Top 10 Stoner Movies of All Time

Choosing a movie to make the top 10 stoner movies of all time is not easy. There are many movies which can be easily argued as acceptable for making the top 10 stoner movies list. This is because movies can sometimes seem more enthralling and captivating when you are stoned. This causes many of the other top ten stoner movies lists to pick personal favorites that they enjoy. This does not always mean that a large number of movies on these other top 10 stoner movie lists are going to be agreeable to you or others viewing those top 10 stoner movie list.

For this top 10 stoner movies of all time list we are going to take a look at some of the more recent and socially acceptable stoner movies. To qualify for this list the movies absolutely must relate to the stoner lifestyle in an obvious way. They must reference being stoned and discuss it so often that you would not want to watch the movies on this top 10 stoner movie list in front of anyone who would be offended by the topics and plots of the movies on this top ten stoner movie list.

I am hitting you hard with a true to the topic TOP 10 STONER MOVIES OF ALL TIME list! I pull no punches and bring you quality enjoyable movies that are ridiculously on topic about being stoned.

Begin Top 10 Stoner Movies of all Time List.

Number 10. BIO DOME (1996)


Bio Dome is a slap stick stoner movie which some will really like and for others it just won't be for you. Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin star as two loser stoners who accidentally enter a controlled science experiment in an attempt to impress their "go green" girlfriends. Bio Dome follows the Bill and Ted approach when it comes to delivering the humor. Many of the jokes are fitting for the 1990s audience where the unexpected should be expected. If you are looking for a lot of good dumb laughs and to be entertained without thinking to much, then Bio Dome is the perfect stoner movie for you!

Number 09. GRANDMA'S BOY (2006)


Grandma's Boy is a movie about an aging stoner who decided to quit his banker job and design and test video games instead. There are many of the same faces you will recognize if you are familiar with Adam Sandler films. Grandma's Boy co stars Nick Swardson who helps deliver the comedy with plenty of off the wall comments and ridiculous actions. With Adam Sandler having an obvious say in this movie one can imagine the style this movie was shot in. Think Billy Madison mixed with Deuce Bigalow.Grandma's Boy really started getting popular with the DVD release, and when you watch it for yourself you will see why Grandma's Boy easily makes the top 10 stoner movies list.

Number 08!   FRIDAY (1995) 


Friday stars Ice Cube and Chris Tucker in a story about a seemingly normal Friday. We get to follow Doughboy and Smokey (Ice Cube and Chris Tucker) along as they seem to get into trouble with everyone that stops by. Whether it's Dough Boy's girl starting problems or the neighborhood thug, there is always something making this particular Friday anything but normal.

The movie Friday has a gangster aura about it with comedy and violence blending together smoothly. Friday is a cult classic for stoners of a new generation and is where Chris Tucker made a name for himself in the acting business. Friday is as classic stoner as it gets so see why it made the top 10 stoner movies list and watch it!

Number 07. HAROLD AND KUMAR ESCAPE FROM                    GUANTANAMO BAY (2008)


Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay is the sequel to # 6 on our list today. This movie and it's predecessor both bring up the subject of being stoned that it is required you have the correct supplies around you to toke along with the characters and try to keep up! This movie is also a love it or hate it type of movie. It is ridiculous with the humor, but has some very good actors involved and has some very funny characters and material in it. If you are stoned and in the mood for laughs then check out #7 on the top 10 stoner movies list, but only AFTER you have first watched #6 on the top ten stoner movie list, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. If you love that you will love This!



Harold and Kumar go to White Castle easily makes the top 10 stoner movies of all time list because it is a classic stoner movie. This movie references being stoned more than most other top 10 stoner movie lists claim as top stoner movies. Harold and Kumar are two smart young friends just finishing college. Viewers can easily relate to the two as they get into some very hilarious situations, many of them involving being stoned. The movie really flows well with enough quality material to pull a strong #6 on the top ten stoner movies list. This movie like the sequel has quality actors once again. Watch for Woody Harrelson's character and prepare for your belly to ache! The Harold and Kumar movies should be watched with supplies on hand ONLY and in order to understand the second movie.

Number 05. HOW HIGH (2001)


How High stars Method Man and Redman who are both rappers from the group Wu-Tang Clan. This is a movie about two stoners who somehow manage to get into an Ivy League college where they begin to live the high life. They soon notice that they need to pick up their grades or be booted out of school for good. As far as comedy goes How High is a home run. Plenty of hilarious moments that will keep you cracking up throughout the movie. I can't imagine the budget was very much on this movie, but the scenery really helps and so does the excellent acting. If you are in the mood to bust a gut and possibly have the munchies then see How High you can get with the Wu Tang crew! 

Number 04. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS (2008)


Pineapple express is hands down one of my most favorite and most watched movies. The plot is great the acting is too. The friendship the two main actors develop is hard to come by with movies these days. The villains are hilarious yet crazy and dangerous at the same time. Pineapple express is and action/comedy that really delivers the entertainment. There is never a dull point in the movie or a part where you will shut off the tv to watch the movie later. Just wait until you see the character Red. You'll be cracking up I promise you! There is suspense also in this movie since it is not just a comedy which is nice for a change with stoner movies. There is a reason why Pineapple express rates so high on the list of top 10 stoner movies of all time, because it simply kicks major butt! Watch it Now! You won't be sorry! Plus the blu ray is under 10 bucks!



Our number 3 movie on our top 10 stoner movies list is Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. With a title that long you may think this movie was a flop, but it is actually quite the stoner classic! With more cameos you can shake a stick at Jay and Silent Bob really delivers with some excellent acting and scenes that really draw the viewer into the movie and the plot. This movie is about a group of lazy stoners who realize someone is making a movie about comic book characters they created, but they aren't getting any royalties. The two set out on one of the craziest adventures you will ever see in an attempt to hold those responsible to action. This movie has foul language, vulgar subjects, and the raunchiest jokes you will hear. And it's great! It all flows so well and follows the plot so smoothly that you won't think twice about why you are watching this movie. Directed by Kevin Smith, this movie has a real polished look about it and easy makes our number 3 spot on our top ten list! Highly recommended!

Number 02. SUPER TROOPERS (2001)


Super Troopers is a movie that breaks all the rules and laws of reality. It is so hilariously over the top that it will have you quoting famous lines from the movie for weeks! Think of Reno 911 but even better. Yea that's what I am talking about. Super Troopers was so good they are making a sequel to the movie due out this year 2011! With very unique characters Super troopers pulls an amazing feat off by letting us get to easily know each and every character without feeling lost or hurried. Great camera angles and scenery. Superb acting from an outstanding cast really helps a clever plot to unfold. With super troopers who break more laws then they enforce you can only expect the unexpected. Super Troopers easily smokes two joints then smokes two more as it quickly settles in to the number 2 position on our Top 10 Stoner Movies List! Buy it, rent it, borrow it!! Just watch it!

Number 01. HALF BAKED (1998)


Kenny is a kindergarten teacher put in jail for accidentaly feeding a cop's diabetic horse too many funyuns and killing it. Wow what a plot! Trust me Half Baked is the new age stoner's stoner movie and don't let the previous plot clues get you worried. Where most top 10 stoner movie lists pick movies that may be fun to watch when stoned, they may not always have anything to do with being stoned. Half Baked is about an hour and half of hard hitting stoner goodness. Starring Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer, two professional comedians, it is no surprise that when the jokes arrive they are perfectly delivered. Half Baked will have you laughing louder than you have ever before and keep you entertained with a great story line, lovable characters, many cameos from other famous comedians, and the list goes on. And yes this is the movie with the most stoner references out of our top list by far. But that is not the only reason that Half Baked has ranked #1 on our list. Half Baked really is a masterpiece. Back when this was released I remember this movie being talked about for years afterwards. You can ask any true stoner today if they have heard of this movie and they will say yes. Then ask them how many times they have watched it. Personally I have watched it probably about 10 times, which is good for me since I don't tend to re watch a movie unless I really really love it! The prices are cheap for the DVD or Blu Ray or borrow it or rent it from a friend or online! Go see why our list is topped by Half Baked for a true stoner movie!

And this wraps up our Top 10 Stoner Movies of All Time List!
Thank you for reading and thank you for your comments!
I know some people will not agree with all or any of my top picks but this is just my list I am recommending to those out there looking for good stoner movies to watch. I myself am very picky when choosing movies so I really put some good thought into these movies. For me the older stoner movies such as the Cheech and Chong movies, Reefer Madness, etc.. just don't do it for me. It may be my age or that I just can't really get into the comedy styles in the older stoner movies, I'm not really sure. Please don't be offended if I left your classic stoner movie off the list. Instead why not comment on what your Top 10 Stoner Movies are and maybe I can compile a list and edit it into our article! Take care and stay chill!

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ChristianRecca profile image

ChristianRecca 5 years ago from Rutherford, NJ

from bio-dome: "i know what you're thinking illegal, illegal, but purple sticky punch, or hemp, has many benefits besides tokin'. it makes a fine rope. and most importantly for us biodomers is it's rapid rate of photo-syn-in-thesis, which means more oxygen for everybody!" there's just one part there i can't remember! check out my hubs on the damaging effects of the drug war.

R. Anderson profile image

R. Anderson 5 years ago from Sunny California USA Author

Haha! If you remembered those lines in the movie and can say it off the top of your head I am impressed! Everyone knows that line but can never say it all. They just remember the purple sticky punch line and that's about it. Well done!

Also the list is now complete. I didn't realize the article was posted and live before it was done. I just finished up the list tonight so take a look sometime and thanks for the comments! Take care, I'll be sure to check out your page! I will right now in fact.

George Greene Jr. profile image

George Greene Jr. 3 years ago from California PA

C'monnow! Where are the Cheech and Chong movies? "UP in Smoke" and Nice Dreams" should be on this list!

Also should be there---"Dude Where's my Car?"

R. Anderson profile image

R. Anderson 3 years ago from Sunny California USA Author

Haha! Funny thing about the Cheech and Chong movies. While they are stoner classics in the truest sense, my older brother used to watch them all them time, as well as Monty Python. Subsequently, I never really liked those movies too much because of that fact my brother liked them so much. I know it's trivial, but it is tough for me to think of those specific movies when doing a favorite list of my own. I think I will revise this list or create a new list for 2013 pretty soon!

Thanks for the comments, and I just watched Dude Where's My Car about a week ago for about the 5th time! Great stoner movie! Will be on the new list for sure!


George Greene Jr. profile image

George Greene Jr. 3 years ago from California PA

Also need to add "Animal House"

R. Anderson profile image

R. Anderson 3 years ago from Sunny California USA Author

Let me know some of yours if you have anymore and I will absolutely add them! Keep them coming!

George Greene Jr. profile image

George Greene Jr. 3 years ago from California PA

I can't think of any others to fit the bill!!! think we got it covered!

Didik 2 years ago

H&K 1: Pure greatnessH&K 2: Pure shitH&K 3: ??? What the hell are these pelope thinking? Are they so desperate for cash they have to pull an Austin Powers? Seriously Kal, beating a dead horse is one thing; but grinding it up into pabulum for idiots is another. Honestly I find it a little sad.Coming soon, Harold and Kumar 10: Marijuana For Our Arthritis. Hilarity ensues when Kumar discovers a wild and previously unknown strain of pot behind the senior center where he and Harold now reside.

Ivana 2 years ago

The first one was not funny. The second was not funny or deircted well. The two writers are the worst of hacks, who people who don't know what funny is have championed. The biggest joke is how they hide behind the we want to show minorities as heroes defense, when it's just an excuse to put in their racial humor and get a free pass. When will the reign of terror end?

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