Top 20 "Simpsons" Supporting Characters

25 years and counting as the world's favorite TV family!
25 years and counting as the world's favorite TV family! | Source

"Springfield,'s a Helluva Town!"

It's hard to believe that FOX's "The Simpsons" is now in its 28th (!) season on television, and has aired more than 600 episodes!! Of course we all love Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, and their continued misadventures are the main reason we tune in to new episodes every week and obsessively watch re-runs over and over again. However, the success of the show can't be credited solely to the charms of the Simpson family alone. Over the course of its incredible run, the creators of "The Simpsons" have cultivated an incredibly rich, extensive cast of supporting characters - i.e. the many residents of Springfield and elsewhere who come into contact with our beloved nuclear family every week - and though many of these background players have gone on to become fan favorites in their own right, still others have never gotten their proper due. I'm a long time dyed-in-the-wool Simpsons Geek who's been watching the show religiously since its inception and in this Hub I'm going to present my list of Top 20 favorite "supporting characters" from the show. Some of these folks have been in dozens of episodes over the years and have become series "regulars," while others may have only been "one-shots" who appeared in a single show. Regardless of the frequency of their appearances, each and every one of the characters on this list never fail to make me laugh when they pop up onscreen. So in the immortal words of C. Montgomery Burns, "Release the hounds!"

"They drove a dump truck full of money up to my front door! I'm not made of stone!"
"They drove a dump truck full of money up to my front door! I'm not made of stone!" | Source

#20: Krusty the Clown

(Voice: Dan Castallaneta)

"Hey, HEY, kids!" No list of favorite Simpsons characters would be complete without Krusty. Whether he's hosting his long-running kids' show, hawking the latest Krusty Burger concoction or slapping his name on yet another sub-par, potentially dangerous piece of merchandise, Herschel Krustofski remains one of Springfield's most beloved residents, despite the fact that he's utterly self centered and has nothing but utter contempt for his fans. Bart has saved Krusty from prison, death, and potential career-ending ruin countless times over the course of the series, yet Krusty can't even remember the kid's name half the time!

"It's German for 'the Bart, the.'"
"It's German for 'the Bart, the.'" | Source

#19: Sideshow Bob Terwilliger

(Voice: Kelsey Grammer)

"Sideshow" Bob Terwilliger was once Krusty the Clown's sidekick, but after years of on-air abuse at the hands of the Clown, he suffered a psychotic break which led to Bob attempting to frame Krusty for a bank robbery. Bart Simpson provided the proof that Krusty was innocent and sent Bob to prison, and since then Bob has made numerous attempts to avenge his embarrassment by killing Bart. When he's not planning elaborate murder schemes, Bob is a deeply literate soul who enjoys Gilbert & Sullivan operettas and bemoans the dumbing down of our culture through television. He has a brother named Cecil who, in one famous episode, proved himself to be just as evil - but thankfully, not any more successful - than Bob when it comes to criminal schemes.

"Disco Stu only likes disco music."
"Disco Stu only likes disco music." | Source

#18: Disco Stu

(Voice: Hank Azaria)

Springfield's resident '70s throwback is easily spotted by his Afro and rhinestone leisure suits. He owns a disco themed nightclub in Springfield and has attempted to launch them as a franchise business ("Sales of disco records were up 400 percent in 1976... and if this trend continues...aaaaaaaayyyyy!") It has been revealed that prior to becoming "Disco Stu," he had a promising career as a sea captain, where he went by the name "Nautical Stu."

"Maria, my heart is breaking. I'll be in the Humvee."
"Maria, my heart is breaking. I'll be in the Humvee." | Source

#17: Rainier Wolfcastle

(Voice: Harry Shearer)

Rainier Wolfcastle is Springfield's #1 Austrian-born action movie star, best known for his series of six "McBain" films, though he's also portrayed the super hero Radioactive Man and dipped his toes into dramas ("Help, My Son Is A Nerd") and comedies ("My Baby is an Ugly Man"). He is a member of Springfield Republican Party's "Inner Circle" (whose membership also includes Mr. Burns, Krusty the Clown, Dr. Hibbert, and Count Chocula). Any resemblance between Wolfcastle and a certain other Austrian-born action star turned politician is, of course, entirely coincidental...maybe.

"Thank you for coming. See you in Hell."
"Thank you for coming. See you in Hell." | Source

#16: Apu Nahasapeemapetilon

(Voice: Hank Azaria)

"Thank you, come again!" Where would Homer be without his beloved Kwik-E-Mart? No matter the time of day or night, Springfield's friendly shopkeeper is always there to greet you with a friendly smile and provide you with a refreshing Squishee, some scratch-off lottery tickets, or a six pack of refreshing Duff beer. In his role as a dedicated Kwik-E-Mart manager Apu has been shot at least six times ("and as a result, I have almost missed work!"), but outside of the store he's best known as a devoted husband to his lovely spouse Manjula and loving father of eight children. He's also been a member of the barbershop quartet "The Be Sharps" and has appeared on stage in the Springfield Community Theatre musical production of "Oh, Streetcar!" Where does he find the time?

"Uh-oh. My heart just stopped. Ahhhh, there it goes."
"Uh-oh. My heart just stopped. Ahhhh, there it goes." | Source

#15: Barney Gumble

(Voice: Dan Castallaneta)

Homer's best buddy and Springfield's most prominent alcoholic, Barney can most often be seen holding down his customary bar stool at Moe's Tavern, though he's also been seen holding down a number of odd jobs (most famously as Homer's snow-removal business rival, the "Plow King"). Barney is a gifted singer with a beautiful tenor voice, which earned him a lead vocal position in the barbershop quartet "The Be Sharps." He can also fly a helicopter and is apparently a close personal friend of singer Linda Ronstadt. Barney sobered up for several seasons but now appears to be back to his old habits.

"I don't need this job. I have a degree in Medieval literature."
"I don't need this job. I have a degree in Medieval literature." | Source

#14: Comic Book Guy

(Voice: Hank Azaria)

Owner and proprietor of Springfield's comic book store, "The Android's Dungeon," Jeffery Albertson, a.k.a. Comic Book Guy, is the Lord of his own four color realm. When he's not being condescending and snobby towards the kids who visit his store ("Are you the creator of Hi and Lois? You must be, because you are making me laugh") Comic Book Guy can be found at Star Trek conventions, participating in online role-playing games or registering his disappointment with television shows and movies via the internet moments after they air ("Worst. Episode. Ever ."). C.B.G. was unlucky at love for most of the series' run (aside from short lived relationships with Principal Skinner's mother Agnes and Edna Krabappel), until he finally found happiness with Japanese comics artist Kumiko Nakamura in the season #25 episode "Married to the Blob."


#13: Arnie Pye

(Voice: Dan Castallaneta)

KBBL's intrepid Arnie Pye, a.k.a. "Pye in the Sky," is Springfield's #1 traffic correspondent, and his long time feud with anchorman Kent Brockman occasionally spills out into his on-air commentary. Arnie's appearances on the show are always brief, but they never fail to produce a chuckle. ("Mayday! Mayday! I think I'm flying into a mountain! Tell my wife I love...")

"You choo-choo-choose me?"
"You choo-choo-choose me?" | Source

#12: Ralph Wiggum

(Voice: Nancy Cartwright)

Police Chief Clancy Wiggum's son Ralph, a schoolmate of Bart and Lisa's at Springfield Elementary, is beloved by Simpsons fans for his total good natured innocence and utter cluelessness, as well as his knack for dropping bizarre statements into nearly every scene in which he appears. He has become one of the most quotable characters on "the Simpsons" due to such classic bits as "I bent my Wookiee," "Me fail English? That's unpossible!" and "My cat's breath smells like cat food." Ralph has professed his love for Lisa Simpson on national television but after seeing Bart skateboard past him in the nude during "The Simpsons Movie," he announced "I like men now!" Perhaps most disturbingly, Ralph has mentioned his experiences with an "invisible leprechaun" that tells him "to burn things."

"Have you ever tried going mad without power? It's boring! Nobody listens to you!"
"Have you ever tried going mad without power? It's boring! Nobody listens to you!" | Source

#11: Russ Cargill

(Voice: Albert Brooks)

There are many villains in "The Simpsons" universe, but few have been as evil as Albert Brooks' bad guy from "The Simpsons Movie." As the ambitious but psychotic head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Russ Cargill's solution to the pollution problem in Lake Springfield is devilishly simple - cover the entire town of Springfield with a glass dome and then destroy it with a high powered nuclear device. Even C. Montgomery Burns has never dared to plumb such depths of depravity!! Fortunately Homer was able to pull off a last minute rescue and saved not only the town, but his own reputation.

"Ay-ay-ay!" | Source

#10: Bumblebee Man

(Voice: Hank Azaria)

Bumblebee Man is the slapstick star of Springfield's Spanish language TV network, "Channel Ocho," and his show always seems to be on whenever one of the characters goes channel surfing. Bumblebee Man's trademark clumsiness gets him into all kinds of destructive trouble, after which he usually sums up his feelings with an anguished "Ay, ay, ay, no me gusta!" In a rare glimpse of his life outside of his TV show, Bumblebee Man was once shown going home (still in costume) where his house collapsed and his wife announced she was leaving him, leading us to believe that he is just as disaster-prone in real life. Bumblebee Man speaks mainly Spanish but has occasionally lapsed into English, most famously when he filled in at the last minute for newscaster Kent Brockman and revealed that he had a rich, cultured British accent.

"I need the biggest seed bell you have. No, that's too big."
"I need the biggest seed bell you have. No, that's too big." | Source

#9: Hans Moleman

(Voice: Dan Castallaneta)

Hans Moleman, aka "Ralph Mellish" according to his driver's license, is a wrinkled, extremely nearsighted, highly accident-prone resident of Springfield Retirement Castle (despite rumors that he's only 31 years old) who has worked a series of odd jobs around town over the years, including radio DJ, truck driver, power plant janitor, and jail librarian. He is best known for directing and starring in the short film "Man Getting Hit By Football," his entry in the first annual Springfield Film Festival which was later remade into an Oscar-winning Hollywood feature with George C. Scott in the title role.

"You want me to dance for you?"
"You want me to dance for you?" | Source

#8: Gil Gunderson

(Voice: Dan Castallaneta)

"Awww, no... my hot plate! Two more payments and that baby was all mine!" The perpetually-desperate salesman Gil Gunderson has made numerous memorable appearances on "The Simpsons" over the years, holding down a number of sales jobs pitching real estate, used cars, newspaper subscriptions, and computers. Gil's non-sales jobs have included Mall Santa, bank security guard, and for a brief moment, the Kwik-E-Mart. Even though Gil's jobs inevitably end in disaster and life is constantly handing him lemons, Gil's failures never affect his positive outlook and he remains firm in his belief that "the big one" is just around the corner for "Ol' Gil."

"My planet needs me!"
"My planet needs me!" | Source

#7: Poochie

(Voice: Dan Castallaneta)

"My name's Poochie D. and I rock the telly! I'm half Joe Camel and a third Fonzarelli! I'm a kung-fu hippie from Gangsta City, I'm a rappin' surfer, you the fool I pity!" - with those immortal words, Poochie etched his name permanently into Simpsons history. As a half-baked, ill fated addition to the cast of "The Itchy & Scratchy Show," the supposedly "hip" new character (created by committee and voiced by Homer after a successful audition) was meant to boost Itchy & Scratchy's sagging ratings, but his debut was met with such outright hatred from fans that Poochie was killed off before his premiere episode had even ended.

"Bunk with me tonight..."
"Bunk with me tonight..." | Source

#6: Lurleen Lumpkin

(Voice: Beverly D'Angelo)

Lurleen was a down-on-her-luck cocktail waitress when Homer discovered her singing country music in a redneck bar. Acting as her manager, "Colonel Homer" helped get her singing career off the ground by setting up a variety of television and recording appearances for her, oblivious to the fact that she had a crush on him (as evidenced by the lyrics of her first hit, "Bagged Me A Homer"), much to Marge's dismay. Homer eventually severed his ties with Lurleen and in a later episode, Marge discovered that she was now penniless and living under a bridge. Despite their earlier differences, Marge offered to help get her back on her feet and eventually landed her a gig opening for the Dixie Chicks, which resuscitated Lurleen's failing career (and got her away from Homer).

"Whut's goin' on over here on this side?"
"Whut's goin' on over here on this side?" | Source

#5: Cletus Spuckler

(Voice: Hank Azaria)

"Some folks'll never eat a skunk, but then again some folk'll... like Cletus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel!" Springfield's resident hillbilly is often seen in the company of Brandine, his girlfriend/wife/sister ('we's lotsa thangs"), and his perpetually-growing brood of "young'ins" (depending on what reference site you consult, he has fathered at least 44). During his many appearances on the show, Cletus has worked as a dirt farmer, a moonshiner, and in one memorable episode, the Colonel Tom Parker-esque manager of a singing group formed by his children. Cletus is a talented whittler, but is easily confounded by such modern amenities as indoor plumbing, elevators (which he calls "uppity boxes") and concrete highway dividers, which blocked his attempts to throw a dead possum into Lake Springfield in "The Simpsons Movie."

"If you could kill someone on your way out, I'd really appreciate it."
"If you could kill someone on your way out, I'd really appreciate it." | Source

#4: Hank Scorpio

(Voice: Albert Brooks)

Albert Brooks has voiced several memorable "Simpsons" characters over the years but his personal favorite only appeared in one episode - Season 8's "You Only Move Twice." In this twist on the James Bond formula, Homer moves his family to the lovely, high tech town of Cypress Creek in order to take a new job at the Globex Corporation. Homer's new boss, Globex head Hank Scorpio, is actually a supervillain plotting to take over the world, which seems at odds with his warm and friendly personality and generous attitude towards his employees. The episode even features a brassy, "Goldfinger"-style end theme devoted to Scorpio, whose lyrics declare "His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to rule the world, and his employees' health...he'll welcome you into his lair, as the nobleman welcomes his guest...with free dental care and a stock plan that helps you inveeeesssst!" Megalomaniacal tendencies aside, I think most of us wish we had a boss like Hank Scorpio.

"Hidely-ho, Neighbor-ino!"
"Hidely-ho, Neighbor-ino!" | Source

#3: Ned Flanders

(Voice: Harry Shearer)

The Simpsons' genteel next door neighbor has been overflowing with Christian love for his fellow Springfieldians (and driving Homer up the wall) since his first appearance in 1989's "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire." Nothing - not even the near-failure of his specialty store "The Leftorium" or the tragic losses of both of his beloved wives Maude and Edna Krabappel - have kept Ned from remaining the Nicest Man in Springfield. In spite of his status as Springfield's Most Eligible Bachelor, Ned now spends the majority of his time keeping his sons Rod and Todd safe from the evils of the outside world.

He will banish dirt to the land of wind and ghosts.
He will banish dirt to the land of wind and ghosts. | Source

#2: Mister Sparkle

(Voice: Sab Shimono)

"I am disrespectful to dirt! Can you see that I am serious?" Mister Sparkle is the mascot of a Japanese laundry detergent brand, which happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Homer. When Homer contacts the manufacturer to find out why Mister Sparkle looks so much like him, the company sends him a promotional video tape including a hilariously surreal Japanese "Mister Sparkle" TV commercial that ranks as one of the most inspired bits of lunacy in the history of the series, if not of television in general. At the end of the tape, it is revealed that the Mister Sparkle mascot is simply a composite of logos from two Japanese corporations (Matsumora Fishworks and Tamaribuchi Heavy Manufacturing Concern) and thus the resemblance to Homer is merely a coincidence.

"Show us what you got, TV!"
"Show us what you got, TV!" | Source

#1: Troy McClure

(Voice: Phil Hartman)

"Hi, I'm actor Troy McClure. You might remember me from such films as..." Troy McClure was one of the first "breakout" stars of the early seasons of "The Simpsons," and the has-been '70s actor remains popular to this day. Troy's lengthy showbiz career included everything from classic big screen films ("Gladys, the Groovy Mule," "Dial M For Murderousness," and "The Muppets Go Medieval"), to self help videos ("Smoke Yourself Thin" and "Get Confident, Stupid!"), educational films ("Locker Room Towel Fight: The Blinding of Larry Driscoll," "Meat and You: Partners in Freedom"), and live musical theatre ("Stop The Planet of the Apes, I Want To Get Off"). In the classic episode "A Fish Called Selma," Troy's career was boosted by a quickie marriage to Selma Bouvier, which made him Homer's brother in law - briefly. Troy then shocked Hollywood by turning down a plum role as the sidekick in "McBain IV: Fatal Discharge" in favor of writing and directing his own dream project, "The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Hufnagel." Sadly, Troy was "retired" from active duty after the tragic 1998 death of his voice artist, Phil Hartman. His passing left a hole in "The Simpsons" that has never been filled.

I could go on, but you get the idea...

As the "Simpsons" universe is constantly expanding and new characters are being introduced on a weekly basis, the sheer number of candidates to choose from made it extremely tough to boil everything down to a list of just 20. I could've easily done a Top 50 or even a Top 100 on this topic but such a thing would've been a massive undertaking and therefore I decided to keep things simple (and relatively short).

Keep in mind that this list is not meant to be the be-all and end-all authoritative lineup, either -- just a bunch of favorites from one lone Simpsons geek with way too much time on his hands. If you have a favorite "Simpsons" character whom you feel should've made this list, please feel free to tell me in the comment area and if there are enough suggestions, there may be a Part II to this Hub somewhere down the line. Till then, in the immortal words of Homer Simpson, I wish you "goooooood watchin'."

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Comments 38 comments

TheHeavyReview profile image

TheHeavyReview 4 years ago

Awesome hub here! My favorites would be Krusty, Patty and Selma, and maybe Comic Book Guy. Marge is my favorite all around Simpsons character though. I haven't watched it much this season, but it seems like it's going downhill a little. They do have very memorable characters on the Simpsons.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx THR! I still watch the show religiously... there seem to be a lot of haters out there who think the show should've ended ten years ago and I will admit that they don't hit one out of the park every week like they used to, but it's still my favorite show and one of the few that I can proudly claim that I've seen every episode! :)

TheHeavyReview profile image

TheHeavyReview 4 years ago

Haha cool. I'm not hating on the Simpsons or anything, it's still a good show. It just seems like the writing has been lacking lately... it's not as hilarious as before.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

I know what you're saying, and I do agree that it hasn't been as good lately as it has been in past years. I still get at least one good laugh per episode though and sometimes that's all I need. :)

Gershom 4 years ago

Awesome list man, I would have added Otto the bus driver he's one of my all time favs, but there are too many great characters to list man.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx Gersh... Otto was definitely under consideration (and if I had made a longer list he would've made it!) but I was trying to go for a fairly equal mix of the "obvious" characters and the "obscure" ones. Thanx for stopping by!

Joe Cogan 4 years ago

Great article, but how could you leave out Lenny and Carl? I'd say it's homophobia, if they ever announced whether they were gay or not...

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx Joe, I love Lenny & Carl just as much as the next guy but I had so many characters to choose from that it was inevitable that some favorites were just not gonna make the cut...

Vera 4 years ago

No Mr Burns???

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Mr. Burns was originally on the list but after much consideration he was dethroned by the even-more-evil Russ Cargill.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Ahhh yes, Very Tall Man would've been a worthy addition to this list... I can particularly relate to him as I too am Very Tall. Haha.

Khal Blogo profile image

Khal Blogo 4 years ago from A gas station on the yellow brick road

Excellent hub my friend, but are you sure you spelled Apu's name right?:P voted up, interesting and shared.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx Khal... and according to Wikipedia and, that is indeed the correct spelling for Apu's name... I double and triple checked! Haha

profile image

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

Gil Gunderson has like the worst luck lol. priceless, one i would go with is Sideshow Mel, hilarious especially his Shakespearean accent lol,

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

There's got to be an interesting story about how Sideshow Mel wound up as a sidekick on a kids' clown show.

profile image

MundaneMondays 4 years ago

Must be, but if you pay attention he's always in the crowd making a comment, i love that guy

grand old lady profile image

grand old lady 4 years ago from Philippines

If ever I would be introduced to the Simpsons, I would want it to be this way. Wait, it DID happen this way. I feel your passion. I am curious. Must look this show up:)

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Seek and enjoy, G.O.L. -- I am honored to be your guide!!

SkeetyD profile image

SkeetyD 4 years ago from Barbados

I like Arnie, Cletus and Troy the best. I love the show and enjoy watching these characters. Great hub!

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx Skeety!! Troy McClure may be gone, but his legend lives on!

safiq ali patel profile image

safiq ali patel 4 years ago from United States Of America

Awesome hub. Great topic. Very funny. Some of you paragraphs need to be shorter I think to make the hub easier to read.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx safiq... will take your suggestion under advisement.

billd01603 profile image

billd01603 4 years ago from Worcester

Very good Hub funny and enjoyable. As a fellow Simpson's geek can I suggest Patti, Selma, Carl, Lenny, Moe, the baby with one eyebrow and my favorite one episode character Frank "Grimey" Grimes for your next list.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 4 years ago from The Garden State Author

Thanx billd. I've been thinking that it's about time to do another one of these lists so all of your suggestions will go into the hat!!

DreamerMeg profile image

DreamerMeg 3 years ago from Northern Ireland

Great fun. I used to love watching the Simpsons.

IslandBites profile image

IslandBites 3 years ago from Puerto Rico

Hahha, nice hub! My favs from your list are Apu and Ned.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 3 years ago from The Garden State Author

Everybody loves Apu and Ned! Thanks for your comment.

kobrakai7474 2 years ago

I am not saying I agree with them all, but I totally appreciate the fact that you hit all my favorites including Gil Gunderson ("...the wolf's at ol' Gil's door") and Hank Scorpio ("could you kill someone on your way out... it'd be a big help").

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 2 years ago from The Garden State Author

Hi kobrakai - you gotta love "Ol' Gil!"

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 2 years ago from The Garden State Author


FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 22 months ago from The Garden State Author


janshares profile image

janshares 22 months ago from Washington, DC

Thanks for updating this hub and getting it back in circulation, FatFreddysCat. You had me chuckling all the way through as I remembered how hilarious and brilliant the Simpson's show was and still is. These characters complimented the main characters so well. It was always fun to know that some were played by famous actors. I enjoyed this very much, voted funny. :)

BWD316 profile image

BWD316 22 months ago from Connecticut

Great list! I love The Simpsons! The Every Simpsons Ever marathon last summer on FXX channel in the U.S. was fantastic, two and a half weeks of 24/7 Simpsons episodes.

Fun fact: Russ Cargill from The Simpsons Movie, conveniently has the same last name as one of the biggest and oldest private companies in the United States. That also happens to have a bad record when it comes to the environment, just like Russ Cargill.

Great post, voted up and shared on pinterest

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 22 months ago from The Garden State Author

Hi janshares and BWD316 - glad you enjoyed.

BWD, sadly I was not able to partake in FXX Network's "Every Simpsons Ever" mega-marathon last Summer because FXX wasn't available on my cable system at the time...but it was added to my channel line up right around Christmas time, which was the best Christmas gift a fan boy could ask for. Thanks for the Pinterest action, much appreciated.

Arthur Jameson profile image

Arthur Jameson 10 months ago from Ireland

I shed a tear at the omission of Lionel Hutz. And Johnny Tightlips, although you can be forgiven for that one.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 10 months ago from The Garden State Author

Hi Arthur - I love Lionel as much as the next fanboy but I had to make some tough decisions in order to keep this list to 20 characters!! Thanks for stopping by.

FatFreddysCat profile image

FatFreddysCat 3 months ago from The Garden State Author


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