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Avanti Flow

DAB has really improved sound quality throughout countries in Europe and Australia in the last 5 years. This page will take a look at which DABs should be considered as a worthwhile purchase! We will not be looking at the super sized radio sound systems, but we will be looking at practical DAB radios that are not designed for hosting a fun fare; just great every day household use.

Top 10 DABs - 2010 - 11

  1. Pure Avanti Flow - Excellent system which produces the most fantastic sound. The Pure Avanti flow has many features including DAB, Bass controls, Remote control, Internet Radio, 40 presets, Alarm settings, Display settings, Stereo/Mono controls and even an IPOD docking station. It's only downfall would be the ease of use, but this is expected when you have so many features! For the modern day teen this product is totally outstanding. Average price to buy £280. Size dimensions - 12.5 x 35.5 x 24.5cm
  2. Roberts Sound 80 - This excellent DAB radio produces the 2nd best sound quality, but also ensures excellent ease of use. This is the DAB that is all about getting great music on fast. There is also a subwoofer system at the back. Features include: Multi functional Alarm settings, Internet Radio, DAB, 10 presets and portability. Size dimensions 18.5 x 21 x 12cm. Average price £110.
  3. Pure Evoke Flow - This DAB system combines ease of use with multi functional features at the same time. The Pure Evoke flow provides quality sound but the sound is slightly less impressive than the Avanti Flow model. However with the Evoke you get much more portability and the price is much cheaper. The are 40 presets, display settings and internet radio once again, but there is no IPOD docking station on this one. Average price : £130. Dimensions 20 x 24 x 13cm.
  4. Roberts Ecological - Provides great sound with ease of use. Simple functions and 20 presets, lots of different alarm settings. Average price £74. Dimensions 7 x 19 x 17cm.
  5. Roberts Glowtime -  Very similar to the above but slightly cheaper at £55. This is a real bargain. 20 presets, 2 alarm settings, great to use and high quality sound.
  6. Pure Chronos I Dock - Some super features with Pure Chronos I Dock, including a docking station for your Ipod, 30 presets, multi alarm settings, DAB, adjustable display, remote control, bass controls.  Average price £90, dimensions 13 x 20 x 20cm.
  7. Pure Chronos CD - Same as the above but without the docking. Average price £90.
  8. Roberts Streamtime - East to use and also great sound quality. This Roberts DAB system comes with 10 presets, multi functional alarm settings, adjustable display. Average price £100. Dimensions 13 x 13 x 8cm.
  9. Revo Domino D3 - Fantastic system with 20 presets, adjustable display, internet radio, DAB, multi function alalarm settings, bass controls and remote control. Good system but should have focused more on the sound and ease of use, and it could have been no1. Average price £170. Dimensions 13 x 21 x 16cm.
  10. Pure Siesta Flow - This model boasts 60 presets, which is more than any of the above. However a system with this many presets needs to be easy to use, and it quite simply isn't that simple - Not a system for your grandmother. Multi alarm settings, internet radio and small and compact for portability. Average price £85. Dimensions 6 x 18 x 17.

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