Top 10 Cambodian Singers in Cambodia - How to Become Famous and Popular Khmer Singer Stars

They are my all time favorite singers. Not just from the theory that say music is the healer of souls but it becomes true in my life whenever I listen to music it becomes the healer of my soul. I love music from all these stars. They are on the list of my top 10 stars, my popular star always.

I remember, I learn to sing Preap Sowat's songs since I was in high school and I heard my friends also sing his song. Until now he is still the popular star of this generation. 

Because of their popularity, I have their music at home for my free time and weekend, a karaoke time. Not just free time but I also listen to their music when I am reading too. I can listen and read the text at the same time and make a good sense of understanding the lesson. Music is really great. 

I cheer for you Cambodian singers. Yeah go go!

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Where Can you buy their music

You can rarely find their music sell online. But you can buy it from the store where the cambodian community located in the U.S, Canada, Australia, French and many other countries.

For Cambodia who live in the country, they can just go to the shop near by their house or the mall and get it very easy. Normally, you can buy 2 get 1 free during the promotion period like khmer knew year or water festival etc. I encourage you to get a good quality CD,VCD or DVD from the company itself and you will get even worth more addition prize.

Singers' Business

Most of these popular stars have their own business by owning a pretty salon beauty shop, make up and beauty shop, dressing & cloth shop.

Life of the Popular Stars

Life is simple but famous among the people of the country. Whenever they go out people recognize them and know them even more than some popular political who play game in the politic.

Advertising and beauty

For those who are very skill in their career they have more chance to jump to be a movie star from their career of being a singer and becoming a star representative of one company or a few other companies by doing advertising spot. 

In conclusion, only talented person can do certain thing to achieve goals in life. I like music and from their personality. Some aggressive singer, I don't listen to their songs. Do good, practice good, with good attitude people will like you more and buy from music from you. 

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sokhuom 6 years ago

my name sokhuom live in cambodia. i want to be singer in cambodia. i stady in grand 8.

Sreyrun 6 years ago

My voice is clear and clean and i need money to support my family and my elf so there is one thing that i can do is to be a MC, host, Dj, you know i like this job much so if you need to employ just contact me at or or 013777474. Thank in advance

Im Soben 5 years ago

You forgot about "Sarey Savy" he is a popular Cambodian American singer from a TV show. He is striving to be America's first and youngest Cambodian star in American media.

pisethz profile image

pisethz 5 years ago Author

@Im Soben - who is he/she never heard of him so far. any short description to introduce this actor?

baby 5 years ago

I do not agree so you can change change change expectantly, Nup phanhairth , Sapon chorn so vannareach I think kemmarak seir mon and no all houng mas

pisethz profile image

pisethz 5 years ago Author

Baby, so can you change it for me please. Just let me know by listing your favorite singers from no.1 to no.10 I would appreciate that. cheers!

Jin Kazama 5 years ago

good list preap sovath is number 1. What about Nico?

carolinemoon profile image

carolinemoon 5 years ago

Very useful and beautiful hub.

Huon Tola 5 years ago

I saw some people comment relating to their request, so I also want to try as well. I long for a singer for 3 years. I have three competitions already, and I was successful for my last competition, getting number three. If anyone helps me to succeed my wish, i will be grateful. Nowadays, I am studying at IFL. Phone number: 015748303. Facebook: Tola Huon. Thanks for understanding.

AwesomeMusicT411 5 years ago

I think Khan Makara (james) is a great singer and Khemerak Sereymon.!!!!!!!!!!!!

sovann dara 4 years ago

i think khemerak thye best singer in the short future

bob 4 years ago

hi u a;; rock

theary 4 years ago

I think everyone like the singer who you admire and sing a song that you like and one more it seems similar with your story. Right? We have different ideas whom we vote in order that to encourage our singer to have powerful and try their best to become famous. I hope all of you will not show the action that you don't like them. We are Khmer, so we must correct them to change bad point and develop their abilities. In fact, if i say some words that you don't like i can say I'm sorry.

lakroeurth 4 years ago

i like song of meas sok sophea

lakroeurth 4 years ago

i like song of meas sok sophea

top10cambodia 2 years ago

This is a new site for all top 10 best in Cambodia @

None 17 months ago

Can anyone describe information about nice?

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