Tips To Taking A Good Family Photo

Family photos are like little bits of history. They remind us of what we were and how far we've come as a family. While snapping a quick picture seems simple, there are few ways to really create a picture perfect moment.

Coordinate your family's clothing, but don't try to match it. If everyone is wearing the same snowman sweater then the focus is on those sweaters, not your family.

Have your family look to the side, or above the camera for a more natural photo.

Fill the frame with your family, not the surroundings. Zoom in as close as you can.

Outdoor light is better than indoor, but mid-morning and early-evening outdoor light is best.

Shoot at eye level or slightly above for the best perspective.

Or try an extreme angle, like directly above, for a startling effect.

If you are using a timer, figure out where you will fit in the picture before setting it.

Take a few shots when they least expect it.

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