VH1's top 40 hottest hotties of the 90s

The complete list...

1. Mark Wahlberg
2. Pamela Anderson
3. Cindy Crawford
4. Brad Pitt
5. Alicia Silverstone
6. George Clooney
7. Christina Applegate
8. Leonardo DiCaprio
9. Mariah Carey
10. Denzel Washington
11. JFK Jr.
12. Heather Graham
13. John Stamos
14. Tyra Banks
15. LL Cool J
16. Heather Locklear
17. Gabrielle Reece
18. Antonio Banderas
19. Jennifer Love Hewitt
20. Luke Perry
21. Joey Lawrence
22. Tupac
23. Jennifer Aniston
24. Keanu Reeves
25. Toni Braxton
26. Lenny Kravitz
27. Demi Moore
28. Jenna Jameson
29. Ethan Hawke
30. Janet Jackson
31. Fabio
32. Sarah Michelle Geller
33. Dean Cain
34. Shania Twain
35. Johnny Depp
36. Denise Richards
37. Cameron Diaz
38. Tyson Beckford
39. Jenny McCarthy
40. Tiffany Amber Thiessen

Personally, I think Alicia Silverstone should've been #1. Mark Wahlberg? Really? Gotta love Luke Perry and Heather Locklear though, I loved the old 90210 and Melrose Place cast! And Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites was so hottt.

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Megavitamin profile image

Megavitamin 6 years ago

This is the list from VH1, right?

Emily  6 years ago

Why is Kurt Cobain not on this list

rb101182 profile image

rb101182 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA Author

thats exactly what I was thinking! tupac made it and not Cobain??

Cath 6 years ago


… 6 years ago

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio not number 1???

missalessandra 6 years ago

i thin fran dresecher should b on it

537766 6 years ago

Why is Jared Letto not on this list!

6 years ago

What about Britney Spears??

jenny 6 years ago

mark wahlberg as number....he deserves it:)

6 years ago

Where the hell is kurt cobain?

And johnny depp is number 35? Really?

6 years ago

I think Leonardo DiCaprio should of deff been #1 and johhny Depp should be higher!

also they should have had more bands on this list like billie joe armstrong form green day, he was gorgeous in the 90's

jamee 6 years ago

johnny depp should be #1

Jack phillips 6 years ago

Sarah Michelle gellar all the way

smokin hot

dylan 6 years ago

how did pamela anderson make #2 and anna nicole smith not even make the list?!?!

jessicagallagher 6 years ago

Liam Gallagher of Oasis should be on this list!

day 6 years ago

Wat about scully and mulder

:P 6 years ago

Where's Anthony Kiedis? Kurt Cobain?

psm 6 years ago

I agree Mark is #1. Yum yum:)

Kro 6 years ago

Love Alicia Silverstone!

Erica 6 years ago

WOW!!!!! Whitney Houston didn't get on the list?!?!?... She was soooo hot during the 90s!!!!

Hannah 6 years ago

These are based on what people looked like in the 90's not now. Marky Mark was definitely the most attractive out of the list. Whitney Houston was gorgeous, but not hot.

nzn 6 years ago

Why is Angelina Jolie not on this list?

5 years ago

Dean Cain is soooooo V-HOT!!! -number 6 for adventures of superman :0)

blu 5 years ago

Anyone know where you can catch this episode full? the youtube one starts at 27 - Lenny Kravitz or Demi Moore

Mar 5 years ago

Why is not Anthony Kiedis on this list? The man is so freaking HOT!

Eduardo 5 years ago

Love mriah carey she is the hottest woman of the 90's MARIAH

Eduardo 5 years ago

Mariah carey and mark wahlberg hottest hotties of the 90's

Brenda and Eduardo 4 years ago

Mariah Carey pure hot and that 5-7 octave vocal range alone is hot for Mariah Carey and Mark Wahlberg even though he hates asian people and hate jews and african american people he is still a hot man with a hot body and great actor even though he is a racist great hot 90's artists on this vh1 list.

90's Baby 4 years ago

Why is Mariah Carey number 9, Mariah Carey should be number 2 and Mark Wahlberg stay at number 1 and Luke Perry should be number 3 Luke Perry was hot in the 90's teen movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer Film.

Eduardo the '90s Kid. 4 years ago

Mariah Carey is my Favorite 90s Hottest Hottie.

Julie 4 years ago

No Backtreet Boys.......98 Degrees.........NSYNC?

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