Top 10 Redman Songs of All Time - Redman Music Videos

Redman and Method Man
Redman and Method Man


Redman is an American rapper, DJ, producer and actor from Newark, New Jersey. He is mostly known for his collaborations with Method Man. The two of them form the duo, Method Man & Redman.

Redman first came to fame in the early 90's as an artist for Def Jam. He released his debut album in 1992 titled, "Whut? Thee Album" which was certified Gold. Since then, Redman has released 7 studio albums and 3 collaboration albums, all of which have reached some sort of success. There is also talk of an album due to be released in 2013.

Redman & Method Man

Redman and Method Man usually can't be mentioned with mentioning the other. The duo are known for their "Blackout!" mixtape series and have appeared in many films and television shows as well as video games. Some of these include, How High (film), Seed of Chucky (film), Def Jam: Vendetta (video game), Def Jam: Fight For NY and Def Jam: Icon. There has alsoi been talk of an upcoming How High 2. We'll just have to wait and see.

Here are my top 10 Redman songs and music videos of all time. Enjoy.

Top 10 Redman Songs of All Time - Music Videos

  1. I'll Bee Dat
  2. Whateva Man
  3. Let's Get Dirty
  4. Cock Back Ft. Ready Roc
  5. Funkorama
  6. Rockafella
  7. Time 4 Sum Aksion
  8. Put It Down
  9. Tonight's Da Night
  10. Pick it Up

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