Tiger Woods,Media Frenzy,Cheating Scandal

 So how do you feel about it? About the media frenzy swarming all over this Tiger Woods story and him having an extra marital affair with at least two women, Rachel Uchitel and Jaime Grubbs?

Give a hoot?

Is this really news? I guess so. Do I care? Not in the least. Was I shocked? Not in the least. should the media exploit this, business is business and their biz is news. This is news. The more Tiger Woods denies or produces comments like, "this is a private matter", only makes it more likely that the media interest will swarm all over it. The story is sexy and more. Does the media car? not a bit.

At first, Rachel Uchitel denied any sort of affair with Tiger. A day after Jamie Grubbs produced a tape of Tiger obviously trying cut off the relationship with her, Rachael confirmed having an affair with with him. US magazine, acutally had been working on the story before the whole thing blew up in Tiger's face. Jaimee was coming out with her story, why? I am sure money had something to do with it, but it was also bitter grapes because Tiger broke off the relationship and she stills wants him.

Tiger's wife no doubt heard about this via close friends and rumors, maybe personal incidents that occurred or other oddities about his behavior. Now they are in counseling sessions to save the marriage.

It does not take rocket science to see what happened in events leading up to Tiger's crash. No doubt it began with a nasty argument and confrontation between he and his wife. Tiger left so distraught that he could not drive safely, maybe he was on the phone or combo, he sped off and in a second of distraction one error in driving led to another so rapidly he crashed. His wife, in a sudden moment of love and caring, witnessed it and ran to save Tiger from what she feared worse-Tiger being dead. So, she broke the window and saved him.

Sometimes such an incident of life and death puts things into focus that make the warring parties realize that they really do love one another and any cheating is forgiven.

I think that is how is all went down. But....stay tuned!

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wolfpack5 profile image

wolfpack5 7 years ago from Alberta Canada

LOL, I was wondering when some one was going to write about him. Nice hub

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author

Me, too. so , I did!

profile image

Weeball 7 years ago from South Africa

Good Hub :)Oh, and I agree.. I don't give a hoot! Lol!

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 7 years ago from Australia

Rachel hasn't admitted to the affair, infact it's rumoured Tiger has paid her hush money after she did contact a lawyer. Her friends are talking though, apparently during his five year marriage Tiger has kept several mistressess and paid for them to travel around the world with him. He had a squeeky-clean image as a family man before all of this surfaced, so it's only natural that so many people are interested in this topic in the media. I think it just proves cheaters eventually get caught out.

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author

No question about that! Maybe Tiger has accumulated so much guilt he is now relieved he has been caught, now they may resolve the issues in therapy.

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 7 years ago from Australia

Hi perrya, I don't know, great theory but I think Tiger will be absolutely devistated that he has been caught. Worried mostly about losing his children, his reputation and sponsorship deals. He does a lot of work with children and for that may no longer be an ideal role-model. And we're talking about him deceiving his wife for several years of their marriage while he had a secret playboy life-style going on. As a woman, I hope she finds the strength to walk away with some dignity, however she may certainly still need some therapy. I know I would if I was her.

perrya profile image

perrya 7 years ago Author

Well, this could go in so many directions- divorce and Tiger's wealth diminishes from the child support and sponsers leaving him, his game may end up being on hold or he simply starts losing. She may just "stand by her man" also. Love does odd things.

heroxa79 6 years ago


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