To Catch A Predator With Chris Hansen : A Review


Lurking behind every corner on the Internet is a wolve after there prey. They are found in social book-sites waiting to pounce on there next victim. Some of there victims survive while others never return home, only to be dumped on the side of the road like a piece of trash. Who are these predators? Men and women who cannot seem to keep there hands off of underage children. Is it a low self-esteem issue or a person who feels immense power toward them? Many of us will never understand why they go after there victims, but we as a community can do what it takes to prevent our children from becoming there next victim.

Collaborating with and airing on Dateline since November 2004, Chris Hansen has held the undercover sting operation for over 12 episodes. Using a decoy to catch on-line predators who are hoping to meet up with young boys and girls between the ages of (12-15) . With law enforcement involvement in the states in which this program had aired, many on-line predators have been caught and arrested.

Watching the re-runs on MSNBC it turns a parents stomach when adult men decide to meet up with an under age child. Many of us who have children cringe in disgust, when these men who appear so innocent, tend to make excuses for why they are there. What goes on in a pedophiles mind? With all of the single women in this Country one cannot fathom why they would have to meet with a child. There were men who were married, engaged, single, and even men who had never had an involvement with a woman or a man for that matter. Rabbis, Pastors, Construction Workers, Business owners, the military and the list goes on. What are these idiots thinking? The sting operation was set up so well that many did not have any idea what they were walking into.

Chris Hansen has played such a significant part of catching pedophiles one can only hope that offenders will think twice before meeting with a child on-line. As for they are still in business working with law enforcement to catch and place those men or women who have nothing better to do then mess with children. You will find them scourging social Facebook, MySpace and any social sites they can watch. There are many volunteers who assist them to place those who think they cannot get caught while trying to mess with children, behind bars.

If it were not for Chris Hanen and perverted-justice the people who have been caught, may have been still walking the streets preying upon innocent boys and girls. I hope that a new episode will come out when those who are least expecting it will get caught.

Advice To Parents

Although teens wish to have freedom on the Internet and trust has to be earned, it is still perfectly fine to monitor them on-line.The following steps should be taken to prevent your son/daughter from becoming the next victim.

1. Get involved with your teen, know who there friends are. Many young adults are curious and nieve'.

2. Spending quality time with them, just don't sit on the couch while they are on the Internet try to keep them occupied with activities and less time serfing the web.

3. Many pedophiles are preying on the weak and innocent. Let your teens know that you can pop-in at anytime after school to see what they are up to.

4. If they tell you they are going to go to a mall or a friends house, you as a parent should drive them to their destination and meet with the teen and a parent. Give them a time when you will pick them up. If you have to, hang out for awhile to see who they may be honestly meeting up with.

5. Track the activity on the computer and the cell phone. Although media may tell the entire Country it is an invasion of privacy, until your teen is old enough to move out on their own it is your parental right to protect your children from harm.

6. Ask your child to only friend those who they know on social network sites, if they are not familiar with them, bring it to your attention. It could be someone who is looking to prey on your son or daughter.

As parents we need to take back the responsibility of our children and not allow the news media or any other source tell us how to parent our children. Pay close attention so our children will not be targeted and become the next victim.

As a parent are you doing all that you can to protect your children on the Internet

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ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 5 years ago

AEvans , Once years ago my niece was raped by an unknown assailant , at age 13 . And I remember my brother talking about it! He asked me seriously ," Do you think these people just black out or something and then do thier thing ?" I hate to say this but I believe most people don't understand enough about crime and punishment ! Perpetrators are making diliberate choices to hurt an individual!. Until there is a real and truely inflicted punishment for the crime , there will be no end! Juries suffering from niave afflictions , judges and defense attornys playing the system . And plea bargains for everything from parking tickets to murder one! I believe in punishment as the only deterant!.....:-}

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 5 years ago from North America

I've shared this with all my followers.

jtrier1 5 years ago

Welcome to the internet, Where the men are men, most Women are men, and Children are the FBI.

RedElf profile image

RedElf 5 years ago from Canada

jtrier1 - witty, but sad!

Rated up, and shared on FaceBook! I believe that most predators (except sadists, for whom inflicting harm is a pleasure) simply don't care about their target's feelings. They are totally focused on their own gratification, and, because getting caught will prevent them getting what they want, they become very adept at lying and maintaining a semblance of plausibility.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I have seen that show a few times.

Your hub offers excellent advise for parents, grandparents and all childcare providers.

Slightly Bonkers profile image

Slightly Bonkers 5 years ago from Ireland

It is sickening how many perverts are out there hiding in the shades of the www.

If you think about it, the Internet is only relatively young but the law for it is worlds behind. Time for governments and authorities to catch up quickly!!!

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 5 years ago from North America

We've tweeted the Hub to the anti-abuse and child advocacy agencies and advocates like Jeri Ryan and Mariska Hargitay. Hope it gets spread further.

roshall profile image

roshall 5 years ago from Ohio

Great job. We can put men on the moon but we can't protect our children, sometimes when their right in our own backyard, unbelievable right. Is there no better help out there???

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 5 years ago

Defenitely a good advice. Is this a sign of the times? All those emperors before the Fall of ROME.

DjBryle profile image

DjBryle 5 years ago from Somewhere in the LINES of your MIND, and HOPEFULLY at the RIPPLES of your HEART. =)

It is sad to know that we could not even know who and where exactly they are. It is so true that most of them are even innocent looking and seem to be good men and women, and worse of all, they take the innovations on the web to their advantage and gratify themselves not even caring for an innocent child's feelings and future. They should be given their due and the lawmakers should be more sensitive with this chilling fact that they are just around the corner.

Thanks for sharing this very insightful and helpful hub. This is a reminder to parents that even the comforts of the home is not a guarantee that their children are safe.I will share this on FB and to all my friends at HP. God bless!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

ahorseback: That is so horrible and so sad. :( Poor thing. I think all of us should do our part to protect these innocent cildren. More parents need to pay attention to what is going on over the Internet and watch their kids more closely. If all of us did our part there would be less and less of these predators. If we also policed the Internet there would be more eyes on these people. Perverted-Justice always needs volunteers and many of us should take more time to get involved.

@All: I am so glad that you found this hub to be informative. The word needs to spread and the more it spreads the less likely these pedophiles will attempt to bother our children. Don't listen to the media when they say we should not poke our nose into our kids lives. They are not raising our children we are.

If we are trying to protect them on the streets we need to keep them safe with technology! :)

tlpoague profile image

tlpoague 5 years ago from USA

I have seen this show before. It was a shock to see just how many predators were out there. Great and informative hub! This just enforces the age old rule...Kids, never talk to strangers. Thanks for sharing.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

So glad you posted this. People not stepping up and calling evil evil because they are afraid of being called judgmental is one part of the problem.

Predators are all about deceit and deceit is designed to deceive. Without the skills or the experience to deal with predators children and young people need to stay close and openly communicate with their parents and/or other older and wiser people who care about them.

Voted up.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

tipoague: You just want to reach out and slap those men on there! Parents always need to know what is happening with their children. I monitor mine, including cell phones.

R Talioni: I agree with you 110% and it is time we speak up and speak out. enough is enough when it comes to men or women messing with children. Some never come home, others never tell until they are adults and by then it effects them mentally and emotionally as adults. Its a crime and they should be punished severley for it. I appreciate your comments too. :)

hanwillingham profile image

hanwillingham 5 years ago

This is like scared you know :D, BUt i like it.

drpastorcarlotta profile image

drpastorcarlotta 5 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

GREAT advice!!! Voted useful! God Bless You! When you have some free time, come visit!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica

I really dislike pedophiles. As an adult I find it hard to enter shat rooms and allow more than platonic friendship with someone online. The other day someone from MySpace emailed me wanting 'to get to know me better'. I have not replied. That is one way predators latch on to the unsuspecting person online.

BDazzler profile image

BDazzler 5 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

My only problem is the wolf thing ... I live with a dog that's a little over 25% wolf. A wolf protects it's own pups and only kills when necessary for food. It is a disservice to wolves to compare them to these ... whatever there are ... these things are far worse.

Great work as usual. profile image 5 years ago from Europe

I was thinking about the best solution for this problem and I think the only solution is to cut off their balls.

Now that may seem harsh but we do it to control dogs and these people have proven themselves to be no better than just that.

Removing their (what I said :)) will also stop the production of the chemicals that's driving their insane actions.

WE MUST protect our children from these monsters and they must know that the punishment is to lose the very thing that drives it for even.

Good to see you back on form AEven I look forward to more of your words of wisdom. Sorry I was so harsh on this one but I have 7 children and hell has no furry if anyone did such a thing to one of mine.

wolf40901 profile image

wolf40901 5 years ago from South Carolina

i will never defend them but you must understand something. it's an evil wicked sickness. most people..and i'm talking about 90% or higher even..have had it done to them first. that's what we need to prevent right there by giving people the courage to speak out and stop not believing them. funny how when that happens a whole slew of others usually come out of the woodwork. we also need to stop hiding priests behind the religious veil and put them in the hands of the law where they belong. furthermore, i know too many moms who won't breach subjects like this often and thorough enough with their kids. we're such a snobbish country we'll sue before we let some education through. example: Sweden has the lowest rate of STDs in the world since they educate their kids about sex at an earlier age instead of waiting until they're teens. definitely not a coincidence.

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 5 years ago from London, UK

One of my friends is a policeman and had first hand experiences with this crime. He and colleques all agree that the only option is to cut there manhood off. Thsi crime is not cured with imprisonment. One rare case, which was mentioned in the papers dacays ago, was that one othem managed to talk doctor into to have it stitched back on and he offended again. It shows how strong their urge is. Therefore, there is no other answer but to operate.

SEXYLADYDEE profile image

SEXYLADYDEE 5 years ago from Upstate NY

Good information in your hub. What always amazes me when I watch the show and others like it, is that with all the publicity about the show, why do the idiots keep showing up. I think that really speaks to the single focus of a predator. When the doctors and lawyers and teachers cry and protest and claim it isn't what it appears to be it makes you want to scream at them. "Stupid why are you carrying alcohol to a minor if you don't intend to do something wrong!" The laws and the punishments have to change or there will be no way to keep them from continuing to "prey" on our children. Dee

Cari Jean profile image

Cari Jean 5 years ago from Bismarck, ND

I don't really agree with castrating the perpetrator - it's not really a testosterone thing, its more of a mental issue. (from what I've read anyway)

must65gt profile image

must65gt 5 years ago

thanks AE for posting this hub. I read others opinions listed here. Cari Jean is wrong in my opinion though. It is true that these crimes are acts of mentally deranged individuals. However, the crime will forever mar the psyche of the child. Castration, (This does not remove the "manhood" only certain physical aspects) though a harsh and permanent alteration, will end the rape and remove the sexual element. Society has forced us to accept "Alternative Lifestyles" as a way of life. At one time that was a crime too. I wonder with the degradation in morals that seem to be taking over this world, how long it will be, before lawyers force us to accept pedophilia as acceptable behavior too. thanks for the post, great job.

Nick Lucas 5 years ago

I am sick of groups like the ACLU defending child predators or just the other day a group of psychiatrist from an organization called B4U-ACT said it is normal for some adults to be attracted to children and we need to understand and help them...makes me sick....nice article!

AEvans profile image

AEvans 5 years ago from SomeWhere Out There Author

@ Nick: How the heck can it be normal? It is disgusting, how can an adult be attracted to a minor? It has never made any sense to me and never ever will. I agree with you the ACLU needs to stop defending them they should not be defended.

Nick Lucas 5 years ago

I know, I woke up before the sun this morning and was still so bothered by it that I could not help but write a piece on it....ridiculous!!!

Nell Rose profile image

Nell Rose 5 years ago from England

Hi, I have seen the tv program over here, I remember a girl who was a police officer, but she looked young, cycling to meet them, and then they got caught, I was so disgusted, great hub and if it only helps one person then its well worth it, rated up! cheers nell

Joe Macho profile image

Joe Macho 5 years ago from Colorado

On the upside, there were probably thousands of men in each of the areas filmed that aren't predators at all.

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