Top 10 Drake Quotes from 'Comeback Season'

Drake - "Comeback Season" Mixtape

The 'Comeback Season' Mixtape is Drake's 2nd official mixtape he dropped in 2007 that he released since 'Room for Improvement' in 2006. In only a year, you can tell that Drake stepped up his rap game immensely. In such a short time, he improved his flow, delivery, wordplay, and rhymes to the point where it almost seemed as if it was a different rapper. Two years later he showed another great improvement on his 2009 mixtape, 'So Far Gone' that brought him all the success he has today. Though 'So Far Gone' is a classic mixtape, I view 'Comeback Season' as a classic mixtape of Drake's as well. That's why I wanted to compile a list for the fans as well as those who haven't had the chance to listen to this great piece of work, of all of his greatest lines from it.

Drake - 'The Presentation'

Drake - "Goin' In For Life"

Drake - "Teach You A Lesson"

Drake - "Asthma Team"

Top 5 Quotes

  1. "Shake up the world, that is what I am bout to do
    And homie you ain't even on my altitude
    I'm tellin you, I got enough clout for two
    And like a nigga turned blood I came out the blue"
    'The Presentation' - Drake
  2. "Used to record in a basement that Rennie grew was piff in
    When pops turned over keys like a new ignition"
    'Goin' In For Life' - Drake
  3. "I've perfectin my craft using more sess (weed)
    Tryna make some cheese off a single is a process
    Get It? Craft. Single. Cheese. Process.
    Sit back and admire the talent that I possess."
    'The Presentation' - Drake

  4. “Man, you so crucial baby
    And that champagne so fuchsia baby
    I do things that you ain’t used to baby
    And take you back home to St. Lucia baby
    My raindrops hit the tan roof it’s crazy,
    That’s a metaphor did I lose you baby?”
    ‘Teach You A Lesson’ – Drake

  5. "Family, money, and music is all I ever knew
    My necklace suffer from depression, it's forever blue"
    'Asthma Team' - Drake"

Drake - "Comeback Season"

Drake - "Closer"

Drake - "Where To Now"

Drake - "Replacement Girl"

Last 5 Quotes

  1. I don't think they really ready for my wardrobe
    I show up right before the store close
    And blow the fee from my last 4 shows
    I do one song and use 4 flows
    She used to be a Christian before
    But now all she wanna do is shop at Christian Dior Clothes"
    'Goin' In For Life' - Drake
  2. "Cause Drake's syllables is like Jake Gyllenhaal
    Can't help it, I been brainwashed to kill 'em all"
    'Comeback Season' - Drake
  3. "Shola Ama, I told her I'mma
    'Bout to get my run on so hold the commas"
    'Closer' - Drake featuring Andreena Mill

  4. "And I got verses, I got verses
    My 16's should be arriving in hearses"
    'Where To Now' - Drake

  5. "Like oo wee, took em from white snakes to Louie
    This might sound a little confusin' but y'all don't really know me"
    'Replacement Girl' - Drake featuring Trey Songz

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Drew Breezzy profile image

Drew Breezzy 5 years ago from somewhere in my mind

His early stuff is so under appreciated. "She used to be a Christian before

But now all she wanna do is shop at Christian Dior Clothes" #classic

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