Tomb Raider Underworld Strategy Guide 46: Arctic Sea, Part 6

There is a visible ledge here, so jump to it.  Shimmy left, jump up one, and shimmy left around a corner and jump up another.  Shimmy left and sideways jump to another one, and then shimmy left around a corner.  Jump up two ledges, then sideways jump left to another one.  Shimmy left around a corner and jump up another one.  Shimmy left and jump to the next.  Shimmy left to jump up two more, and you will soon be at the tippy top of this tower thing. 


You will then need to shimmy left around a corner and sideways jump to the other side.  You will soon be able to stand up.  If you go around the tower thing, you will see a block sticking out with ledges.  Go ahead and jump to the top of that via the ledges.  You then need to jump up three ledges to reach the very top here. 


There is a slight pit here that has a wheel.  Lara has to grab that wheel.  This messes up Natla’s machine, and brings in a cutscene. 


You will need to get down from here.  Don’t worry about the wheel.  You don’t have to pick it up later and use it for anything else.  Just let it stay there.  Go ahead and reverse your steps to get up there by dropping down a few ledges to get to the area below. 


You will note that the floating carts have moved up here now.  Ignore them and run towards a place with a ring on it.  As you might have guessed, you will need the ring to get to the other side.  Run to the building all the way at the end of the path, and push in the weird symbol, like you did on the thing at the bottom. 


Now, turn back and run toward the area where you swung to get to the other side.  Don’t swing to that side, but jump to the ledges.  Jump up one, then to another.  Shimmy left to the other side, and then sideways jump left.  Shimmy left, and you will soon be able to stand up.  Jump to another ledge up and to the right, and haul yourself up to stand here.  Jump up one more and you will be at the top of this structure. 


Of course, Natla will try and take a shot at you, so make certain to get out of the way when the adrenaline kicks in.  Go ahead and jump to the nearest floating platform, and then the next one.  It is tricky, because these platforms move at differing speeds.


You will then need to jump on the tower with its moving windows of ledges.  Jump up another, and wait until you pass an area with obvious ledges.  Jump up to them.  Climb three ledges, and then jump up to another level.  Climb up three more, and then shimmy right at the topmost one.  Go around the corner and jump up one.  Climb up and shimmy left until you can climb three more ledges. 

> You will soon be on a ledge that is rotating.  You will need to look for a large area that is actually a long slide.  Release when you are over that area, and you will slide down into another area atop those towers.  Grab the wheel, and the game is pretty much over.   

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