Top 10 Richest Actors

Who Is The Richest of Them All?

Well, this is your surefire guide to the richest actors across the world. These people have made more money than you can imagine. Each of them could power a small country for months, if not years. So, without further ado, the top ten richest actors:

Adam Sandler
Adam Sandler

#10 - Adam Sandler

Estimated Net Worth: $29.5 million

Adam Sandler is Mr. Funny these days. Known for such hilarious movies as

Will Ferrell
Will Ferrell

#9 - Will Ferrell

Estimated Net Worth: $31 million




Nicholas Cage
Nicholas Cage

#8 - Nicolas Cage

Estimated Net Worth:  $38 million 

Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller

#7 - Ben Stiller

Estimated Net Worth: $39.5 million

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis

#6 - Bruce Willis

Estimated Net Worth: $41 million




Leonardo Di Caprio
Leonardo Di Caprio

#5 - Leonardo DiCaprio

Estimated Net Worth: $43 million

Mike Myers
Mike Myers

#4 - Mike Myers

Estimated Net Worth: $55 million 

Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy

#3 - Eddie Murphy

Estimated Net Worth: $56 million

Jonny Depp
Jonny Depp

#2 - Johnny Depp

Estimated Net Worth: $72 million






Will Smith
Will Smith

#1 - Will Smith

Estimated Net Worth: $80 million




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What's News profile image

What's News 8 years ago

Nice article. I rated up. I have a list of VH1's Top Celebrity feuds if you'd like to check it out.

Robert 7 years ago

Holy crap..

Adam 7 years ago

Great List! You don't think Tom Cruise would make this list?! You think Will Ferrell or Eddie Murphy are worth more than Brad Pitt or Harrison Ford?

Arnold alone is worth more than $200 million dollars as disclosed when her ran for Governor. Double check your source.

Andy 7 years ago

Uhm. What? lol. The fact that you thought Adam Sandler @ $29.5 million was a lot. How much do other actors make? Does Brad Pitt make $1 million a movie?

From what I understand, I think Mel Gibson made about $200,000,000+ from his participation in the Passion of Christ. Yea.

Andy 7 years ago

Uhm. What? lol. The fact that you thought Adam Sandler @ $29.5 million was a lot. How much do other actors make? Does Brad Pitt make $1 million a movie?

From what I understand, I think Mel Gibson made about $200,000,000+ from his participation in the Passion of Christ. Yea.

Steveo 7 years ago

Dude, this list is so inaccurate. Numbers are WAY low.

steve 7 years ago

john travolta.

Jeff 7 years ago

I'd like to see them try to run a small country on $30 mil. Sierra Leone, which is often considered the poorest country in the world, has a GDP of $4 billion. Hell, some of these actors probably couldn't afford to pay some billionaires electric bills.

IMDB 7 years ago

This list is so off. Check IMDB. Adam Sandler/HappyMadison is probably worth at least 5 times 29.5 mil. I don't know about Wil Ferrel. Ben Stiller is worth way more. Bruce Willis got 100 mil... yes 100 million for The Sixth Sense with the back end. I don't know about Dicaprio. Check how much everybody who was in shrek made 4 just that movie. Depp was paid 70 mil up front for the new Pirates movie. Wil Smith I don't know. Whoever made this list will tell you that ARod's net worth is around 20 million or Kobe makes 50 dollars an hour.

Mack 7 years ago

This site is a joke

Will Smith made 80 million in 2008 alone, his net worth has to be several hundred million

this site is a joke

zimasa 7 years ago

im just happy to see that the only two brothers on the list are in the top 3,wil,u the man. a bit disappointed that brett pitt is not there,especially with that village he calls a family

mak 7 years ago

these r amounts they made in 2008 alone!

roflcopter 7 years ago

actually people this is pretty much accurate. It was in forbes top 10 richest actors.

kene 6 years ago

don't tel me u are jokin

Tek 6 years ago

This article is bullsh*t. John Travolta is worth over $200 million and he's not even on the list. Bruce Willis is worth way more than $41 Mil.

Jumjer 6 years ago


Bryan Redding 6 years ago

This is probably what they make per year

Prisoners Movie 6 years ago

I heard about a new movie with Leonardo DiCaprio called Prisoners (2011). I read about it at

sylvanus smith 6 years ago

why they cannot help the poor

sipho sam masakala 6 years ago

i knew that will smith will come to the top of his game when it comes to the money thing

Juice E Fruit 6 years ago

None of these guys is even CLOSE to William Shatner, who is estimated to be worth over 600 million.

Joel McLaughlin 6 years ago

Adam Sandler has produced sooo many movies under Happy Madison. Producers who act in their own movies under their own production company can make BIG money, he is worth way more than 30 million.

Not Possibble 6 years ago

These numbers are all wrong, very wrong.

Bruce Willis made 100 million plus just from the sixth sense.

Jim Carrey should be on the list.

I am not sure how the author came to these totals, but they are very wrong.

you 6 years ago

these numbers are probably based on taxable income or what not

jay 6 years ago

this site is a SHIT!!!

dfsdf 6 years ago

That's not their net worth. Its probably what they make in a year with endorsements. Its way too low for net worth

RJL 6 years ago

This site is waaay off. There is no way Will Smith at #1 is only worth 80 mil. Also, John Travolta isn't even on there & if he's worth less than 29 mil he would never be able to afford that mansion & Jet he owns just on maintenance alone. Also, Arnold is worth about $900 mil, that was on VH1. Tom Cruise made like $200 mil for War of the Worlds just in profit sharing. Forbes will tell u that David Rockefeller is worth $1 billion, how u figure that when John D. Rockerfeller was worth like 20 bil when he died, which is the equivelant of $323 bil today & David Rockerfeller is the main heir to the family business. There people are only required on Forbes to list a certain amount of what they make.

dumb 6 years ago

This site is horrible. Get information right, fuckin morons.

tapan  6 years ago

what a fantastic it is

Aaron Masona 6 years ago


mannin11 6 years ago

If Hancock made over 600 million at the box office and Will Smith was paid 20 million plus twenty percent of the take then this comes to at least 140 million for this one movie alone. WTF??????

most handsome 6 years ago

Will Smith, why not on the top?

6 years ago

Bad information.

Indijoe 6 years ago

Well I have heard that Shah Rukh Khan an Actor in Indian Films (Bollywod) is worth $310 Million...

Gangadhara 6 years ago

Its srk indian actor (bollywood) he is worth more then the above list

Smallville 6 years ago

The net worth for these actors are based on what they make annually, not for their lifetime. Will Smith is currently worth over $400 Mil while Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood) actor is worth over $540 Mil as of 2008, so the figures for all these actors has gone up. Shah Rukh Khan will be the most famous actor in the world with over 1 Bil fans and the riches as well with about $600 Mil or more in 2010. Will Smith will probably have to come second place, but I'm unsure of that, but no matter what him and Shah Rukh Khan are my favorite actors.

stickittotheman 6 years ago

I think these r wrong cause shahrukh khan has a net worth of more than half a billion US$, nd mel gibson made hell loads from his movies

Jayjay 6 years ago

This doesn't make very much sense. Charlie Sheen (Carlos Estevez) net worth is now 1.3 billion....

momo 6 years ago

these numbers are waaaaaaaaay low!!

rishabh 6 years ago

i am not understand to thi actor because tis actor are not seeing

Ziggy 6 years ago

This is surely a load of bull, I'm sure John Travolta has a private jet that cost him about $60 million, and you're trying to tell me he doesn't have more than Sandler? Plus, where is Brad Pitt? Even Daniel Ratcliff has more than half this list, he has made around £40 million (That's pounds not dollars) from the Harry Potter movies. Get your facts straight before you go posting lists like this.

Rambo  6 years ago

wow my dad is the most richest man ever

peter 6 years ago

hha this z completely wrong coz bollywood actor sharuk khan is the richest actoer in da world actually he will be a billionare

frogger 6 years ago

Wow I didn't know Mike Myers was so high on the list. I guess those Austin Powers flicks paid off.

Ahmed 6 years ago

This numbers are INACCURATE. The numbers listed is what they make A DAY without doing any work. Their net worth is way beyond in the Million Dollar list. They are Billionaires. Not millionaires.

big stu 6 years ago

who cares its still more than i would ever make in my lifetime.... They should give some of that mega money to poorer familys in india/pakistan and poorer countrys ie Poland or israel and buy 1st class plane tickets to other countrys in the world rather than them sneaking in via container ships etc.... or since the war in iraq/iran is a big drain on our countrys resouces they could always support our troops...

Wally 6 years ago

This is supposed to be how much they make a year...the article did a poor job of representing that because this taken from another article.

SHAWN 6 years ago


pawan roy 6 years ago

where is sharukh khan his net worth is US$ 540 million

go for more info

jimmy 6 years ago

i wish I had an opportunity 2 bring a Kenyan blood into the big cameras

hihi 6 years ago

not true

Nikki 5 years ago

Will smith is one of biggest action film stars in the world and your gonna tell me he's only worth 80 million this is all kinds of wrong

profile image

mcgowanm 5 years ago

I think it's obvious that this list is probably only talking about the amount that each of these actors made in the year that Forbes originally published it (although I agree with Wally above, that this isn't made clear).

Their actual net worth is (in all likelihood) considerably more because there are now at least a dozen Hollywood actors (this includes 'female actors' (what a stupid terminology!)) who have personally earned (pre-tax) more than one billion dollars from movies and other ventures. Even after taxation and living the most excessive Hollywood lifestyle, it's difficult to see that all of THEM could be worth less than one hundred million dollars and that Keanu Reeves (whose confirmed take from the 3 "Matrix" movies was at least two hundred million dollars pre-tax) could fail to make the list at all.

vin 5 years ago

what about Arnold,Sylvester and Travolta

americans 5 years ago

its obviously a list of their payrolls not net worth u daft americans

hey 5 years ago

number oneyou shut up,.... number two i think you would have to agree that TOM HANKS has made more than anyone mentioned on this whole page..... forest gump made more than any movie mentioned

pilow man 5 years ago

Any one clocked Keanu Reeves? He got a good percentage in the Matrix films, i think he's got something like $300,000,000.

Oops! 5 years ago

Pretty sure these numbers were meant to represent their typical salary (i.e. per movie). This might help back up my notion.

This is false 5 years ago

This list and its contents are not accurate. 80Million for WIll Smith?! THat's just his salary for 1 yeAR!

MK 5 years ago

how can worth is as low as shown ...if u check wiki than u will find out many of them actually produce movies which generate millions of profits in case of profitable venture ...for example karate kid which is mainly produced by will smith generate more than 300 million dollar ..if u compare that with profits u will find out their actual worth ...and other than than their brand endorsement ..advertisement revenue fees ...all give you best criteria to find out their actual worth ...and if you wanna see their worth ..just as a case check their home prices they brought ...and u can take example of most likely will smith ...

profile image

LILviet 5 years ago

this is wrong

cause will smith is not richer then jackie chan

jackie chan have 200 million dollar compare to 80 million

desh 5 years ago

can he help me.

Brobs 5 years ago

I just looked this up. Tom Hanks is worth 350 million and tom cruise is worth 500 million. seriously

AKA 5 years ago

None of you really know how much these people are actually worth,now do you.

Samyel 5 years ago

The numbers and actors is way too wrong. Where de heck is tom cruise, keanu reave and tom hanks these guise are a lot richer than every person on this list u asemble. Each of this three actor has a networth of over 330 million dollars each.

doodoole 5 years ago

u all talkn mess man sharukh khan is king!! pone d gaza

Jamil 5 years ago

what a surprising ranking, well that was the truth, but i was expecting Tom Cruise as number 1

Roy 5 years ago

Why isn't Adam Sandler the 2 best in the world?

Vinit Starring. 5 years ago

With recent facts Shahrukh khan's net wroth is more than $1.46 billion. These facts are way to wrong. Probably this website creator suxxxx......!!! whose really unaware of the facts.

SRK FAN 5 years ago

Srk have 3000 crore Rs

Demonoid 5 years ago

SRK worth $500 mil ...

Me 5 years ago

Terrible list. This has to be one year's salary for them. Adam Sandler has been getting $20 million a film for the last decade. Now way is he only worth $29.5 million. Dicaprio got 5% of Titanic's gross income -- which was $1.8 million. This does not include the 20 million a picture he's been getting since then. So there is no way he is only worth $43 million.

bharat 5 years ago

Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth?

suzzhuzz 5 years ago

srk net worth is over 500MIL USD!

brad 5 years ago

this site is full of crap

cobraboy 5 years ago

Robert Di nero net worth is $800 plus million

jawad 5 years ago

SRK 4575 crore indian rupee's

Paul Duncan 5 years ago

The information on this list was pulled out of the air. Anything to get a hit on a page I guess.

jim 5 years ago

hello this list is totally rubbish! who made it???

travolta is worth 200 million....

conoisseur 5 years ago

this is not their net worth but how much they made in their highest paid role

mel gibson is worth 900 million dollars before his divorce

Prashant 5 years ago

I'm surprise that matt damon n tom hank ar nt at list

Mohnish 5 years ago

Shahrukh khan is worth $500 million u deepshit!

Mohnish 5 years ago

Shahrukh khan is worth $500 million u deepshit!

souha 5 years ago

where is it bikham?

Spinach 5 years ago

F*ck ese actors ey deserve these low net worths they neva help pple God z gonna purnish their rich asses

Himan 5 years ago

All the above is pure speculation and bs

Rick K. 5 years ago

This list is so bogus! Tom Cruise is the richest actor in the world and he isn't even on the list.

zidane 5 years ago

this list is hollywood why would any one incluted shahrukhan or any bollywood actor.

any way will is the best but i'm the richest person in the world. i have 90.00.000 billion.

Usman 5 years ago

where is Shahrukh Khan guys?? Khan's net worth is way over half BILLION!

tom cruise 5 years ago

Wayy off most of these people have net worths over 200 mil! check celebrity net worth, i dont even have time to correct all of these

Prabhu Math 5 years ago

This list is totally idiot box. Where is the KING OF BOLLYWOOD SHAH RUKH KHAN. These all are his below.

LOLFAIL 5 years ago

Tom Cruise made 70M for ONE mission impossible movie. Check your sources

joe 5 years ago

srk is the reachest acter sharukhan

USLOOB KHAN 5 years ago


U Suck 4 years ago

This is a JOKE... very easy research revealed many actors worth more than that, and that the figures above are made up. Will smith is worth 188 M, and Brad Pitt (just one example) is worth 150 M. Mel Gibson is probably the richest at 425 M.

Mohammed 4 years ago

NO No this list is may be only for American actors. But the richest man of all actors is Indian Shahrukh khan. He use to make films for over 20 years.

ur retarded 4 years ago

dont post things if you have no idea what your talking about

Maheyem 4 years ago

This is shit . Shah rukh khan is worlds richest actor with a net worth of 540+million$

movie fan 4 years ago

this list is stupid. do you know how much adam sandler made in grown ups alone? let's not even talk about how much johnny depp made in the pirates movies. i won't be surprised if these guys and will smith are billionaires!

Mwld adawe 4 years ago

The richest world is duluf 999million nacas doqon

Big g 4 years ago

Julia Louise drifes 3 billion net worth look it up!!!

Sujan 2 years ago

Wow! Great thniinkg! JK

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