Favorite Superbowl Commercials with Animals

Memorable & Adorable

Animals, especially animals featured in superbowl commercials hold a certain charm over me. Sure it may be staged, but the downright hilarious things animals are seen doing in a superbowl commercial are memborable, and adorable.

Here are my top 10 favorite superbowl commercials with animals.

Scream (Bridgestone)

This commercial had me reeling on the floor. It involves the classic squirrel on the road about to be run over, but as the scene unfolds, you see the squirrel screaming in fear. The woman in the cars screaming, then the screen shifts to owls, deer, and lizards.

Its a great idea, played on a classic scenario. In the end the squirrel is saved, and I was in stitches.

The Best (Budweiser)

In this poignant, adorable piece. A horse is not selected to be in a race, and he is downtrodden, feeling rejected. That is until a dalmation comes, and seeks to help him. The commercial shifts to the horse training with the dalmation in the rain, and pulling him on a train trolley.

The combination of sweet message, and a cute animal hit a homerun for me with this commercial.

Thirsty Dog (Gatorade)

You cut into a black dog eagerly lapping up water from his bowl trying to satisfy his unsatiable thirst. He then pauses to look up and displayed in front of him are Gatorade bottles.

I found this sweet, and the message of "Man's best friend".

Bad Dog (Bud Light)

This is a very funny commercial with a twist. You see two men meet in a wooded area. One is well dressed with a pretty collie, and another one is in casual dress with a scruffy looking dog. The well dressed man shows off his collie's skill and tells her to fetch a bud light.

She obeys and gets one for him quickly. The casually dressed guy smiles, and tell his dog "Bud light". The dog then attacks the well dressed man at his crotch, and the man lets go of his bud light, passing it to the casual dressed man. Very funny!

Theif (Pepsi)

This very amusing commercial begins with a man who has just finished assembling a big tasty sandwich with a pepsi beside it. The doorbell rings, and during his absence his dog comes in.

The dog quickly devours the sandwich, then comes back to drink the pepsi. The last few seconds were the funniest when the dog places the cat on top of the plate, framing him for eating all of the food!

Smooth Monkey (Bud light)

This is probably my favorite animal superbowl commercial. I love how the monkey is innocently sitting cutely on the coach, and once the man leaves the girl there, he starts talking. The monkey is quite the ladies man, he tries to persuade the astonished girl to proceed upstairs suggesting "monkey business".

Shocked, she says nothing, though the monkey tells her to act natural when the man comes back. He then asks her in the end if she doesn't mind back hair in a final funny say off.

Rex Rammel (Idaho Campaign)

Aired during the superbowl for Rex Rammel's Idaho campaign, you are taken into a white room with a monkey picking his butt, and nibbling on his fingers. The smooth, histrionic voice in the background pleads that we need a new kind of senator.

The idea is original, and very funny. Comparing the current state of senators as monkey brained numnuts. Hehe.

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