Top 10 Sexy Songs

Here is a list of some songs that are good to listen to if you wanna feel sexy. Some of them are predictable and are just too good to leave out of the list. So here are the songs in no particular order...

1. "Je t'aime... mon nun plus" - Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - This song is one of the sexiest songs I have ever heard. The low tone of Serge Gainsbourg's voice makes the song even sexier. Jane Birkin's heavy breathing also adds to the tone of the song. Not to mention that the song is in French - the language of love.

2. "I Love You, Me Either" - Cat Power feat. Karen Elson - This song is an English rendition of the first song. Cat Power's soulful voice gives the song a haunting feeling. The lyrics of the song also gives a powerful punch to listeners with phrases such as "you go and you come, between me."

3. "Glory Box" - Portishead - The start of the song alone is sexy. Match it up with the sensual vocals and you got yourself a sexy song. This song is more suited for a woman who wants to get a message through to her man.

4. "Lady In Red" - Eric Clapton - This song encapsulates what a romantic evening is all about. The song has a sweet tone to it. A girl will just swoon upon hearing this song coming from a man that she loves.

5. "Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye - An obvious choice. The intro of the song alone screams sexy. This song has been used so many times in sexy scenarios but the list just wouldn't be complete without it.

6. "Sexual Healing" - Marvin Gaye - Another obvious choice. This song is a little bit more sensual than the previous song. This song can get just about anyone in the mood for love.

7. "Closer" - Nine Inch Nails - This song has a more intense tone to it. The lyrics of the song may be disturbing to some listeners. It may also be interpreted in different ways. Nevertheless, the song is sexy to listen to.

8. "What You Are" - Drill - I first heard this song on the soundtrack of the movie "Empire Records". The voice of the singer adds to the sexiness of the song and goes well with the guitar riffs that enter in the middle of the song.

9. "Bilingual" - Jose Nunez - This song oozes sexy. The lyrics may be too explicit too some listeners but it definitely deserves to be on the sexy list.

10. "Crash Into Me" - Dave Matthews Band - This song may transport listeners to a fantasy land. It has a more wholesome tone to it and it just has this relaxed feel to it. Still, listen to the lyrics and you will see why it's sexy.

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christine almaraz profile image

christine almaraz 7 years ago from colorado springs

If Marvin Gaye is singing it it's gonna be a sexy song. Nice list.

s82a84 profile image

s82a84 5 years ago from Olympia

Closer...yeah it's sexy and dangerous at the same time lol

Leiana 3 years ago

Love the Drill song. Thank you

victoria 3 years ago

yes im lovin this=)

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