Tips to writing a great song

It has to be memorable

To write a great song you need to keep it simple and have a catchy title and a memorable melody.

Have you ever gotten a song in your head and just not be able to get rid of it, I remember when The song Achy Breaky Heart came out the 1st time I heard it I hated that song but it got stuck in my mind because of that catchy melody and I could not get it out of my head, that is a classic example of a catchy melody.

Also I think it is equally as important to have a good chorus that will make everyone want to sing along to the song, I will use the song Family Tradition by: Hank Williams Jr as an example of this.

In the chorus of the song the lyric go They get on me wanna know Hank why do you drink, why do you roll smokes.... Notice how that song makes you want to sing along with it, when you are writing your song try and make the chorus a sing along, it really is a specialty in its self.

Keep the structure of your song simple. an example of a classic simple structure would be this pattern.

Kickoff -Verse - Chorus,-turnaround -verse -Chorus -tag

Song writing is very easy to learn and can take a life time to master these are simply some suggestions I think will benefit songwriters of all skill levels and are classic and proven successful.

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Apostle Jack profile image

Apostle Jack 6 years ago from Atlanta Ga

I know what you mean by catchy, sticks like glue.

manthy profile image

manthy 6 years ago from Alabama,USA Author

Yeah that song is funny, afroman is the guys name

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

Very True Manthy - It has to be Catchy. It makes me laugh though, the way we hate a song and end up singing it often, with all the lyrics.

One that I can remember is an American, can't remember his name - but the song was "because I got high". It sounded so silly, but was so catchy and ranked high in the charts.

Best Wishes.

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