Top 10 Vado Songs of All Time - Vado Music Videos

Vado, Slim Flu, DipSet
Vado, Slim Flu, DipSet

Vado is an American rapper from Harlem, NY and a member of Cam'ron's The U.N, under Diplomat Records. Vado released his debut mixtape in 2010 called, Slime Flu, which would let the world know he is a force to be reckoned with. After releasing many collaboration mixtapes with DipSet founder, Cam'ron (The Boss of all Bosses series), he finally released Slime Flu 2 in late 2011. With a talent that reminds us of a somewhat more hungry Jay-Z with a Harlem twist, we can expect much more from the very talented Vado.

Top 10 Vado Songs of All Time - Vado Music Videos

  1. Speaking In Tungs - Vado Ft. Cam'ron
  2. Always On - Vado
  3. Polo - Vado Ft. Young Dro
  4. Large On The Streets - Vado
  5. Celebration - Vado
  6. Wake Up/ Beat Knocking - Vado
  7. Respect The Jux - Vado Ft. Jae Millz
  8. Talk To Em - Vado Ft. Cam'ron
  9. Lose Your Life - Vado
  10. I See You (Black People) - Vado

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teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

I have to admit that I am older and my style of music is different, but I can still appreciate the artists featured here who have great talent and music ability. Well done.

fresh2def05 profile image

fresh2def05 4 years ago from Louisville, Ky Author


Thanks for the comment. I believe it takes an optimistic person to appreciate music they are not used to. I also believe talent can recognize talent, no matter what style of music you like. I wish their were more people out there like you but then every artist would be rich and famous. Thanks again for your great input.

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