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  • Dr. Doom
  • Magneto
  • Apocalypse
  • Galactus
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 The following is a list of the Top Villains for Marvel Comics. With each selections is a short bio, picture, and video clip. Leave some feedback and share your Top 10 list.

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#10 - The Abomination

 The Abomination first appears in Tales to Astonish #90 (April 1967). The Abomination was formerly known as Emil Blonsky a KGB agent. Emil exposed himself to gamma rays just like Bruce Banner. The Abomination is an archenemy of the Hulk.

#9 - Sabretooth

Sabretooth first appears in Iron Fist #14 (August 1977). He was also a participant in the Weapon X program just like Wolverine. Sabretooth is a vicious assassin who enjoys killing anyone in his way.

#8 - Kingpin

 KIngpin, aka Wilson Fisk, first appeared in the Amazing Spider Man #50 (July 1967).Fisk became a notorious leader of the New York criminal underground. But he also became adversary to Daredevil and Spider Man.  

#7 - Red Skull

 Red Skull first appeared in Captain America Comics #1 (1941). Red Had three incarnations but the most popular was Johan Shmidt, the right hand man for Adolf Hitler. All incarnations were enemies of Captain America.

#6 - Venom

 Venom first appeared in the Amazing Spider Man #252 (May 1984). An alien symbiote life form that typically needs a human for a host. Venom is one of SPider Man's greatest enemies.

#5 - Green Goblin

 The Green Goblin first appeared in The Amazing Spider Man #14 (July 1964). Norman Osborne went insane after experimenting with a serum that increased his physical and mental abilities. He became obsessed with defeating Spider Man.

#4 - Apocalypse

Apocalypse first appeared in X-Factor vol. 1, #5 (June, 1986). He was the first mutant born over 5,000 yearas ago. His real name is En Sbah Nur, he was born in Egypt, and he is immortal.

#3 - Magneto

 Magneto first appeared in X-Men #1 (September 1963). A powerful mutant that can generate and control electromagnetic forces. He is the most prominent enemy of the X-Men.

#2 - Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom first appeared in the Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962). Victor Von Doom's face was disfigured in a blown experiment. He blames Reed Richards and sets out to destroy the Fantastic Four and conquer the world.

#1 - Galactus

 Galactus first appears in Fantastic Four #48 (March 1968). Galactus is described as the most powerful living entity in the cosmos. He can devour entire planets.

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What did you think of this list? 68 comments

Jay 7 years ago


Ultimate-Man 7 years ago

I don't like either Marvel Comics list. The DC ones are much better. This is my top 5 Marvel Villains

5. Galactus

4. Venom

3. Red Skull

2. Magneto

1. Dr. Doom

GAvillain 7 years ago

My list would be more like:

10. Apocalypse

9. Baron Mordo

8. Ultron

7. Venom

6. Loki

5. Galactus

4. Dormammu

3. Green Goblin

2. Magneto

1. Dr. Doom (no contest)

(Honorable mentions to Red Skull and Mandarin)

Uncle Goat profile image

Uncle Goat 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

I always viewed Galactus as a force of nature, not really evil, just looking for a meal. Thanos would be on my list somewhere near the top just because his plans are always so grand. Sure, anyone can plan to take over the world, but kill half the galaxy? Or to become a god? Now we're talking Big Time.

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 6 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

Like Uncle Goat, I think any list of Marvel villains has to include Thanos. Off the top of my head and in no particular order, Mordo, Loki, the Green Goblin, the Kingpin, Magneto, Apocalypse, Thanos, Galactus, the Red Skull, and Dr. Doom would be the quick choices for me. If Galactus doesn't count, then how about the Sentinels? Or the Magus?

GNworks 6 years ago

Great Hub!

GO 6 years ago

Galactus isn't a villain you twat.

Steve Rogers  6 years ago


9-Kang the Conqueror


7-Green Goblin



4-Red Skull




ccpb2 6 years ago

my would be

10 loki

9 madrian

8 enchantress

7 mephisto

6 venom

5 jean grey [when she was/or is evil]

4 magneto

3 myistqe

2 galactis

1 *dr doom*

88che88 6 years ago


10 madrein

9 venom

8 enchantress

7 madok

6 galactis

5 arcade

4 jogernut

3 mageto

3 jean gery [when evil]

2 mephisto

1 dr doom

cake 6 years ago

my list

10.jugganut skull



6.the leader



3.johahna hex (when bad guy)


1. dr. octupus

my high 6 years ago

my list




7.carnage goblin





1. ..... the... green......GOBLIN

K1asa792 6 years ago








3.Green Goblin



sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

Doom would have to be my number one.

Especially the 60s Doom, don't know how they are writing him now. But back then, he was awesome.

Belnas the second 6 years ago

this is my ten:






6.Crimson Dynamo




10.Red Skull

Bad Luck Tulip 6 years ago


10. Juggernaut

9. Red Skull

8. Bullseye

7. Mystique

6. Magneto

5. Venom

4. Nitro

3. Baron Helmut Zemo

2. Galactus

1. Dr. Doom

Rachel 6 years ago

We'd like :

10. Master Mold

09. Mastermind

08. Galactus

07. Loki

06. Thino

05. Electro

04. Marvel Divas

03. Shadow King

02. Dr. Doom

01. Apocalypse ( the strongest villain ).

Rebecca 6 years ago

The First Villain is Apocalypse.

He is also the most powerful and the most popular villain for all time. Apocalypse is going to be a stronger villain than in X men Legends 2.

taylor 6 years ago

its a credit to marvel villans that there was no runaway winner that's good story telling.DC's list was predictable

mickael 6 years ago

the best marvel vilains... red skull...and kingpin.

Ice 6 years ago

Galactus is not a villain, he is essencial to the universe.

amy 6 years ago

haha not one of them is interesting ... DC villians are so dam charismatic.. and more ruthless ... these marvel villains are just bad apples

my favorite villains

1 the joker

2 scare crow / dr jonathan crane

3 lex luther

4 cat woman

5 galuctus [ only one from marvel]

red X skull 6 years ago

my favorite are

10 mystero

9.spider carange




5. jugganaut


3.quicksilver skull

1. is is is KINGPIN


Galactic Goober profile image

Galactic Goober 6 years ago

Excellent list thanks for sharing. I am a fan of the Green Goblin myself :)

Galactic Goober profile image

Galactic Goober 6 years ago

oops submitted twice. My bad.

Bruce Leroy 5 years ago

Apocalypse is beyond lame and doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Doctor Doom, Wilson Fisk, The Green Goblin and Magneto.

videomanfan 5 years ago

id say smokescreen from that one comic called Spider-Man Storm and Power Man Battle Smokescreen

videomanmavelfan 5 years ago

it me videoman fan again like videoman the hero from spiderman and his amazing friends so like i said i think smokescreen is a top villian with that smoke coming out of nowhere and it knocked out storm that was kinda cool.

hunter. roseborough 5 years ago

my favorite marvel villains are......................................................................10. rhino.9. iron monger.8. buzzing beetle.7. venom.6. gravatron? i dont know his name but he controls gravity.5 super skrull.4. gulactus.3. apocalypse.2. onslaught................1..the best is ABOMBINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

nic coles 5 years ago

top 10 villains

10 nic coles

9 magneto

8 mystique

7 venom

6 carnage

5 dr doom

4 quicksilver

3 apocalypse

2 galactus

1 juggernaut

superman shit 5 years ago


genwriter profile image

genwriter 5 years ago from Singapore

Venom will be on top of my list!

Rated this hub and happy following you.

Check out my hubs too =)

Stampy 5 years ago

My top 5


4:Dr. Doom




me 5 years ago

venom is much better than all of them

glenn wallace profile image

glenn wallace 5 years ago

For raw power, why not have the Dreaming Celestial on the list?

I like these top 10's but why not add at least a blurb about why you think these 10 deserve the top spots?

teddy 5 years ago





6.Quan Chi(mortal kombat)


4.Marvel Divas

3. Shadow King


1.Noob Saibot (mortal kombat)

QuiK-ReacTiiOnzZ 5 years ago


10. Rhino

9. Doctor Octopus

8. The Penguin

7. Carnage

6. Venom

5. Juggernaut

4. Joker

3. Apocalypse

2. Onslaught

1. Galactus

Max with a mouth 5 years ago

What about Thanos? Venom? Carnage? Titanium man? Ultron?

Bullseye? Electro?

bearachute profile image

bearachute 5 years ago from Pittsburgh PA

Onslaught should definitely but up there, but otherwise a really good list. Would have to agree with Ultron as well.

random 5 years ago

the joker is the best. and the red skull is pretty cool too

jamiesweeney profile image

jamiesweeney 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

Entertaining hub!

RoseSoul 5 years ago

10. Demo Goblin

9. Black Heart

8. Selene

7. Venom

6. Dormammu

5. Mr. Sinister


3. Shuma Gorath

2. Apocalypse

1. Carnage

Nexis19 profile image

Nexis19 5 years ago

My list is


9.Doc Ock





4.Mr. Sinister


2.Dr. Doom


ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

Doesn't anyone else respect Owen Reese, The Molecule Man. He is the most powerfull being in the marvel universe. He can manipalate matter on the subatomic level.

Galactus,Apocolypse, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Dr Doom and every X-man ever could all combine their powers along with Mephisto and the Watcher and both the Olympian and Asgard Gods all together could not stop Owen if he wanted to destroy them all.

logo 5 years ago

the best is thanos

logo 5 years ago

thanos is the most powerful entitie in marvel because he has the infinity gauntlet

Sameen 4 years ago


9.Red Skull



6.Thanos and Apocalypse




2.Dr Doom

1. Galuctus

SHADOW DEVIL 4 years ago

What about Thanos,Cyber(the last villain of x-men origin wolverine),Darkphoenix,Abyss,Holocaust?They should be included in the list.

SHADOW DEVIL 4 years ago


Taylove 4 years ago

1. Dr.Doom

2. Thanos

3. Magneto

4. Green Goblin

5. Red skull

6. Loki

7. Sabertooth

8. Kang the conqueror

9. Apocalypse

10. Juggernaut

KK awesomness 4 years ago

What about mystique

Dayd11 4 years ago

Where's Onslaught, dude? Good list but needs Onslaught up there. And Thanos.

Awesome 4 years ago

Yours all sucked. Well, almost all.

10. Sentinals

9. Venom

8. Dr. Doom

7. Loki

6. Kingpin

5. Abomination

4. Galactus

3. Juggernaut

2. Carnage

1. GREEN GOBLIN! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Marvel fanboys 4 years ago

10 Venom

9 Red Skull

8 Magneto

7 Ultron

6 Onslaught

5 Apocalypse

4 Loki

3 Dr. Doom

2 Galactus

1. Thanos

Bob 4 years ago

Loki is all ways number 1

DCONN 4 years ago

This all depends on the comics that you read.You can guess the comics a person loves by the villians..guess mine

1.) Magneto

2.)Dr. Doom

3.) King Pin

4.) Dr. Octopus





9.) Mystique

10.)The Green Goblin

546 4 years ago

mine is

10. Sandman

9. Dr.Octopus

8. The Leader

7. Rhino


5. Venom



2. Hybrid

1. Scream

muhammad umair 4 years ago

this is my super villain from 1 to 10 1.dr doom goblin 3.magneto 4.sabre tooth 5.kingpin 6.hobgoblin 7.venom 8.sandman 9.dr. octopus skull

this guy 4 years ago

im doing a top 20

20: ego the lving planet

19: sebastian shaw

18: the brood

17: juggernaut/mystique

16: kingpin/purple man

15: bullseye/ red skull

14: red hulk

13: surtur

12: loki

11: blackheart

10: shadow king

9: zadkiel/ magneto

8: venom/ galactus

7: demogeorge(guy eats gods nuff said)

6: apocalpyse/abomination

5: lucifer(possibly the true devil)

4: carnage

3: ultron/kang the conquer

2: zarathos/ maestro


this guy 4 years ago

also doctor doom is number 1 with thanos and mephisto, but honorable mentions, hate monger, baron blood these captain america villains are evil baddies, baron zemo, enchantress, absorbing man, the leader, mandarin, iron monger, crimson dynamo, and other iron man villains, wrecking crew, mangog, seth the edgyptian god, dark gods, desak, u-foes, green goblin, doc ock, sandman, and other spiderman villains, scarecrow(marvel version), the orb, lord pumpkin, chaos king, jack o lantern, and more, I LOVE ALL MARVEL VILLAINS EXCEPT THE SLUG, AND WALRUS.

rhinoxxx 4 years ago

the best villan ever is rhino

ggpp 4 years ago

What where is Carnage ?!?!

punk 4 years ago

dark phoenix is overrated in my opinion

Domenick Dicce 3 years ago

Marvel has so many great characters. Being a Spider-Man fan I would have had more of his villains on my list but great selection bad guys.

Andrew 3 years ago

Number 1 is Dr.Doom because his main reason is to kill richards also he sent reed's kid to hell because controlled by anger and hate, also had a kid with Sue Richard's but was so evil he named the kid since Sue wanted to keep it, Also Doom stole odins power, the infinty gauntlet, and some of galactus cosmic energy. Also he can summon demons to haunt people to get what he wants, also Dr.Doom created the masters of evil.

1. DrDoom

2. Mephisto/Dormammu because bone reigns hell and the other is dark magic and dark dimensions

3. Thanos

4. Galactus

5. Apocolypse

6. Onslaught

7. Magneto

8. Spider-Carnage almost blew up the multi-verse.

Andrew 3 years ago

9. Green Goblin he raped gwen stacy and rained those kids to kill spiderman, killed Gwen Stacy and dropped her 80 feet from the sky, had his own son go as him and have spiderman kill harry, lost mary jane in owens technology and kept her their, also used evil lords like Doom, and formed the sinister twelve to bring spiderman and black cat down.

10. Venom has obsession with killing spiderman.

Fred 3 years ago

Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlit could use half of these guys as toilet paper

Freddy 2 years ago

Mystique should be on there

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