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Best Action Anime
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Best Action Anime

Action animes have been my favorite genre since I was a kid. Today, I am going to introduce you my top 10 favorites. Oh, just for the record, you will not see Bleach, Naruto, One Piece or DBZ.


1) Claymore

This was the very first anime that I was emotionally impacted ever since I watched anime. As you ask why it is the top of my list, I will tell you why. Since I am an avid fan of fast paced battles with high intensity, Claymore definitely fits the bill.

The characters are interesting and they can also die easily with no warnings. That makes it much more exciting as you really don't know if they will survive or not. It kind of reminds me of resident evil. I do have to warn you though, it is not a good anime for people that don't like to see body parts chopped off.


2) Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Occasionally, you will see an action anime that stands out from its genre and FMA brotherhood does just that. This is actually the sequel of the original series Full Metal Alchemist. If you haven't watched this already, I would highly suggest you go watch that. In a supernatural genre where a generic anime would use elements, they twisted it a little bit with the addition of alchemy. That is quite refreshing to see. The battles are also excellent and they aren't as long as Naruto battles, where those can stretch anywhere from 2-10 episodes.


3) Berserk

This is quite similar to Claymore. I love this to death as well. If it wasn't that I watched Claymore first, then Berserk would probably top my list.

I have to warn you all though, this anime is aimed at adults, so if you are looking for Bleach like battles, you will be disappointed. Since it was made in 1997, the animation is hand drawn, so it might not appeal to new school anime watchers that are spoiled by digital animation.


4) Trigun

Gattling guns, rifles, pistols and more guns. What is there not to like if you are a fan of cow boys, this anime will draw you in. It definitely appeals to western anime fans.

The main character is Vash the Stampede. Not only is he a great character and provides comic relief, he is also a womanizer...

" I don't let anyone in my sight get away, and my bullets never miss their mark. Especially if it's the heart of a beautiful lady... BANG." - Vash the Stampede.


5) Black Lagoon

This anime has a mafia type feel to it. I cannot help but feel this anime is made for guys that love guns, cars and breasts. Well, essentially, this is what Black Lagoon is all about.

What I really enjoyed about this anime is that it is full of action and plenty of crazy women. Usually, in generic anime, the girls are usually the passive ones, but definitely not in this one. In fact, there are some really butt kicking female characters in here that stand out. Oh, I also forgot about 50 cent!


6) Fate/Zero

I really enjoyed this anime. Not only each character is well developed, they all have their own reasons for battling in this "battle royal" known as the "Holy Grail War". It is a 7 vs 7 combat where each master has a servant from Greek mythology to help them achieve their goal.

The battles are very well animated too. I am sure it cost tonnes for animation like that. The best part of it is that there is minimal fan service and it has NOTHING to do with high school!


7) Code Geass

This is one of the few mecha anime that blends in plenty of plot twists and good action scenes. Not to mention that they sneakily toss in some fan service by putting in big breasted females for the fan boys.

In all seriousness, I was glued to this show due to the power of the "Geass", which can control anyone for once. It also kind of reminded me of Death Note, which is also an awesome anime that I believe is one of the best psychological series that Japan has to offer. Shine on Nippon!


8) Hellsing

We are back to guns, but now with a new touch - vampires! You have a butt kicking vampire called Alucard that is hired to kill other vampires. Isn't that ironic? And then you add in a girl named Seras Victoria who I believe is there just for fan service and does not really show the awesomeness of the manga.

Anyway, aside from that, the battle scenes are really good and deserve to be Chuck Norris worthy.


9) Darker Than Black

This anime's first impression is the awesome animation quality. The plot is also quite interesting as well. So basically, guys get supernatural powers called contractors. The main protagonist is called Hei and he himself is quite a cool character. They also have a pet that is a cross between pikachu and batman. The battles in my opinion are also well done. So, if you are looking for something that is more on the dark side and plenty of action, I would recommend you watch this.


10) Samurai Champloo

A show that focuses on the journey rather than the actual destination, it has some really interesting characters. I don't know exactly how they do it, but the writers managed to come up with a character that uses an unorthodox break dancing fighting style as a samurai. I guess this will appeal to western audiences.

I was really confused at first due to the hip hop theme that they use for the opening, but it fits the anime really well. I would highly encourage you to watch it for the unique characters and awesome battle scenes.

Best Action Anime Conclusion

There you have it guys. I am probably going to disappointed Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail fan boys with none in the top 10 of my list. They are already well-known enough and needs no special recommendations.

Special mention - Attack on Titan is not on this list as it is still airing. I highly suggest that you go watch it as well.

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Ayu Bi profile image

Ayu Bi 3 years ago from Sorajima

Btw, I loved Black Lagoon, it was onehelluvan amazing anime! :) Am watching Claymore soon. Is Darker than Black really good?

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

I think the guy just grabbed our content from the explore hubs section.

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

Yea, I like Darker than Black, watch it when you get some leisure time. Watch Claymore first though! :D

Ayu Bi profile image

Ayu Bi 3 years ago from Sorajima

Okay, I'll try Claymore first. Thanks!

Rafi Ben Avi profile image

Rafi Ben Avi 2 years ago

Great list. Agreed.

I'll try darker than black

Keep me updated please ... :)

Craig 17 months ago

Dude, you need to do more research on your anime. The servants from Fate/Zero weren't from Greek mythology. In fact, only 3 of them were from legends and only 1 was a Greek historical figure. And FMAB was not a sequel to FMA. They were 2 different series.

Raist 16 months ago

Hello, thx for your list. I dont agree entirely. Berserk is my personal favorite, but unfortunately the anime ends wher the story of Berserk start so it dont make much sens, and dont have the impact of the serie. I wonder why isnt Basilisk, Cowboy Beabop, NGE, Last exile, Battle Angel Alita, Jormugant, Blame! and many others dont come befor Fate, Full metal and Code. Dont get me wrong, i like some of them, but dont consider them for mature audience.

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