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Adam Sandler songs are interesting pieces of work. If you are already an Adam Sandler fan you will find these funny and brilliant pieces of work.

If you are not familiar with Adam’s song writing style then you might be in for a bit of a shock. Let’s just say there isn’t usually a smooth flow of the most incredibly word smithed lyrics in his songs.

It is mostly a random selection of what the heck did he just say type of lyrics. None the less I find his lyrics quite funny most of the time. Some songs are a bit disturbing but I can always find the humour in them. 

Of course the Top 5 Adam Sandler songs in the list on this page are my top 5 favourites. You might agree and you might not.

Surprisingly enough Adam has so many songs you would probably be shocked if you saw the list. I am sure he has 100 songs to his credit.

We are going to talk about my top 5 picks though. 

Numbers 1 to 3

#1 Opera man. Opera man appeared on Saturday Night Live during their news casts. Every time Opera man would sing he would sing about something different.

So this top pick is actually more about a character Adam Sandler played on Saturday Night Live than a particular song. It is just any song that Opera man sang. They were all hilarious.

#2 Somebody Kill Me Please. This short and sweet song is about how poor Adam had his heart broken and how he feels now mentally over the breakup and about the woman he broke up with. He sang this song in the movie called The Wedding Singer.

#3 Thanksgiving song. What better song for this time of year. The Canadian Thanksgiving has just past this October and the USA Thanksgiving is coming up on the 4th Thursday in November.

Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song is a lovely homage to Adam’s favourite holiday. It is a lovely message about how he loves Turkey and then goes on to mention his brother and others. It is a twisted celebration of a special holiday.

One of the many songs of Opera man

Pick Numbers 4 and 5

#4 The Hanukkah song. Adam proudly states how he wrote this song because there are not too many Hanukkah songs and he thinks Jewish children deserve more Hanukkah songs. What a caring loving man.

In this song Adam explains why Jewish people have a lot to be happy for. He drops a lot of celebrity names in the song who are Jewish.

#5 The Longest Pee. Okay so guess what this song is about? Yes that is about it.

The whole song is Adam taking the longest pee ever. There are lyrics, not many but there are some. I pick this one as one of my top Adam Sandler songs because one of the reasons

I like Sandler is because of how bizarre he is and this song is definitely a bizarre song. Funny also. It is worth checking out.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Adam Sandler songs. It was tough to pick from all of the songs I have heard him sing but these ones make me chuckle the most.

If you want to hear the ones I didn't post videos of just search for them on the internet. You will find with no problem.

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Grant's World profile image

Grant's World 6 years ago from Canada Author

Cherish77 Adam has many songs that are very funny.



Cherish77 profile image

Cherish77 6 years ago

I love both hannakkah songs, forgetful lucy from 50 first dates, and the Mr. bake-O song, oh and "My piece of $&*! car" song, and Crazy Love, just to name a few,lol.

Grant's World profile image

Grant's World 6 years ago from Canada Author

drbj you are welcome :)

Good to hear from you.

Thanks for commenting.


drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Thanks, GW, for the intro to these bizarre and that IS the right word, videos and songs.

Grant's World profile image

Grant's World 6 years ago from Canada Author

ltfawkes thanks very much.

ltfawkes profile image

ltfawkes 6 years ago from NE Ohio

Fun hub, Grant's World. Adam Sandler's the best. Thanks.


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