Tips on strip club stripping!!!!

Tips on stripclub stripping

Hello amateur's I been into this business quite some time and pretty much got the hang of it. Every dancer has a story and if she doesn't she shouldn't be dancing! lol

Okay you have to have structure, confidence, self disciplined and a motive to why you want to strip. Otherwise you are bound to fail. Alright straight to the point.

FIGURE: First all if you are over 150 without height to even you out hm mm.... You will not have it easy getting hire or making good money! I'm being honest. Although I have noticed that the not so pretty girls make better money then the ones that are gorgeous. Being in this business you have to have personality , I mean that comes with the job and the body. Fat bellies you got to work it out!! Cellulite smooth it out!! Unwanted hair pluck it ,shave it whatever it has to GO!!!!! Your feet's should be A-1 conditions it take time getting used to heels. Breast is not a big thing, small, flat, perky, or huge breast all works out fine. Although some women feel they need artificial breast, if that floats your boat hope it brings tons of money.

CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES: So when I said flat belly men like two piece bikini with curves, lace keep it on stock also red thongs and thigh highs. Earrings are a must for me! I have customers that loves my accessories and the sound of my bracelets. Weird but hey! Mini skirts with knee highs that school girl look knocks they're sock's off. I love good body spray no perfume to strong, no lipsticks they rubbed of on they're clothing so does glitter . Those are a big no no. Belly chains and chokers are also very seductive and entertaining.

EXTRA:Never lead a customer on or make any promises. Never talk about another girl to an customer. Never ask a customer for a dance as soon as you sit with him give him a few to warm up. Never get pissed when you are rejected just keep it moving!!! always stay busy busy and focus on your money. From one guy to the next work the floor If they're 10 men in the room at least 1 should give you a dance. Always smile even if you are not happy. Sometimes you have to give a discount or a deal on a dance on a bad day or night! Stay ready and don't be to flattering with the customer he might think you are running game on him and will pass on you. Never complain about your bad day or night at work who cares. As far as a stage name I noticed that men like real name IE, Brooke, Jessica, diamond.vs magic,treasure, lollipop kinda funny . Never do private dances after hour when you do that you just lost that customer!!!! He will never come in that bar to see you again , because he got what he wanted already. You have to put your money away don't spend $600 unless you have $600 put away you get me and find your purpose achieve it and put stripping in your past .I'm quite sure you don't want to retired dancing in heels and if you do you must didn't manage your money right peace.


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engagetora profile image

engagetora 7 years ago from MICHIGAN Author


Kayla Hammer <3 profile image

Kayla Hammer <3 7 years ago

Hey I'm a dancer but obviously not strip dancing. Still that was kind of a good out look on it. Nice job! : )

engagetora 7 years ago

why thank you

Reagen 7 years ago

Do you tell the customer your price for a dance? Or do they tell you what they will offer? If so how much is that? Thanks!

engagetora profile image

engagetora 6 years ago from MICHIGAN Author

WELL IT DEPENDS ON THE CLUB YOU WORK AT IF IT'S $20 A SONG THEN $20 it is, but a tip is always greatly appreciated. Some customer will offer money for extra's and after hours, but that my friend depends on you and the club you work for. Some clubs will band a dancer for doing extra's some don't mind as long as they get a cut if you work at that kind of bar you are at the wrong spot!!!!!!!!! Good luck!

trixie 6 years ago

girl im bout 2 do this house party joint, and im so nervous. but thank you cuz ur tips really came in handy

Taboo 6 years ago

I started dancing for the first time 7 weeks ago. Everything you said was told to me by a CUSTOMER!!! and it is the truth. I live by it!!! I dance to go to school and pay my bills.... and it does!!!!

engagetora 6 years ago

Now that's what's up @Taboo!!!!

angelique  6 years ago

omg in so nerves i got a tryout nexted week so i just wanna say thanks 4 ur tips....and do u have a nymore advice 4 me wen it comes 2 the tryout

virgotmp 6 years ago

I have recently made the decision to dance just long enough to get the bills paid and finish school, and also to put money away for my baby. I have been nervous about it but your blog is very helpful and gives me a different view about what I will be dancing for and how to prepare. Thank you!!!

Deliriou$ 6 years ago

giiiirrrrlllllll.. i start strippin in 2 days and im very nervous! it's super scary but ii gotta do what ii gotta doo ya knowww?!?! anywaysss, ur blog really interested me and gave me some useful knowledge sooo thnx boo. please post somethin about how to not be nervous in this situation!

mieya 6 years ago

i want to get into dancing but i want to know ways i can keep people from knowing me on the streets.

Rozay 6 years ago

reeall talk, every dancer has there story... gunna start dancing soon and i've beeen nervous trust me. its all about the money baby; make it and save it and fucking ruun with it.. all im gunna say. ladies, hold it down.

peace and love

engagetora profile image

engagetora 6 years ago from MICHIGAN Author

Hey ladies! @ Mieya if your worried about that you shouldn't dance no where in your area at all because you will run across someone that you know. Some dancer actually carry that dancer look on them outside the bar. They forget to turn it off ya know and its easy to be recognize. I would say be versatile at work where wigs create a sexy face .When you come to work come in discrete where the customers don't recognize your true appearance.. That's all I

Dani 6 years ago

I'm also wanting to get into the biz and I'm super nervous! Thank you for the advice! I'm just scared about that 1st time! So can anyone like just walk in and ask to dance, or is there some kind of procedure?! lol. I'm clueless!

sisi 6 years ago

im trying 2 get xtra $ and starting next week! im si nervous. does it make you sore afterwards??? im so scared

engagetora profile image

engagetora 6 years ago from MICHIGAN Author

It's normal to be nervous. I get nervous when I take a break as well. I sometimes take down at least one or two shots! lol just to take the edge off but, I still be nervous so if there is a mirror around look at yourself on stage while you dance that helps big time!!!!! That way you can look at yourself while you dance and watch that sexy woman cum out of that shell. You also want to make eye contact with at 2 guys that is already eyeing you... pull him in trust me it work$$$ You are eye candy and some man fantasy so think about that while you are in that money mode. Once you do your 1st set you will get the feel for the pole and the stage floor also the lights get em ladies embrace it... its soooo much fun when you are in control!!! DON'T FORGET TO SMACK YOUR OWN ASS! AND $MILE.

JEN 6 years ago


mesh 5 years ago

so helpful thanks!

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Nathalieboo 5 years ago

I'm definitely going to take your advice!!! I started stripping in a predominantly black club 3 days ago in miami & I'm sort of having a hard time making money. I was hired on the spot because the staff loved my look, but I find it hard to make money on the floor. Most of my tips come from on stage. Idk what to say to the customers when I approach them I don't want them to feel hustled, but i also want to make money, I am currently putting myself through school:/

Tiffany 4 years ago

Hi. Been dancing two years.Liked your tips. Have you ever been the only black girl at an all white club? I have several times and it seems like some nights are just White nights. How can I make money on those nights when you just aren't anyone's flavor four days out of every week?

Jessica 24 months ago

I've been dancing on and off in the south in "mixed" strip clubs for 4 years. I now, have relocated to California. California customers only like white or latin girls and only want the black dancers if your extremely dark skinned (slave fettish maybe?). It's hard to make money here if your hustle isn't strong, or if you're not soliciting sexual favors. I still want to dance, and even considered maybe traveling to Houston.

My question is, working in an "all black" strip club can be a little intimidating when all of the girls know the customers and their butts are super huge and you don't fit that look. Any tips on working at the all black strip clubs? The hustle there can be a little extra, pushy, and the girls and the customers can be rude!

Engagetora 22 months ago

@ jessica let me say it's not a slave fettish at all. White men that want a black woman, wants her to be exactly that!!! dark. It simply fullfills their fantasy of a black woman. When they are light the man feels she is not 100% all black! :-) I know because I am dark skinned and love it. I worked in a white bar and I was choosen over most and the girls hated when I worked they could not understand it lol. My only competition was another dark skinned female.

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