Top 10 Country Covers- Covers of Country Songs and Covers by Country Artists

I love cover songs. I love to hear an artists interpretation of another artist's song, especially if they come from different genres. It's fun to hear a fresh twist on an old song. Here is my Top 10 list of country covers. Some of them are country artists' covers of rock songs, and some the other way around. I know there are some awesome covers I've never heard before so please suggest some further listening!

Jolene- The White Stripes

Alt rock duo The White Stripes covered Dolly Parton's iconic self-penned song Jolene on a B-side to a single. But when they released a live version on a 2004 album, the song reached #16 on the UK singles chart. But Jack White is no stranger to the country music world. He performed bluegrass/folk songs as a Civil War-era character in the film Cold Mountain and released a single with Loretta Lynn called Portland, Oregon.

You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)- Paramore

Members of pop-rock band Paramore are Nashville natives with a respect for country music. Front-woman Haley Williams does a fantastic job belting the tune on Coal Miner's Daughter- A Tribute to Loretta Lynn.

Shine- Dolly Parton

On the album Little Sparrow, Dolly included a bluegrass version of Collective Soul's Shine. She followed it up with a great music video featuring famous bluegrass musicians. 

Baby Now That I've Found You- Alison Krauss & Union Station

In 1967, British group The Foundations released Baby Now That I've Found You and it became a hit in the UK, Canada, and the US. Alison Krauss & Union Station's version sounds just like they wrote it themselves. I never would have guessed it was a cover of a 60s pop band song.

I Could Not Ask For More- Sara Evans

Singer/songwriter Edwin McCain's I Could Not Ask For More hit #3 on the adult contemporary charts in 1999. He was the king of nineties love songs and toured with Hootie & The Blowfish and Jewel. Sara Evans recored the song on the 2000 album Born To Fly. 

Crazy- The Kills

The Kills' stripped-down version of the Willie Nelson penned, Patsy Cline hit Crazy is one of the best. The vocals are awesome and I love the simple acoustic strumming. 

Hurt- Johnny Cash

In 2002, Johnny Cash released one of his last songs before his death. It was a cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt. It debuted to critical acclaim, and the music video with Cash family photos won a CMA and a Grammy. 

My Maria- Brooks & Dunn

I remember listening to Brooks & Dunn sing this song when I was a kid. I din't even know it was a cover until a few years ago. B.W. Stevenson co-wrote and released My Maria in 1973. It was a top-ten it but Brooks & Dunn made it popular among country fans in 1996, reaching #1 on the country charts.

I Told You So- Carrie Underwood

This is actually a country cover of a country song. On Carrie Underwood's second album Carnival Ride, she included a cover of Randy Travis' I Told You So. When she performed it on the Grand Ole Opry, Travis surprised her on stage and complemented her on her vocals. It's a sweet song and seems like it was written for a woman to sing, rather than a man.

Landslide- Dixie Chicks

I LOVE Fleetwood Mac but Landslide isn't one of my favorites of theirs. But the Dixie Chicks' version is great. No offense to Stevie Nicks but Natalie Maines breathes new life into this song.

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Tom Koecke profile image

Tom Koecke 4 years ago from Tacoma, Washington

What wonderful songs you chose for this hub! I am old enough to remember the original song Alison Krause covered, but I love her version which I heard for the first time tonight. I also loved the way the Grand Ol' Opry asked Carrie Underwood if she wanted in! Unlike you, Landslide is one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs, and I also like the cover by Smashing Pumpkins. The Dixie Chicks make a really nice trilogy for that song!

This hub will be linked to any other cover song hubs I write! Thank you for sharing your favorites!

spartucusjones profile image

spartucusjones 4 years ago from Parts Unknown

Great hub & great selection of covers! Have you heard Dolly Parton's bluegrass version of Stairways to Heaven? That is pretty cool as well.

Billrrrr profile image

Billrrrr 3 years ago from Cape Cod

Hey there kmcmichael you did a fine job on this. As a country fan I was impressed by the White Stripes guy's work on Jolene. After hearing him on Delilah I thought he only had a five note range. Though I loved the bouncy little Delilah ditty, it did not reveal his talent as a singer.

As for Johnny Cash, it was ironic & poignant that virtually on his deathbed, he could create one of the most powerful musical performances ever recorded.

I wonder if you have ever heard one of the most successful covers in the long & storied history of popular music?

In the 1950s Tony Bennett took Hank William's 'Cold Cold Heart' all the way to number ONE!. He sure didn't do it like Hank, but it was great. I recommend it to you and everyone else.

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