the van hits the railing of the bridge. Of course that would've been impossible for the plot, because arthur had to stay in the second layer until everyone got out of the third one.

@xoxo: i thought that, as well, when i saw it for the first time (and quite frankly liked that thought a lot!) but sir michael caine stated at some point that his character is the indicator for reality, whichever scene he is in, it's supposed to be real. not 100% sure wether this is true or not, but the statement alone was kinda disappointing... :/

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