Top Movie Trailers of the Decade

I couldn't help myself. After crafting a list of the top posters of the decade, I started to look into other categories, and one thing that gets you into a movie even more than its design is the trailer.

What's in a good trailer?

It grabs you almost instantly and never loses your interest at all. Typically, it combines a nice set of images with music (if needed), and it presents an interesting collage of scenes that give you some idea of what you might be in store for without giving away any potentially big plot lines.

After you've seen a really good trailer, not only are you dying to see the film, you're so engaged by what you've just witnessed that you're less interested in what it is you've actually paid to sit through.

Like the posters, good trailers aren't necessarily synonymous with good films, but that's not the point. The point is to get you very, very excited.

To me, the ten trailers below did all those things. And they read like so. . .

(10) 21 Grams - nice use of the original score playing in the background, along with three of the industry's premier actors (2 Academy Award winners, 1 nominee) doing what they do best. (2003)





(9) Avatar - seems a little too early to put way up in the top, and I'm sure with me playing it over and over again, it's lost some of its freshness by now. A giant step up from the teaser, which many felt seemed too much like a live-action video game and less like a movie. (2009)





(8) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - incredibly well-edited trailer that puts its freak flag out there in the open for all to see, and it works. "Aquarium" seems like the perfect piece of music to play over the juxtaposition of images. (2008





(7) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - great offbeat Wes Anderson trailer with a lot of good songs by Devo, New Order and David Bowie. Makes the movie seem more fun and funnier than it actually is. (2004)





(6) Revolutionary Road - the film itself was a bit of a disappointment, but the trailer was nicely orchestrated. Nina Simone's "Wild is the Wind" seems as if it was made for this movie. (2008)





(5) There Will Be Blood - the other trailer is good, too, but I always liked this one best, particularly for how it unfolds in the second half. (2007)





(4) Sin City - even if you, somehow, weren't at all interested in the film after viewing this, there's no way you could deny its uniqueness. Hasn't lost any of its appeal more than four years later. (2005)





(3) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - every trailer in the trilogy was great, but this one probably got you interested even if you, like me, weren't a fan of the books. (2001)





(2) The Dark Knight - it was hard to pick which trailer for the film to submit, seeing as how every one was amazing. But this one was only seen by a small community of viewers, which is a shame, because it's probably better than the two previews everyone in theaters saw. (2008)





(1) Little Children - you really get a sense of the atomsphere in a short period of time. Nothing is given away, yet you're engaged in the story already. And this is all with Jackie Earle Haley, the best part of the film, nowhere to be seen on screen. (2006)

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