Top Ten Weekend: Most Wanted Movies for 2013

This top ten list like my previous won’t have a criterion and they won’t be listed by my most wanted but by their respective release date. Like my previous list I tried not to include too many movies that are mainstream as most of you will no-doubt know about movies such as Man of Steel and Iron Man 3. So without further ado this is my list of the most wanted movies for 2013.

1. Mama (January, 18)

This will be the latest of a long list of successful movies produced and presented by the great Guillermo Del Toro. The movie is about a couple who inherit two children who were found in the wilderness. From there it shouldn’t take long for things to go bad for the young couple. I don’t like watching trailers for movies I am looking forward to but this one sneaked by me on T.V. and I got to say that the whole movie looks scary. The movie has an interesting plot and the two little girls look creepy. Yet even without the trailer I would have watch this simple on the fact that Del Toro has never produced a crappy movie.

2. Stand up Guys (February, 1)

This looks like a really fun movie with three amazing actors, Al Pacino, Alan Arkin and Christopher Walken. This movie was actually released in December for a limited release but won’t get a wider release until the first of February. The movie revolves around three aging con men that try and do one last heist going but one of the men has a whole different assignment.

3. The Last Exorcism Part II (March, 1)

I know there was a hoard of people who hated the end to the first movie but I really enjoyed it and thought that it had a really nice twist to the whole genre. From what I have read the movie basically takes place after the first and follows Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) as she tries and gets her life back together only to have the demons come back. I’m excited for the second film as I think they could do a lot with the story.

4. Oz the Great and Powerful (March, 8)

Oz is a classic and is known to everyone. The story of Dorothy and her friend’s journey to see the Wizard of Oz will forever be a favorite among movie buffs so it is very interesting to see the origins of Oz on film. James Franco is a great actor and I am certain that he can pull off the character. The movie looks like a wild ride from start to finish and should be a classic maybe not as great as the original but if done right and it seems like they have, the movie should be remembered for a very long time to come, can’t wait.

5. Evil Dead April, 12

Other than Mama, this is the only trailer that I have watched and on purpose because I wanted to see how badly they had ruined the original. To my surprise the trailer alone turned me around and now this is one of my most anticipated movies of 2013. The original is a classic but I think that by going with a much more serious attitude and not trying to replace Ash (Bruce Campbell) that the movie is going to become a classic on its own rights. The movie look intense and I can’t wait for this one to hit the big screen.

6. This is The End (June, 14)

Now a day there are not a lot of comedies that I am looking forward to as most don’t look funny or have a bunch of actor’s cursing their way through the movie. Yet there something about This is the End that makes me want to see it. I have to admit I am not a big fan of a lot of the actors in the movie mainly Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill but by having them play themselves instead of characters the movie brings a certain novelty to the whole plot and makes it much more funnier.

7. Pacific Rim (July, 12)

Not much of a fan of modern day giant things destroying things but considering that this movie was directed by Guillermo Del Toro I highly doubt that it will be anything like Transformers. The movie follows an alien attack and the only thing that is standing between the destruction of Earth is humans piloting giant robots.

8. Riddick (September, 6)

Pitch Black was a very unique and fun sci-fi horror film, The Chronicles of Riddick, although an utter mess plot wish turned out to be okay it had great set pieces and a few good fight scenes but was nothing like the original. Riddick promises to bring it back to what made everything so great about the original. Riddick has found himself left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, surrounded by alien predators. To make matters worse a new breed of mercs are hunting for Riddick.

9. Ender's Game (November, 1)

After year in development hell, Ender’s Game is finally set to be released. The classic book that I’m sure most of you have read as a child in school is the first of what is presumed to be a trilogy of films. The movie follows Ender a child gifted with intelligence as he is sent to an advanced military school in order to prepare for an oncoming war with an alien species that nearly wiped the human race way.

10. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (December, 13)

The second in a trilogy of movies, the Desolation of Smaug should be much more action packed then the first and it will also have our first look at Smaug. The movie will continue the journey of Bilbo and company as they journey to the Lonely Mountain. This might just be my most anticipated movie as it promises an epic battle and a lot of other character introductions.

What's your most wanted movie for 2013?

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Monis Mas profile image

Monis Mas 3 years ago

Very useful list! I want to see "Mama" (it seems terryfying!) and "Oz". And then "Catching Fire", I think in Novmber.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

Yes I can't wait for Mama, I hope it's as good as the Orphanage and Oz looks amazing. I'm not a huge fan of the Hunger Games so I'm not really looking forward to the next one anyways thanks for reading and I'm glad you found it useful.

VersaVulture89 profile image

VersaVulture89 3 years ago

I'm definitely checking out "Mama" because of Jessica Chastain plus it was produced by Del Toro. On that note... Pacific Rim is a MUST.

I actually liked "The Last Exorcism" but I'm not looking forward to the sequel. It ditched found footage from what I heard. I'm not a fan of that.

My most anticipated movie of the whole year is Evil Dead! Jane Levy is going to be a powerhouse in that movie and from that trailer which I've seen many times since it's premiere is relentless. It's brutal and it's what "Evil Dead" should be like.

Lastly I will see "This Is The End" based on the fact that all the actors are playing themselves.

My anticipated movies that aren't on this list are Warm Bodies (because I loved the book) and Insidious: Chapter two.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

Mama is a must see as is Pacific Rim simply because of Del Toro.

I haven’t really heard or seen the trailer yet for Last Exorcism so I didn’t know they dropped the found footage but hopefully they can make it work.

Evil Dead is definitely one of my most anticipated movies of 2013 but I have to disagree with you on the fact that the Evil Dead should be brutal. I know that in 2013 if they tried to remake the Evil Dead and have it just like the original as a horror/comedy it would not work simply because someone would have to replace Ash and no one can replace Ash. Even after the Evil Dead comes out I find it very hard to believe that it will dethrone the original Evil Dead. If anything it going to be like the remakes of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead, a lot more fast pace, intense and bloody.

I can’t wait until This is the End it’s been a long time since I last laughed at a movie and I hope this is not a disappointment.

I actually want to see Warm Bodies as well it’s just that I want to see the other movies more and didn’t have room on the list for it but I was thinking of giving it a mention and I thought Insidious was coming out in 2014 for some reason but I would have definitely put that on my list if I had remembered. Thank for reading.

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