Top 10 Nicki Minaj Quotes

She's the hottest new female rappers in the game and she hasn't even dropped an album yet.

She's got young girls around the country dressing like her, acting like her, and dying for her to sign their boobs.

She's the first lady of Young Money, the Harajuku Barbie, and a serious lyricist.

She's Nicki Minaj aka Nicki Lewinsky, aka Ms. Step Your Cookies Up.

Every since Nicki Minaj stepped on the scene the streets haven't been able to get enough of her. Her face is everywhere, her three mixtapes Sucka Free, Playtime is Over, & Beam Me Up Scotty are in everyone's MP3 players, and other artist are throwing features at her like crazy.

Listed below are some of Nicki Minaj's best quotes as taken from her songs and lyrics.

Top 10 Nicki Minaj Quotes

10. "Cause my flow's stupid, wheelchair bound, take the small bus all year round"
- Jumpoff 07/Playtime Is Over

9. "These broke rappers always rappin bout a pink truck, I'm only happy wen I hopin out da brincks truck" - Click Clack/Playtime Is Over

8. "...and I don't need my groove back unless tha ni**a lookin like 2-pac" - Grindin/Sucka Free

7. "I had 2 laugh at dat one, b*@ch get outta line I'm a slap da fat one"
- Curious George/Sucka Free

6. "I'm bout that fast money, money ain't got no patience. But if them boys come run like you on probation" - Cuchi Shop/Sucka Free

5. "I keep three hoes, But don't'call me Santa" - I Get Crazy/Beam Me Up Scotty

4. "I never knew my titties was bigger than Pamela. So paparazzi flickin' be flickin' they camera.
-Kill Da DJ/Beam Me Up Scotty

3. "I eat these rap b*#ches, somebody get me a dinner mint" - Get Silly/Beam Me Up Scotty

2. "Now all the bums is wondering where I be's at -if you ain't a barbie it's none of your freaking beeswax!!!" - BET Cypher

1. "Bank rolls gimmie all them pretty furs cause my pu**y game cold when he hit it he say 'burr', he say 'burr' 'bur bur bur burr, imma imma marry her' and he play with that purr like he strummin' his guitar" Slumber Party/song by Gucci Mane

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liyah 6 years ago

nickis one bad bitch , i must say she came out and is merking all theses wanna be female rappers , shes up there with my bitch remy ma & trina , they deff. 5 star bitches , holla @ me .

Peter Dickinson profile image

Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

Sounds an interesting young lady. Never heard of her till now. I will keep my ears open. Thank you for the article.

tyhisha j. 6 years ago

nikki minaj has most deff. saved female rappers they were really fall'n off nd she came along and got shit pop'n.she is beautiful nd her music is great young money really did good when they got nikki minaj. i love her!

Kaylah 6 years ago

Nicki is tha best. She blows all them bitches out. She got people quoting her. Like yowww. All saying they tha harajuku barbie. People tryna dress like her too. " That's why i get more head than shampoos "

shae 6 years ago

she ain't original...don't understand why yall on her so hard. i mean she aight..all she is is a lil kim wanna be

this one says: 6 years ago

Ms. Minaj is unique and that's why we love her so much. When have qot a females point of view on tha topics she raps about? I'm proud to have a vaqina when I hear her:)

ExclusivB*@#h  6 years ago

Nicki Minjah i luvvvvvv u..u da bestess...i want you to sign my boobs i am your biggest fan fron the Bahamas we luvvvvvvvvvvvvv u ova here. Your the only female rapper we ever loved this much we luvvvvvvv u. Keep stuuning at them haters cuz you the one they wanna be ....omg u should use that is a song lol...LUVVVVVVVVVV U Nicki

Supreme Bitch 6 years ago

this chicks lyrics are wack, she just be throwing shit in that just rhyme but don't make sense. this girl is a wannaBE lil kim whos tha real queen B ! nicki minaj keep suckin' lil kim :)

Baggz 6 years ago


lilah 6 years ago

nicki minaj is the fuckin best there is right after lil kim

renesha john 6 years ago

she fineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

misindependent  6 years ago

she is so hard she is beast'n them streets get it nicki

toribaybee 6 years ago

lolsx , wow ! nicki killinq . flow so tiqht ;; haha tori'sx her number onee fan bruh !

toribaybee 6 years ago

" Supreme Bitch " -- yhu ckan ckutt that shid yhu talkinq ! hatinq onn nicki . aha * hoee qet real ;; nicki minaj swaqq wayy sicker than lil'kim ! that old bixch ain't qot shid on nicki ! aha - kim ain't bout nttn bruh ! stay onn down hunnie . see , i shut hoesx like yhu down , tlkinq all that ca$h money shidd ckusx nicki ckant see it ! UGH ; lame hoe

Ciskiii [ : 6 years ago

Nickii ! Your the best, ignore haterrsss *

NOYB 6 years ago

nicki minaj is the best inspiration for all girl to keep following their dreams

no matter how many rescords don't get sign she alwayz ready to be on top ofher game so her dream can be succesfull { sorry for incorrect spelling}

wich one day WILL happen and like i said it WILL happen she is the new and the baddest

hazel 6 years ago

she`s so bad she does things which your chick wish could nicki u the best

lotoya  6 years ago

man i love nicki minaj im dah straight version of nicki minaj i love ha songs an everydang dis gurl iz bad man dang

noeli  6 years ago

nickii i love yhu i like yerr swagger like fo real

let all them femalesz hate they juxx mad cksz they cant be nicki lewinsky i love yhu nicki

leiigha 6 years ago


THEEBADDEST 6 years ago


nikki yew da best !! 6 years ago

nikki u da baddest & ferget wat all dem haterz say dey just hatin cuz dey wanna be like u & i mean i aint gunna lie i never hated on any1 b4 but ritee now im hatin on yew lol but i freakin luvv yew no homo :]!! i listen to every song yew make n i try to mesmerize all of dem;; yew so awsome & u aint like lil kim yew way better & i mean way u could treat her life & den lets c wat dem haters got to say !!:] well dis yo girl taty cumin from da chi town we luvv u nikki;; haterz keep hatin she da baddest n yew noee it :] !! nikki luv da rest fall bakk !!

lia 6 years ago

nikki iz a bad bytch point blank!!! n keep hatin kuz she luvin it .... Di3 5 bytch 064 chi town da realest fukkk yuh strawberry shortcake bum bumm raggedy hoez dat live on planet bum of shidd 2 fingerzzz bitchezzzz

imani 6 years ago

nicki you a gud rapper but, trina comes first...

nikki  6 years ago

she a bomb b;eetchh

ILubbWeezyFBaby 6 years ago

yo her name is spelled N.I.C.K.i duhh. n yesss she suree iz tha bestest. haterz hopp off her. man she has tha illEst quotes and has tha sickest flow. trina raw but nicki jus dominated EVERY female rapper>period.

Taylor 6 years ago

manm bro don't none of yall know nicki like i do bitches..i was on her side before all this was goin on i always believed in her daz my niggah rite there grew up with her nd everything so all yall fake hoes please get tha fuqq off her tip thanks

sharp nicki 6 years ago

haha nicki is a beast yeah she may be fake lyke a barbie but she is cold on dat rapin shyt.. my favorite quote is from roger dat... A flow tighter than a dick in a butt!!! ets dope right der so all u haters back up and bow down she #1 not number 2 she nicki da winsky... lol u get PROPS NICKI MINAJ I LUVS U HUR IN DA SPG!!!!

myss robinson 6 years ago

#5 is my ishh.! love dhet sonq.! ;)

MELISSA 6 years ago

Nicki Bomb' Love Her Lyrics Evrythinqq She Says Fits Widd My Life Style Is LIke We Got A lot In Comon:] Love Her

PopAPistalCrazyBitch 6 years ago

Nicki really is da baddest female rapper out right now,she picked the female rapper title back up outta its grave n brought it bak to life...much luv too her n may more blessings cum her way,i respact wat she has done...but not to knock her hustle n i hav nothin againts bi or gay ppl but she use to be homosexual (look for da video on youtube) and has totally changed her attitude...dnt kno wat to say but fuk it da past is da past n das where i leave it..LIVE,LOVE N FORGET!!

noelii 6 years ago

hell yea nicki minaj be killinq yall hoesz nd trina tewh

ilove nicki minaj yu the best female rapper alive

soo all yall fucin hoesz who be sayinq ewh i hate nicki minajjj yall summ dumb asses she is dka best fuck yall mean ilove her so much if i ever had seen ha in person i would idk wht i woukd dwh so all yall femalesz who tryinq tewh be like her yall got meh fucked up hahahah shesz dka reak babrbie never fake like ya skummy ass hoesz lol will byee yalll

yagurl. 6 years ago

haha .. damn!

shes ARITE..

but she aynn all that--

kno what i mean?

but yee..,

aynn no bitch badder den trina...

merced 6 years ago

good singer do you like girls

meh 6 years ago

ithink..."imean i don't even know why you girls bother at this point like give it up its me i win u lose haahaa oh shxt yo ima badd bitch ima ima badd bitch"-itty bitty piggy shudve been number one

Nicki Minaj 6 years ago

Supreme bitch nick minaj is 100 times better then lil kim will ever be or could ever dream to be and everybody loves nicki minaj and that's the name coming outta everyones mouth not lil kim.So stfu

lexiilou loyu 6 years ago

she is amazing

google 6 years ago

she had quoted that she thought her real name was not a rappers name

TAYX3 6 years ago

I LOVEYHU NICKI AND SHE DEFF AINT A LIL KIM WANNA BE THAT'S MY WIFEY DON'T TALK SHIT YALL JUS Haters stop hating on my wifey!! she may be sexier then yuh that's why yhu be hatin Well ILOVEYHU NICKI MINaj AKa My Wifey!!!!!!!!x3

Asia 6 years ago

Nicki Minaj Is An Official Barbie! Neva A Clone! She Is Easily Motivated By Haters. I Love Her Music, Lyrics, Personality Etc! She Is An Amazing Artist To Me & She Shows What She Can Do & How She Do! To Me She [101x] Better Than Lil Kim! For Yall That Say She A Clone Step Yah Cookies Up & Stop Being Copyrightin Infrigments!!!! I LOVE NICKI

sariah 6 years ago

Well we all know nicki minaj IS Beautiful

laPORshA 6 years ago

OMG..! Nicki is dhee dhee freakn bestt..

Tayla 6 years ago

"stop playing you know i been hotta than summer school cuz even in ther i made them muhaf***** drool"

Get It All Sean Garret ft. Nicki Minaj

cameron 6 years ago

i love nicki minaj

ALESHIA 6 years ago


nicki husband 6 years ago

nicki minaj is da coldest female in the industry if there is any bitch killing her nam one cause i cant and her boby is da coldest and i now yall agree who ever say she ant lame as hell her titty is cold and her ass game is da coldest and her bars are dummy hot

nicki husbanb 6 years ago

nicki minaj is da coldest female in the industry who ever say she ant lame as hell her body is da coldest and if ant i don't now wat y'all looking at and her bars are dummy hot



Tiffani Rose * 6 years ago

Nicki Minaj came out of no where & stole from every female rapper. She's like the female version of Lil' Wayne. Her flow is ill, and her style is uncomparable. She got her own everything. My only fear is that she's going to be played out. Everyone is on her hard right now, but I think that over time, we're going to start to get sick of her. I just hope she keeps her flow up to keep everyone interested. ;)

tori-t 6 years ago

i wanna give props to her..a lot of ppl be hatin on nicki for what?? get lyke ker n get on ya s#@%!! all tha otha female rappers had their turn its her time to shine..she gon do it anywayy!!!lmbo...

mssleah 6 years ago

ok im jus wondering why this bitch is gettin so much credit.. she couldn't possibly be writing her own shit because look at foxy brown- jigga.. look at kim- biggie.. and now nicki?? WAYNE and i think they're sabotaging her "career" because her rhymes are that of a 3 year old.. COME ON PEOPLE "and its goin down like santa in the chim-en-y"???? GO ON!!! "fuck i look like how- i look like yes and you look like no" ??? OH MAN that is the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard.. actually take the time to listen to the kindergarten rhyme skills and get off this bi*ch's dick

mrS BwiLL 6 years ago

errbodii GOT dey own op Bt I meean If YEW got SO mUCh negative energy TOWARDS ha Jus DNt spEK why HATe she jus doin HA thanG errBOdii WAnna BE higher!

brinaa  6 years ago

haha her shit dnt make sense she's famous cuz she's hot. haha ima drp this chick like a domino line. lil kim trina n remy ma are the bestest. nicki stop actn like yur tha sexiest kim kardashian got more natural body then this wannabe harajuku barbie. haha

methal shwuay 6 years ago



*not quite sure how to say her last name yet*


first persn to comment how can you NOT know who she is lol never THE POINT IS THAT I LOVE HERR *nh* :):)

precious 6 years ago

i love nicki minaj

hightopz  6 years ago

if all u b!@tchez dnt like her y u on this page... nikki da best an all u hO3z knw iit iiz jst a matter of tiime till u knw u luv her to so stop Bein a HATIIN A$$ B!@TCH an get a LIFE!!! stop hatin wuh yall can b!!! LoVe U NikkI kEEP dOIIn Ya Thiing iiz WORkiin out fo yu!!!!

HiS.GUTTA.BiTCH; [: 6 years ago



Barbie4evA98 6 years ago


Go-getta 6 years ago


tre 6 years ago

yo nikki is madd dope . i thnk she is dha best female rapper out , at dis point .... its funny how dese females try to be lyk nikki but it ant none dht can lay it dwn lyk my grl nikki so lyk ... give it up !

marieee x3 6 years ago

iLOVEEE nicki minaaajj ! she is my idol & i look up to her . shes inspirational to me and probably a lot of people. I love her soo muchh i hope i can meet her on day (:

Sheaky wood 6 years ago

i wish all u hatein ass byths get off her back nicki u tha shyt girl.! Fa dat lame bytch at tha top u tha truth keep doin wat u do i lyk an so do a lot of other ppl.! I love nick minja.! u hot put these bum bytchs in they place AN these wake niggas.!

. Dhis Jessica Bxtchh * 6 years ago

Alriqht all y'all hatin' ass bxtchesz fall duh fuhqk baqk ! Fuhqk uur on here fOr ! qet a month'fuhqkin life ! Hatin' on duh bestest ! Nickki minaj ilOveuu ; don't leht dhese dumbass hOesz faze uu ! (;

. Dhis Jessica Bxtchh * 6 years ago

Alriqht all y'all hatin' ass bxtchesz fall duh fuhqk baqk ! Fuhqk uur on here fOr ! qet a month'fuhqkin life ! Hatin' on duh bestest ! Nickki minaj ilOveuu ; don't leht dhese dumbass hOesz faze uu ! (;

Elle Lewinsky 6 years ago


Lala 6 years ago

This bitch is outta her mind she stupid as f*ck she a wanna be this n tht thts why she a barbie cuz she gt no brains hahaha eyyy NICKI!!! why dnt u kno how to freestyle!!!

amber 6 years ago

i feel like she good lyricaly like her rymes and play-on-words be good buh shid she be promotin doin cocain and shit (keep the (s n o w w h i t e) i can buy it by the bundle) like seriously for a female rapper yu spose to be an influence for the girls that listen to yu

Chelsea 6 years ago

You realize that you would hate on Nicki for promoting things like cocaine but when it comes down to it the hottest male rappers do the same thing and get praised for it. She can spit like some of the hottest rappers out there so she can rap about whatever she needs to. She is at the top of her game and she is supposed to be real so praise her for her talent instead of everyone hating on her. She is gonna go far and its a shame that so many people are gonna put pressure on her.

lala 6 years ago

I agree wit amber f**k you chelsea

Jen 6 years ago

In the song bottomz up. what does she mean when she says b to the 10. and what is the 3-80 about??

TwiiddleMuffin 6 years ago

Umm okii t2 daii bitch or niqqa who says she's a lil kim wanna be umm don't see it @ all daii gurl comes up wiff her own shytt nd lil kim is like a face lift away frum dyin her ugly ass nicki does it big no matta she putts sumthang out there always where kimmy @ huh: thought so Nicki did save female rap no lie bout dat: they all ways in hiddin furr realz den she came out then dats wen all dem wanna show they got summ balls phss:

daphne d altman 6 years ago

I luv nicki minaj I luv her style all of her songs lik u kno everything about her her style n rap game is crazy

me 6 years ago

I LOVE NICKI!! ya what does she mean when she says b to the 10?

luvin treyy 6 years ago

korayd profile image

korayd 6 years ago from Edmonton

nicki's number one for me

then its like

-trina, lil kim, keys, remy ma, missy, foxxy, ladySovereign, and i can keep going but its all like "I JUST HAD AN EPIPHANY I NEEDA GO TO TIFFANY'S!"

Mami 6 years ago

All I gotta say, i never listen to no female rapper until nicki came along... So with that we need one out here in The west coast... Was up snoop this shut out to u...

Bo$$ Lady 6 years ago

I am 15 yrs old nd I Love Nicki Minaj And So Does My Mom but whenever i say i wanna be like nicki my mom getts upset becuz nicki is good nd all but i don't think she is a good romodel for gurls like myself no matter wat people say i am still gunna love her but i don't wanna be like her nd i luv her stlye but not the way she protratys herself I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU NICK NO MATTER WAT IM NOT A HATER I AM A NICKI MINAJ LOVER GET IT RIGHT

Newt 6 years ago

Just caught her and Trey all over the radio on a visit to the East Coast. Can we get an album Niki?

J-dee 6 years ago

Nicki m,u a're d best female rapper,u gat swag...Cnt wait 4 ur album..Wil b d first 2 buy it.

KeNnEsHa A.k.A dHa ReAliSt ChIcKk 6 years ago

Nicki yhu a beast yhu killin dem rap bytchs like murderer. Keep doin yha thang chickk cuz yhu is one bad bytch. I love yhu weezy and nicki and dha rest of young money!!!!!! Dhis shyt go hard: Cause my flow's stupid, wheelchair bound, take the small bus all year round

jasmine 6 years ago

sheez ok but sheez very pretty nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

DEMARCUS  6 years ago


Lena Bouke 6 years ago

ii onlyii wish ii wasx asx gud asx her.. she isx veryii prettyii (no homo).. nd she da baddest rapper since Trina.. nd she might even be better dan Trina.. not tryna disx..*

NOMUSA 6 years ago


precious  6 years ago

i love nicki like my food

dale s 6 years ago

i have a real crush on nicki minaj and if i ever meet her ima ask her to be my girl cuz we fit since we both bad bitches

taleyah 6 years ago

ii fukkiinnq lOvee niickii !

ChloeeBabi 6 years ago

Nickii Youu Sick Famm ;) ?

Tru Barbie 6 years ago

i love nicki bt she need some betta lines

ka-chow  6 years ago

Honestly, she is my roll model. i love her music, just everything about her is amazing lol Nicki is my wifey!!

Shayne 6 years ago

Nikki is like super awsum.. Luv her music... She just sounds i lil weird.. But that's cool

BabyyMamma 6 years ago

iLove Nicki!

BabyyMamma 6 years ago

Pull Uhp In The Monster Automobile Ganster Wid Ah Bad Bitxch Dhat Came From Stri Lonka Yea Im Tonka Color Of Willy Wonka!!!(:All You Hatersz Can Kill YourSelf!!(:

NiGHA MiNAj 6 years ago

NiCKi u tha best nd everybody is jus gne likw who does them lol..... but yeah i love ya nicki....HOW U GNE TELL ME IM NOT THA BEST JUZ CAME OUT THA WEST UM I MEAN THE EAST IM THA PRESDENT BUT I DNT LIVE D.C...

°GorqeouszBitchh;) 6 years ago

Ahaa Yaal Hatinqq On Nickii Knowinqq Shee Cantt See Thisz Shitt Buut Itsz Best If Yal Keep Ya Mouthh Shuut Cause She A Badd Bitchh Niqquhs Be Shininqq Her Shoesz Buut Imm Thee Onee Siqninqq Her Boobsz Ahaaa;))

keshia 6 years ago

nicki manija rapps is tight bt trinagot ha...n she muz want to b a barbie bt she juz like lil kim

LALLLALLAL 6 years ago

Nicki is the shxt she may be fake but bitches she bought that

VANNAH 6 years ago

Nikki is alright , BUT she'll never me my bitch TRINAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try your best . Not number 1 female . Maybe the one y'all be listening to ! She just like khi . she only big cause wayne .

jenellechristmas 6 years ago

First ,i love my girl nicki minaj 2 death,f**k all those hating ass niggas,bit*hes and tricks and 2 LaLa and f**king Amber u all hush your motherc*nt mouths and get the f**ck off nicki"s back.What d f**k u all come 2 comment here negatively 4.Tell dotish ass Kim and her f**kedup fan 2blow the f**ck out of site because u all are really starting 2 piss me off with dis swagger jacking shit.Everyone has copy someone because the world is a cycle u c*nts,it only buggin kim out because nicki famous wit it GET A FU*KIN GRIP U ALL!u DIDN'T INVENT WIGS KIM NEITHER POSSES.Nicki don't even have 2 bow down to ur ass or pay homage is GOD SHE HAVE 2 THAT 2 NOT U.SO SLIDE UR ASS OFF AND LET HER ENJOY HER TIME WHILE IT LAST U F**KING RETARDS F*****k FROM TRINIDAD NUFF RESPECT.AND FOR 1 ALL U AMERICANS ARE A BUNCH OF CU*NTS SAME WAY U ALL TREATED RIHANNA ASSH*LES

APhault 6 years ago

Ahight, listen!!! i aint hatten or nothing of the sort, nikki is reppin for the women but as as MC myself theres nothing coming out her mouth that hasn't been said.. i myself said all of that in 92-93 as a young Mc.. Damn!! there i go again Young Mc ( Now bust a move )

A Phault 6 years ago

Ahight after reading this comment from Trini head ( Jennelle Christmas rep your island that's fine but crossing the line of making this an island verses states deal "YOU TRIPPIN" as if u got stocks in the chick.. Chill B,

A Phault 6 years ago

You young catz don't understand how far hip hop has come most hadn't done the knowledge... please theres documentarys about how the MCS respected one another styles a NO BITTIING ALOUD was a respected street and culture attitude,. no a days theres bitting everywhere.. paying respects to an MC's CREATIVITY "Bowing down" is in no way a "Punk move" it is what it is paying homage respects... now adays everybodys gotta gun, a banging girl, a big crue or you set Bangin.. yeah ok!! i get that!! that's what hip hop is life!!! but some are not

" Keeping It REEL" i lol, when i here or say that...

Wish for all mcs to come to grips with all the beefs / hatin / etc. and get back to the word play of MCIN... where did we get off PUNCHLININ??? to make the crowd OOH!!! LOL!! that shit sucks!!! This new Millem Hip Hop needs a little collar pull backwards and schooled on how it once was and "KRS" to teach the "9 Elements" again.

if any MC that needs a free Boom Bap type Beat or just Wonna know anything about how hip hop was, hit me... ah got most of the knowledge on OUR "Culture"

Peace Aphault

unknown 6 years ago

damn talk bout being fine!!!...and it's true her flow is really "tightr then a d**k in the b*t".

Birdie The NInja 6 years ago

I LUBB chu Nicki Minaj!!! (No homo) You the best!! I wanna be just like you!! Don't listen to em hatersz cuz they are just jealous of your awesomeness!!

Norma=) 6 years ago

Nicki Minaj: HEY!!! I am like your BIGGEST fan!! Don't listen to Lil Kim cuz you cannot be compared!! You the best!!! Fuck all em hatersz you are REAL!!! I lubb yo style! I look up to you cuz you are successful and awesome and cool!!

Birdie The Ninja 6 years ago

Nicki: With or without them hatersz you shine even tho they are your biggest fans!! :D Yur awesome!!

Yeep Yeep 6 years ago



Yeep Yeep 6 years ago

I love you!!!! Me & my cousin Birdie are big fans!! (:

Yeep Yeep  6 years ago

Normita no seas mentirosaaa OMG YO NO DIJE NADA OKAIII


Birdie The Ninja 6 years ago

OHHH!! You know you luv her!!

Mz_Next_Nicki 6 years ago


sandra 6 years ago

I don't noe y people hating on Nicki,she is d baddest. she loves wat she does, she gets paid for it, and people love her. She's talented. Haters need to fall back n get a job instead of wasting der time.

As for Lil kim she's a legend,she was d need to curse eachoda if lil kim stil fink she's got it, den let her bring out an album @ d same time as nicki n let's c hu comes on top on d billboard. Am a nicki minaj fan buh I aint a hater on lil kim.

ONJO 6 years ago

DAYM,ur one of my greatest hits of all time.....don't worry ....i gotchur bak nikki....STILL I RISE....u go get em, especially lil kim....ur more prettier than keep writing more songs....luv onjo

Steff 6 years ago

Nicki has some good songs on the radio don't get me wrong, but that's when she actually sings instead of raps. Her rhymes are stupid and don't make much sense. But what most of her fan base which is made of preteens don't understand that she isn't a rapper she's an entertainer. In no way do I think she is unique or original. She reminds me of every other entertainer out there, being fake and making slutty videos to gain more publicity. I don't think she a lil Kim wannabe... But I think when it comes to rapping lil Kim wins. Singing wise it's nicki. I mean rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon... That sounds fucking stupid. Nicki had 2 lines in that song at the most that you would be like "oohing burn" Lil Kim. Eminem did all the work, while little Kim didn't beat around the bush and put her in her place.

babybabes 6 years ago

" wanna play? Meet me on the fumble line. 'cuz i'm a ninja, cowabunga time." - nicki minaj , shakin' it for daddy

Sharon 5 years ago

Niki who????

briana 5 years ago

onee question who dnt LOVE nicki minaj dnt care ! ha iff yuu dnt fucqk yuu keep mobbinqq ndd iilovee herr shee iss juhst so reall freak TRINA ; lil kim too nicki all day in my eyes !* idc who hatee ohnn mehh ndd. nicki keep yo qrindd && dehm cookiess too!!! ihmm OUTT !* :D

Teri MINAJ Boatswain 5 years ago


khadija 5 years ago

niki i think that ur so barbie and girls love babie because i do and haters will always be around ur my idol as u say its barbie bitches

halujika 5 years ago

I am the true number one fan.. eff you all!

emmalene 5 years ago

Onika Tanya maraj is awwwwwwsum!!!!!!!!!! Shez da BEST! Thez no match 4 u muahz love u barbie ;)

nathalie 5 years ago

nicki tha besssst n tha sweetest

♥NickiMinaj'sFavortieeFan♥ 5 years ago

She's Nicki Minaj, Nicki Lewinsky, Nicki The Ninja, Nicki The Boss, Nicki The Harajuku Barbie!!!.LONG LiVE DAH GREATEST FEMALE RAPPER!!! Fucck All Dah Haters!!! if She Aint A Nicki Fan Then The Bitch Def Dumb!! GOO TEAMNiCKiMiNAJ!!! :D LUV YA NiCKi!!! ;P

Nicki minaj quotes 5 years ago

Nicki!! U go girl

mariah blazin bytchhh 5 years ago

ohhh nicki ohh nicki words cant explain how much i look up to u lol you could of swear i really knew u how much i talk about u and keep goin cuz in my eyes along with millions of other ppl you da best and u just cooled no matter wat ppl say and i love u gurl nohomo

Niccole 5 years ago

duude she is amazinq she aint no wanna be she is real she aint fake and she know how to rap what she feeling so people needa stop hatten on her, daaung duude ferreal she is such a great artist for real quiet yooo complaining !

ms Nikki 5 years ago

Nicki Minaj iS da bwesT!!!

Bärbî€ bitçh!!! 5 years ago

Nikki u da best! Löve ya!

Micky Bleksha 5 years ago

NICKIII gal u d best, d baddest,d illest rapper i hv eva kip duin ur thang cuz gal u rock bigtym..u knw ma phone z ful of yha pics n songs i hv all of yah albums.. Pay no attention 2 em haterz dey have nothng 2 lose n u got d whole package gal...mwahz 4rm ur biggest mimi/oyama fan all d wae 4rm kokstad south africa we luv u dwn here

01248158 5 years ago

She rocks and all yall who is cursing and stuff yall anit got no manners for doing that. how old are yall if your over 10 you can curse well that's what i think but if you little like 123456789 i bet you momma goona beat you till you but turn she the best.NOW ALL YALL NEED TO STOP WITH ALL THIS CURSING.

tygaboogurrl 4 years ago

nicki minaj is a great rapper but she aint dha best but i swear if i wear to pick one female rapper i wud pick her nd fuck all of yall niggas tht try to mess with coz yall kno she better than yu so jst quit it wit tryna act like her coz aint nobody gon be better then nicki- Y.M.C.M.B she deserve to be dhat group with all them rappers LOVE YOU NICKI

Emire 4 years ago

Yep onika tara minaj is cute i luv her swagggggggg evrytin abt her keep doin ur tin dnt mind d haters luv............u ar d best no one copare to ya......

Emire 4 years ago

Yep onika taraj minaj is cute i luv her swagggggggg evrytin abt her keep doin ur tin dnt mind d haters luv............u ar d best no one copare to ya......

Luke 4 years ago

I'm pretty sure this is a joke guys! Seriously...

sakeena 4 years ago

@nicki minaj u da bstst

NA$-MONEY 4 years ago

b1tch ur the best and sexy girl iv ever seen

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