Top 5 British Gangster Movies

 This genre has produced some wonderful and memorable movies and many could have made this list. However, these are my top 5 and all of them are worth watching. A few of these are on Netflix Streaming now so you can watch them there and all are available on DVD.  

#1 The Long Good Friday

A tough crime drama featuring Bob Hoskins, He stars as a crime boss attempting to go legit in London. On the verge of the big deal that will set him free from his life of crime, everything starts falling apart . A great performance by an under-appreciated actor.

#2 Snatch

Directed by Guy Ritchie. Starring Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Benecio Del Toro, Vinnie Jones, and Dennis Farina. A crime caper featuring gypsies, russian mobsters, rigged boxing matches, and a priceless diamond. A crazy fast-paced acttion crime thriller. A ton of different story lines that all flow perfectly together. Possibly the crown jewel of modern british gangster flicks.

#3 Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Guy Ritchie's big screen debut. Starring Jason Statham. A group of friends fall into debt to a crime boss in a poker game and with only a week to pay off the debt, they hatch a plan to make a quick score. A wonderful fast-paced crime movie in the typical Guy Ritchie tradition.

#4 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Clive Owens stars as a reformed gangster who returns from a self-imposed exile after finding out his brother has committed suicide. Owens is after payback from those he feels are responsible for his brother's suicide.. Also features Malcolm McDowell as the "bad" gangster. A good film about revenge and the price one pays for it.

#5 Sexy Beast

Starring Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane. Kingsley stars as Don Logan, a twisted and violent crime boss, who attempts to recruit McShane out of retirement for one last job. Kingsley shows off his range with his unsettling performance as Logan. A good movie but even if it wasn't, it is worth seeing for Kingsley's performance alone.

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