Top 5 best Brazilian movies

The Brazilian cinema is making films of high quality, which are competing with hollywood and bollywood films. In my opinion the best 5 brazilian movies i've seen are:

1) Elite Squad

This film is inspired by true events. Two friends decide to enlist in Rio de Janeiro's Military Police Department. After juggling their police jobs and college, both make up their minds to try out for a Special Operations Squad whose mission is to arrest the drug dealers that plague the poorest areas of the city. Both struggle to survive, facing the daily challenges of dealing with pressure at home and fighting against the crime.

Elite quad trailler

2) City of God

This film is based on a true story. Two boys growing up in a violent neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, know as City of God slum, take differents paths: one becomes a freelancer photographer, the other a drug dealer. This film shows how difficult is living in brazilian slums and the criminality that really exists.

City of God Trailler

3) Carandiru

A doctor arrives at the well known prison, Carandiru, to prevent HIV virus. He realizes the problems at the prison: overcrowding, poor facilities, tuberculosis and HIV, and that the prisoners are not demons.

Carandiru Trailler

4) Last Stop 174

Marisa is a drug addicted and when she is unable to pay a debt, her baby, Alessandro, is taken away from her by a drug dealer. After cleaning up her act, and recover from addction, she becomes determined to find her child. On the outskirts of Rio, another boy, Sandro, finds his mother dead in her shop. He runs away, intent on reaching Copacabana, where his mother promised to take him one day. Once there, Sandro befriends some street kids who sweep him up into a world of drug use and dealing. After becoming a hardened survivor of the Candelaria massacre (an attempt to clean up the city by murdering street kids as they slept), he finds himself in a juvenile detention home. It is there that he meets Marisa's long-lost boy, Alessandro. They became friends. Marisa meanwhile finds her way to the center, and mistakes Sandro for her own son. Despite her efforts to help him, Sandro cannot escape his hard reality, and ultimately becomes the hostage-taker on Bus 174. In Sandro's funeral Marisa meet Alessandro, her lost son.

Last Stop 174 Trailer

5) City of Men

Laranjinha e Acerola grew up together in Morro da Sinuca slum, they face now the problems of the adult life. Acerola has a two years old son, an early marige and a security job. Laranjinha drives a motorcycle taxi and has a lot of girlfriends. A war begin in the slum and their lifes change.

City of Men Trailer

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parames profile image

parames 7 years ago

great hube dude! that freaking awesome ;)

mutilator 6 years ago

wow! funny thing is I'm looking for few best Brazilian movies that are based on true events, and by now I got city of god, carandiru, and bus 174. Your list is exactly what I needed. thanks!

oiu 6 years ago

tropa de elite (elite squad) was a cool movie. Cidade de homems was ok- not nearly as great as cidade de deus. I didn't know there was a "last stop 174".

alex 6 years ago

city of god is amazing man.

Carlon  6 years ago

ELite Squad was amazing it is just as good as City of God they are the best two brazilian movies i've seen. City of Men protrayed a more realistic depiction of life in the favelas of rio de Janeiro but failed to capture me as City of God did. i'm yet to see last stop 174 but it looks like it will be just as good as City of God and Elite Squad.

Alexa 6 years ago

tropa de elite osso duro de roer pega um pega geral também vai pegar você!!

Tem que ver se eu fosse você e se eu fosse você 2

Filme brasileiro eh mt bom!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica 6 years ago

i love all thouse brazilian movies because its basically based all on true stories. that's how people really live day by day... PS. Not every part of brazil are like thouse movies, it depends on were you live, there are so many beautiful cities and states and people well educated...

there is now the "elite squad 2"

Lvm 6 years ago

Come on Central Station is one of the best brazilian movies if not the best

Aldeir 6 years ago

Any one know best place to download these movies from?

Brocko 5 years ago

Aldeir- can download all these at

Good for movies and everything else really, use utorrent or another decent torrent to downkoad onto.

Pete 5 years ago

Try 'My Name Ain't Johnny' (Meu Nome Nao E Johnny). I haven't seen it myself yet, mind...

Jack 5 years ago

Great list! I own every single one of these movies. They are all on my top list also!

Daniel Marcilio 5 years ago

yeah these brazilian movies are great, but some brazilian comedies (of globo) suck really hard so watch out

Pablo 5 years ago

I haven't watched "Last Stop 174" - next in my list to do. All the others, great movies!

Check my Top 10 movies from Brazil, tell me what you think:

LC 5 years ago

100% right! Seen em all and completely agree

JD 5 years ago

I just watched Elite Squad 2, it was really good, I definitely recommend it.

JotaTe 5 years ago

Elite Squad 2 is better than 1 and should be in the Brazil top 3 best list...

Thiago 5 years ago

Nao tenho visto Cid. dos homens, ou tropa de elite. Qual deve ver?

Alan 5 years ago

Personal'm Brazilian and Brazil is not like these films, not just drugs, violence and people from beaches and bikinis.

They are dreamers and people struggle facing all of life, not only in Brazil and the southern slums of Brazil is the best place in the world, nature and beautiful but also have the technology in perfect hamon

Laura 5 years ago


I miss Central Station on the list, that's a great one too. thanks for the list, pity the spoilers.

Dee 5 years ago

Elite Squad's second movie came out in Brazil this year. Not sure if the subtitled version is out yet but it is MIND BLOWING, and even more so if you understand the Brazilian political system's connection to crime.

Dee 5 years ago

Oh and you can't forget Besouro! The AMAZING capoeira movie

john pedro 4 years ago

hi i just want to said somethin about a film tha call vida de poste pls wil need this films or osuimotantin

Rohin 4 years ago

list if not complete without "Central station " and " Pixote " though all above mention movies are treat to watch .. thanks .for the list...

Pablo 4 years ago

I've seen all of them except "Last Stop 174", all excellent movies.

If you are interested in Brazilian cinema, take a look at this list:

Gio 4 years ago

I like Brazilian whores!

James Wilter 4 years ago

Have you seen any of these other ones in this page

Like Bruna Surfistinha, Bejo do Mulhere Aranha?

Luke 4 years ago

There is an amazing comedy/romance B-movie called If i Was You (Se Eu Fosse Você).There is also a amazing Brazilian Horror Movie called Dark Mangrove.

TK 2 years ago

You forgot BESOURO

well 2 years ago

after watching first two movies in the list, i lost any interest to visit this country ever!

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