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Rachna Maurya, the ‘item' girl of Tollywood and Bollywood has redefined the standards for all her peers. Rachna first shot to fame with her raunchy moves in songs like Deedar De (from Dus) and music videos of Himesh Reshammiya and Rahul Sharma. Rachna Maurya has become a rage in Tollywood after her item number in Gopichand`s Sowryam sent the charts soaring.

Telugu actress Rachna Maurya is 5' 1, and was born in Mumbai. She is sexy and a workable lips. Check out the Rachna Maurya sexy gallery below to see for yourself.

Rachna Maurya Picture
Rachna Maurya Picture

Rachna Maurya background

Hailing from a middle-class background, Rachna Maurya had to start working at 16 to try support her family. According to her, the biggest drawbacks in a film career are a ‘life without privacy' and erratic working hour.

Rachna has had a stream of other sensational videos such as Desi, Aashiq Banaya, Maya the Illusion, Warrior, Max It Sanya, Shrabi and Phullan Wangu. Apart from Sowryam, Rachna has also done an item number in the Telugu film Salam Hyderabad.

Rachna Maurya became an Internet sensation after a wardrobe malfunction led her to dance in a bustier on the sets of a music video shoot, Desi Soda Whisky. According to Rachna, the unplanned incident occurred on the set of the music video ‘Desi Soda Whiskey', as a result of a ‘wardrobe malfunction'. In an interview Rachna explained that the top she was wearing tore apart leaving her with no option.

Her choices were to cancel the rest of the shoot or finish it in her bra. and she did just that. She finished the shoot with just the bra on.

Rachna Maurya's Upcoming item number

Silambarasan, young budding star in Kollywood, has roped in Rachana Maurya for a dance sequence. The dance was choreographed with about 30 Mumbai and 120 Chennai models apart from Silambarasan and Rachana Maurya. Apparently Rachana was paid Rs. 5 lakhs ($10,000 USD) to shake her leg in this song.

Simbu makes sure every film of his has a song with a grand set and eye-popping models. Simbu shot a song for his upcoming Silambattam with Mumbai item girl Rachna Maurya and about 100 models from Mumbai. Simbu, who has a penchant of introducing some difficult and catchy dance movements with every film he does, has worked on some real and never-seen-before dance moves in this song too.

Rachna Maurya Sexy Gallery

Rachna Maurya gallery
Rachna Maurya gallery

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Alex 8 years ago

Superrrr coool dancer. I am floored !

abhi 7 years ago

If you haven't checked out rachna's steps in "soda whisky" with rishi singh ....she is an awsome dancer...the steps were difficult but she made it look so easy...

richi 7 years ago

she is a hot babe with an extremely ravishing sexy bod.....

harish 7 years ago

a gorgeous,sizzling hot lady ...apart from being an unequivocally exceptional dancer.....she seems to gyrate like a top......

hemu 7 years ago

you are sexy

ram 7 years ago

vagoban tomar mangal kruk

rajey 7 years ago

hey i saw the tamil movie naan avan illai.really nice movie you are so sexy

ashmit 7 years ago

she is so sexy babe so i love you darling

manoj 7 years ago

she is to be fucked by me

shivan 6 years ago

tumhe dekhtehi chodne ka man karta hain har ek style mein . . . .

abhishek 6 years ago

you are so hot and hot dancer

i like it

raja 6 years ago

too good

madhu 5 years ago

u r very very hot

jalandar 5 years ago

nice looking and would be a superstar plz repply

sofi 4 years ago

best dancer among all actresses i ever had seen awesome no doubt

s.k 3 years ago

looking for good pic

Kiss kushwaha 3 years ago

Proud of u maam

Lokman 2 years ago

I love her

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