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This is the Top 10 list for Marvel Superheroes. See who's #1 and leave your feedback for who your Top 10 list is.

You can also check out the Top 10 Marvel Comics Villains.

#10 - Daredevil

 Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, first appeared in Daredevil #1 (April 1964). He was blinded by a radioactive substance that also contributed to his heightened senses and powers.

# 9 - Jean Grey

 Jean Greay, aka The Phoenix, first appeared in X-Men #1 (Sep 1963). Jean has many powers that are all mentally controlled. She also has a romantic relationship with Cyclops.

#8 - Thing

Benjamin Jacob Grimm was a founding member of the Fantastic Four. After a failed space mission, Grimm and the rest of the crew were exposed to some scientific substance that transformed him into the Thing. The Thing first appeared in the comic Fantastic Four #1 (1961).

#7 - Iron Man

Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, first appeared Tales of Suspense #39 (March,1963). A wealthy playboy, brilliant inventor, Stark suffers a severe heart injury during his enslavement. He created a power suit to escape, thus leading to the Iron Man.

#6 - Thor

 Thor was based on the Norse God with same name. Thor first appeared in Journey into Mystery (August,1962). Thor was shaped into becoming a superhero by his father Odin.

#5 - Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer first appears in Fantastic Four #38 (March 1966). Norrin Radd, an astronomer, became the Silver Surfer after making a deal with Galactus to save his planet. With his Power Cosmic, Silver Surfer has become a very powerful superhero.

#4 - Wolverine

 Wolverine first appeared in the Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974).He then joined the X-men in the 1975 issue of Giant X-men #1. Wolverine is also known as Logan but was born as James Howlett. His greatest power is his indestructable adamantium skeleton.

#3 - Captain America

Captain America first appeared in the self titled Captain America #1 (March 1941). Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a U.S. soldier who was physically enhanced witth a special serum.

#2 - The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk first appeared in the self tittled THe Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962). The Hulk is the creature that lives inside Dr. Bruce Banner at the result of a botched gamma radiation experiment. HUlk is also the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe.

#1 - Spider Man

 Spider Man, aka Peter Parker, first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962), Peter Parker gained his powers through the bite of a spider.

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What do you think of this list? 96 comments

HailDitkas 7 years ago

I would have the jade giant first.....but otherwise really good list.

waynet profile image

waynet 7 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

Great list you got there I like them all and I'm not ashamed to admit I still collect comic books!!!!!

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall

everybody forgets about thanos!!!!

Ultmate-Man 7 years ago

I don't like either Marvel Comics list. The DC ones are much better. This is my top 5 Marvel heroes.

5. Punisher

4. Captain America

3. Hulk

2. Wolverine

1. Spider-Man

iamJstyle profile image

iamJstyle 7 years ago from Idaho

I think this a good list of charcters, I personally have a separate list of characters. Anyone watch Wolverine & The X-Men? I thought it was a really great season, I wrote a hub on the evolution of x-men. Take a look:

cameron032 profile image

cameron032 7 years ago from Newport

Great hub, man! It's funny how the Silver Surfer is always a fan favorite, but most people haven't really ever read a good Silver Surfer story. I think 99% of his attraction is just his awesome design!

bola 7 years ago

i agree with you exept for jean grey she later become a villain i hope you put any other character in her place

jbetha1 7 years ago

my top 5 marvel heroes

1. Hulk

2. Silver Surfer

3. Dr. Manhattan

GAvillain 7 years ago

My list:

10. Hulk

9. Thor

8. Human Torch

7. Iron Man

6. Professor X

5. Captain America

4. Wolverine

3. Dr. Strange

2. Ghost Rider

1. Spider-Man

nightcrawlet 7 years ago

my list:


2.scarlet witch






8.charles X

9.mrs. marvel


youssef  7 years ago

my list





5.Captain America

My high 6 years ago

My Fav SuperHeros are


17.Invisble Women


15.Elastic man

14.Human torch



11.Captain Marvel

10.Silver surfer



7.Spider man

6.Iron man



3.Dare devil

2.Green lantern

1. is the amazing Incredble HULK!

gkel 6 years ago


10.ghost rider





4.spider man

3.iron man

2.night crawler

1.charles x

Miles 6 years ago

My list is definitely:



8.War Machine

7.The Incredible Hulk


And my top 5...


4.Captain America



And my #1 favorite is...

1. Deadpool

Edgar 6 years ago

My list:

10. Black Panther

9. Silver Surfer

8. Black Bolt

7. Sentry

6. Dr. Strange

5. Captain America

4. Iron Man

3. Spiderman

2. Thor

1. Wolverine

Bad Luck Tulip 6 years ago


10. Moon Knight

9. Invisible Woman

8. Ironman

7. The Incredible Hulk

8. Thor

6. Namor The Sub-Mariner

5. Dr. Strange

4. Spiderman

3. Ms. Marvel

2. Silver Surfer

1. Captain America

Rachel 6 years ago

We'd love with : Professor Charles Xavier, Dark Phoenix, Selene, Emma Frost, Scarlet Witch, Avalanche, Toad, Havok, Banshee, Angel, Moon Knight, Song Bird.

Jonathan William 6 years ago

Personally, we request for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

Here our favorite heroes who the greatest heroes for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 all time.

01. Professor Charles Xavier

02. Dr. Strange

03. Havok

04. Silver Surfer

05. Avalanche

06. Bishop

07. Angel

08. Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix

09. Selene

10. Scarlet Witch

11. Song Bird

12. Emma Frost

13. Captain America

14. Nick Fury

15. Wolverine

16. Elektra

17. Moon Knight

18. Iron Man

19. Spider Man

20. Invisible Woman

Batman dress up games 6 years ago

I am a very big fan of superheroes. Great hub!

Rebecca 6 years ago

My favorite heroes are :

01. Phoenix Force / Dark Phoenix

02. Selene

03. Magneto, Magnus

04. Havok, Alex Summer

05. Professor Xavier

06. Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff

07. Emma Grace Frost

08. Song Bird,Melissa Joan Gold

09. Moon Knight

10. Juggernaut, Kain Marko

11. Polaris, Lorna Dane

12. Angel

13. Sunfire

14. Banshee

15. Dr. Stephen Strange

16. Silver Surfer

Eddy William 6 years ago

I'd rather Havok, Sunfire, Polaris, and Moon Knight.

Bobby Josep 6 years ago

we would want to Selene Dark Phoenix Scarlet Witch Emma Frost Polaris Prof. X Magneto Black Bolt Moon Knight Silver Surfer Dr. Strange Mystique Iron Fist and Song Bird

kanupriya mittal 6 years ago

i HATE spiderman!!! dese guys r nuts

kanupriya mittal 6 years ago

i HATE spiderman!!! dese guys r nuts

Bonnan 6 years ago

I'm interesting with Black Queen ( Selene ),

Jean Grey White Phoenix, Scarlet Witch, Emma Frost, Polaris, Song Bird, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Havok, Cable, Bisbop,Moon Knight, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, and Iron Fist.

rgfd 6 years ago

my list is




super man

silver surfer


mr marvel



fire dude

Frakel 6 years ago

my favirotes are


9.howard the duck

8.spiderman noir


6.spider carnage

5.symoite hulk

4.spiderman 2099


2.thor girl

and number 1 my most favorite marvel creation is BEN RAILEY

Tyler 6 years ago

7. Everyone else

6. Super Man

5. Wolverine

4. Ice Man

3. Human Torch

2. Deadpool

1. Captain America









10.OF COURSE...........DAREDEVIL:)

xox 6 years ago

spider man is the best of the best of the best

xox 6 years ago


xox 6 years ago




4.silver surfer


pps 6 years ago

I got to say Spider-man because he is the best hero out there

Joeeeee 6 years ago

1. Hulk

Hulk is the most powerful superhero. No one can defeat the Hulk after he and Bruce Banner had combined like in "Planet Hulk".

oom 6 years ago

i know hulk is strong but spider-man is better

mandie 6 years ago

are you serious spider man is the greatest

Matt 6 years ago

1. The Sentry -> Would never release his full power, in fear of destroying everything. Also the other half of the void.. if robert reynolds was in full control, he would be unstoppable.

2. Thor -> with the void being one of the most powerful supervillains, if not thee most, thor was the only one who could stand toe to toe.

3. The Hulk -> World War Hulk obviously explains why.

4. Black Bolt -> With the power he controls, only those numbered higher than himself could outdo Black Bolt.

5. Captain America -> The Cap is a serum enhanced, highly trained, super soldier! with the wits and good will to match. the Cap is smarter than most foes. and has the boost he needs to defend himself from whatever they bring to the table.

6. Wolverine - the indestructible beast himself. if weren't for Black Bolt being able to keep him far from him by a whisper... and captain america being stronger, and smarter.. (yes smarter, wolverine would have to go berserk to want to truly damage the Cap. and when he did, he'd lose the focus it'd also take to even do so.)

7. The Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool -> lets get real here. no matter how many times wolverine himself wrecks this dude. he's just as indestructible.. sometimes even more deadly. Wolverine isn't ahead of him by much, but because wolverine has so much experience.. he takes this one.

8. Dr Strange ->Simply because his magical powers are limited, yet devistating. the doc gets in on my top 10.

9. The Amazing Spiderman -> if wasn't for my knowledge of steven strange being able to consume the soul of a demon, and further gain it's power... i'd say spider could endure anything the doc could throw his way. with that said.. spiderman is either outwitted, or muscled by the rest on the list.

10. Iron Man -> I don't know rather to love or hate Tony Stark. But makes to big of decisions one minute, but has the best action possible for the next. if warned before the encounter, anyone on this list would know Iron Man is going to try to exploit their weaknesses, and will leave huge loopholes in his game. if Iron Man wouldn't make silly decisions, so quickly, such as form the superhuman illuminati.. or stick his nose out further than any other real Superhuman, Superhero, or Mutant, in governmental affairs --such as the registration act. Tony Stark would be more what the people in the MU, and in reality of the hero would all want him to be. not the face of heroes the Marvel molded.. like Captain America. but the face of heroes We the fans would actually view him as. But that's what makes Iron Man, Iron Man.

:) 5 years ago

1.superman is better than wolverine by far






7.dare devil

8.iron man

9.wonder woman


Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 5 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

Thanks for writing this. It makes an interesting read.

jtknighttri 5 years ago

My Marvel List:

10. Storm

9. Daredevil

8. Black Panther

7. Thor

6. Deadpool

5. Iron Man

4. Ghost Rider

3. Wolverine

2. Captain America

1. Spider-Man

My DC List:

10. Hawkman

9. Martian Manhunter

8. Green Lantern

7. Wonder Woman

6. Green Arrow

5. Aquaman

4. Flash

3. Robin

2. Superman

1. Batman

My Overall List:

10. Deadpool

9. Iron Man

8. Flash

7. Ghost Rider

6. Robin

5. Wolverine

4. Captain America

3. Superman

2. Batman

1. Spider-Man

oh yeah 5 years ago

OH YEEAH spider man is the greatest

montecristo profile image

montecristo 5 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

Good format. Well done.

Y-sef 5 years ago

Where's Deadpool!?

Y-sef 5 years ago

Where's Deadpool!?

MarvelSuperheroFan99 5 years ago

this wud hav been da greatest marvel superhero list of all time if wolverine & captain america had swaped places otherwise its stil good :)

heronerd310 5 years ago

If i had 2 make my own list using both marvel and dc heroes i wud put dem as

10. Quiksilver

9. The Flash

8. Daredevil

7. Deadpool

6. Green Lantern

5. Silver Surfer

4. Hulk

3. Batman

2. Superman

and at No.1 its ur friendly naybourhood Spider-Man

heronerd310 5 years ago

also if it was a top 15 list of marvel and dc heroes id stil keep all my amazing top 10 list no doubt bout dat but from 15 onwards it wud b 4 me

15. Aquaman

14. Wonder Woman

13. The Thing

12. Captain America

11. Wolverine

and if u want 2 c the official top 10 marvel and dc greatest superheroes of all time den just look at my other comment above dis 1 ;)

ha 5 years ago

anyone who doesn't like SPIDER-MAN is an IDIOT!!!

Max with a mouth 5 years ago

Top 10 heroes

10- Spider-Man

9- Wolverine

8- Dr.Strange

7- Thor

6- Cable

5- Human torch

4- Moon knight

3- Iron fist

2- Steve Rogers,Captain America

1- Sentry

Top 10 Mercenaries

10- Fantomex

9- Domino

8- Silver sable

7- Luke Cage

6- Iron fist

5- Gambit

4- Bullseye

3- Cable

2- Taskmaster


ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

A good list, I actually started reading comics again with the advent of Marvel Zombies. The storyline of Marvel Heroes becoming Flesh eating Monsters destroying those they would normally protect was such a Powerful Idea. It is so interesting how the charactors react.

Vexg 5 years ago

my to 10




7. Captain Mar-vell




3.night crawler

2.Wonder woman


iron man all the way 5 years ago

my list

1.Iron man


3.invisible woman

4.ghost rider

5. Prof.charles xavier

6. Wolverine

7.spider man


9.Silver surfer

10.human torch

Patricia Mack 5 years ago

I think that Jean Grey with the Pheonix force is the most powerful because she can control anything everything, and everyone she is totally immortal and is the most powerful. I posted a link below so you can read about her and her powers she killed professor x just by looking at him

Here is another link so you can read all about the Pheonix Force:

Here is my list of my favorite superheroes but only marvel......and who i believe are also the most powerful because being a superhero doesn't mean you have to have the coolest powers you have to at least be smart:

10. Elektra

9. Wolverine




5.Hulk in 'Green Scar' incarnation

4.Silver Surfer


2.Jean Grey with Phoenix Force


you can find out these superheroes in....

Cole... 5 years ago

Where is Deadpool.... He is da best!

Labeeb 5 years ago

A marvel character list w/o Punisher? Nice list nonetheless.

Nexis19 profile image

Nexis19 5 years ago

My list is weird but here it is

10.Iron man

9.Captain America









rayyan 5 years ago

nice carecters

Lucas 5 years ago

This is what I think

10. Iceman

9. Human Torch

8. Black Panther

7. Ghost Rider

6. Captain America

5. Hulk

4. Wolverine

3. Spiderman

2. Iron Man

1. Deadpool

ali 5 years ago

my list 1.wolverine 2.dead pool 3.ghost rider 4.spider man 5. human torch 6.punisher 7.gambit 8.task master 9.reptil 10.mister marvel

zarl11 5 years ago

wolverine's power is not admantium skeleton, its his healing factor and enhanced senses....

SHADOW DEVIL 5 years ago

Probably,spiderman is the face of marvel comics and wolverine is the face of x-men which is an important part of marvel.So,I bet you did agreat job by putting them in the front line.But ghost ridershould have a place in the list.Atleast he is more important than the thing.

gr 5 years ago

have any of you dumbos ever herd of ghost rider. he can take down any one with Penance Stare. except super man(because super man has never seriously hurt anybody). but even so gr just has to wrap his unbreakable chain around superman and he has him. plus he has God on his side( in a comic of his God helped him)

babyboy23o2 5 years ago

10. daredevil


8.captain America Bucky barnes

7.Iron Man

6.captain Mar-Vell



3.Bill Foster



Sameen 5 years ago



8.Black Widow






2.Captain America

1.Spiderman- I hate Spiderman

sameen 5 years ago

replacement: 7. Silver Surfer

Sameen 5 years ago

Forgot Hulk 3 place

Taylove 5 years ago

Nice list just missing Black Panther & Dr.Strange.

yo mama 5 years ago

u are all wrong spider cant take thor or hulk this is the real 1

10.vison bolt

8. red hulk

7. iron man

6. doctor strange

5. mr. marvel

4. ghost rider

3. silver surfer

2. wolverine

1. thor

advsrtg 4 years ago

ghost rider in my opion should be like tenth

spidey 4 years ago


Vaye 4 years ago

Jean Grey is No.1 because she can move everything with her mind, even another heroes can do nothing in front of her.^^

Here my top ten marvel heroes:


9. Human Torch

8. Sand Man

7. Ice Man

6. Thor

5. Silver Surfer

4. Hulk

3. Green lantern

2. Storm

1. Jean Grey

Fernando O. Coruña Jr. 4 years ago

2010 Opponents: Electro, The Sandman, Mysterio, The Vulture, The Lizard, the Kraven Family, Doctor Octopus, Mister Negative

Year in Review: This could probably be said just about every year, but in 2010, nobody had a tougher time of it than Spider-Man. The Webslinger endured a grueling gauntlet arranged by the Kraven family that saw him face his oldest foes up one after the other, from a juiced up Electro to a more savage than ever Lizard to finally a resurrected Kraven himself. Spidey somehow survived the onslaught, and despite taking his lumps, ultimately saved himself and New York City. He would cap it all off by rescuing his best friend Harry Osborn’s child from the clutches of Doctor Octopus, proving all’s well that ends well—though it never ends for Spider-Man.

More on thor cannot fight sandman and venom is creeping

a skin of a human

george 4 years ago

best super hero... Kickass :D

Darkencut 4 years ago

Just throwing this out there hulk has beet the crao out of every marvel character at least once and when everything goes to shit who do you call Bruce banner of course

jimbob! 4 years ago

Hulk is unbeatable y'know. Marvel is epic. Superman is a goodie two shoes.

My list

10.captain america

9.ghost rider

8. Thor

7.silver surfer

6. fantastic 4

5. Professor x

4.iron man




chris 4 years ago

nu favoriet

10 spiderman

9 wolverine

8 thor

7 captain america

6 hawk eye

5 black widow

4 hulk

3 human torch

2 silver surfer / night crawler (van't make the dision

1 deadpool

ben 4 years ago

my list

1.Thor -overall thor is almost stronger then the hulk but then almost.

2.Hulk- the reason i put hulk 2nd is cause he gets so angry

zeero x 4 years ago

This is my list.1thor 2hulk 3vistion 4daredevil 5deadpool 6pyro 7loki 8elektra 9ultron 10bullseye

zeero x 4 years ago

This is my list.1thor 2hulk 3vistion 4daredevil 5deadpool 6pyro 7loki 8elektra 9ultron 10bullseye

alex 4 years ago

1rhino 2cap america 3black panther 4hulk 5dr doom 6thing 7thor 8hawkeye 9abomanation 10vistion

aj 4 years ago

Spiderman is not no.1 and Ironman should be higher.

aj 4 years ago

My List



3.Capt. America


5.Iron Man

6. Hawkeye

7. Spider-Man

8. Flash

9. Black Panther

10. Vulcan

flamertime 4 years ago

U people r crazy. Hawkeye is the best hero and best villiain: Deathstroke

muhammad umair 4 years ago


Geek 4 years ago

Cap. Is the BEST!!!!!!

top 15 marvel superheroes 4 years ago

1.spiderman 2.nightcrawler 3.iron fist 4.captian america 5.banshee 6. the human torch 7. hulk 8.silver surfer 9.iron man 10. daredevil 11.gambit 12. cable 13.proffeser x 14.the thing 15.ghost rider

Captain Marvel 4 years ago

One time leader of the Avengers and recognized by Marvel heroes as the “Greatest Superhero”. CAPTIAN MARVEL will return.

best marvel heroes and anti heroes 4 years ago

10: howard the duck

9: daredevil


7: anti venom

6: deadpool

5: sentry

4: thor and wolverine(cant decide so i tied them)

3:captain america and iron man(cant decide so i tied them)

2: hulk

1: the amazing spiderman

honorable mentions: hawkeye. cyclops, storm, elektra, red hulk, and other heroes

adex 4 years ago

the list is good, but i have a better one

10. hulk

9. wolverine

8.the punisher

7. silver surfer

6. human torch


4.captain America


2. daredevil

1. spider man. (my favorite)

Domenick Dicce 4 years ago

Great list. A lot of strong characters. I think I would have switched out the Silver Surfer with the Human Torch and I have never been a big Jean Grey .

Alexxx issol 4 years ago

Deadpool es el mejor!!!!


ptr1000 3 years ago

1.wolverine,2.thor,3.spiderman,4.hulk,5.captain america,6.ironman,7.pumnal tiger,8.nova,9.batman,10.elasticman

Matt 3 years ago

What about Rocket Raccoon


marvel philippines 3 years ago

my list:



silver surfer


captain america


iron man


human torch

invisible woman

mr. funtastic

Shnoz12345 2 years ago

I'm going to do top 30



28-Ghost Rider

27-Doctor Strange



24-War Machine

23-Ant Man


21-Human Torch

20-Mr. Fantastic


18.Ice Man








10.Star Lord

9.Iron Man


7.Captain America


5.Black Panther

4.Silver Surfer


2.Spider Man


Taranwanderer profile image

Taranwanderer 16 months ago

Pretty good list of Superheroes. I'm wondering what a list of DC heroes would look like? Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, etc.

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