Top Ten Weekend: Best Horror Movies of All Time

Note: I don’t usually like writing top ten lists because they can be generic but I figured that there are so many different things that I am interested in writing about but don’t really have the time to write about them extensively, that I might as well write in bulk. So for now on I would like to write at least two top ten lists every weekend. They will range from various subject but most will be about movies since that my area of expertise and since there are so many films that I don’t have time to review fully, this will give be a chance to write about them. Each list will have a criterion that I will stick to in order to separate them from other lists and make them more defined. This is my first top ten list hope you enjoy.

This is a top ten list about what I perceive to be the best horror movies of all time. I have four criteria for this list. 1 the movie has to be scary. Since horror is subjective this is not going to be agreed by everyone but I will try my best to explain why I had a certain movie scary. 2 the movie has to be true horror. Again this is subjective, for example I do not find Seven to be horror it’s more of a thriller. 3 the movie has to be an overall great movie. The directing, score, cinematography, acting, effects, and script have to be all great. 4 the movie has to not only be influence in the genre but also still relevant. It has to be a movie that has changed and or added something to the genre to make it better.

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10. Inside (2007)

Inside is the only 21st century film on this list, which is not so surprising. It is also the only non-English film on this list. Inside had a fairly simple plot, a young expecting mother is terrorized in her house by a psychotic women who is hell bent on killing her. Inside is not on this list because of its plot but because of the sheer insanity that happens between the opening credits to the end credits. This is a true testament of what a gory film is. This film is generally scary especially if you’re pregnant, although the scares do tend to wind down as the film progresses the violent and gore never do. This is also on here because of the fact that it helped usher in a new kind of horror movie generally thought of as New French Extremity. Although this is not the first it is certainly one of the best.

9. Black Christmas (1974)

Most horror fans can agree that Black Christmas is the first true slasher as it has all the tropes of a slasher. For those not acquainted with the movie the plot is basically of a madman who is killing off sorority girls one by one. This is also one of the first holiday theme horror films that later on became so persistent. This movie is scary because if the simple fact that you never know who doing the killing. The voice of the killer has always sent a chill down my spine when he calls the sorority house. “What your mother and I must know is...” chilly stuff.

8. Alien (1979)

The original Alien is one of my favorite movies and one that not only changed horror but also sci-fi movies. It is probably the only movie that features an alien that truly looks alien. The claustrophobic atmosphere of the film is what sets it up apart from most other horror film and makes it a true classic. The film follows the crew of the Nostromo who soon have an unexpected guest on board. The directing of Ridley Scott is fantastic along with the score that makes up a lot of that atmosphere. The film brings a host of monster but the most memorable is the face-hugger which is terrifying.

7. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

There is not much I can say about the next films on this list for the simple fact that so much has already been said about them. I think it’s safe to say that Freddy is one of the biggest horror icons ever. He is one of the only horror monsters that have a personality and although this is over used in the later films, it’s the first film that Freddy is truly frightening because of his sick personality. West Craven is one of the greatest horror movie directors and has proven that time and time again. Not only does Nightmare on Elm Street have an interesting plot (a killer who kills teens in their sleep) but it is also one of the most innovative. I don’t think any other film on this list is responsible for saving a whole film production company so that only gives Nightmare on Elm Street a right to be on this list.

6. The Thing (1982)

The Thing is amazing, even thirty years later the effects in that movie have not aged one bit. This is movie that truly shows how practical effect should be done. Not only that but it buts most CGI effects to shame. The plot of the movie is of a crew of scientists who become stranded in Antarctica and are being killed off by a shape-shifting alien. Other than Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1979) I cannot think of another film that makes you fear other people like The Thing does. The fear does not come from a scary looking alien but the fact that the alien can be anyone in the room with you and you don’t even know it.

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5. Halloween (1978)

Halloween is the second John Carpenter film on this list and for a good reason. Halloween changed everything. It might not be the first slasher but it is the first slasher to make its mark. The very existence of Friday the 13thand Jason is a testament to that. Michael Myers is one of the first killers to dawn a mask and one of the first to have that mute, slow walking stalk that so many other have adopted over the years.

4. Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Before Night of the Living Dead zombie movies consisted of the traditional voodoo zombie, basically a person who is under the influence of someone else with no will power of its own. George A. Romero changed all that, and now there are countless zombie movies released each year and although some have changed the model of the zombie no one has come close to doing what Romero did. He is pretty much responsible for the blood shed that we see now days since Night of the Living Dead was something that just wasn’t seen in movies at the time. All though the movie is amateurish in its production the effect of the movie cannot be denied and therefore it is on this list.

3. The Evil Dead (1981)

The Evil Dead was one of the first of the infamous video nasties which was a term for film that were banned in the 1980s in the UK. The Evil Dead is responsible for a lot of things but the most prominent is the creation of the horror comedy. Although the late evil dead films tend to be more silly and relaxed than the first, the original certainty had the beginnings of that genre. The other thing that it is remembered for is for its hero Ash played by the ever so great Bruce Campbell. The plot of the film is one that has been copied so many times and that is basically a group of friends go up to a cabin in the woods and are attacked by demon or deadites. The movie is also inventive with various camera angles that never let the movie get dull. Sam Raimi made one of the first true cult classic as this film is still loved to this day and for a very good reason.

2. The Exorcise (1973)

When The Exorcise came out in 73 people were fainting and have heart attacks in the theaters so that in of itself is a proof of how truly scary this film is. Although through various parodies over the year the film seems to have lost some of its fright it never the less keeps that atmosphere of something being in the room with you and that is something that can never be lost. The plot of the film is something that countless movies have tried to tackle and failed miserable at which is hard to understand since it’s so simple. A young girl becomes obsessed by the devil and it’s up to a preacher to exorcise the demon.

1.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

No other horror film has ever been so brutal in its execution of portraying true evil as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This is true the one horror film that will not only send chills down your spine but also keep you up at night. It is responsible for so many things from the last girl archetype to the this is a real story claim. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre changed the game by making people believe they have seen one of the most bloodiest films ever when in fact it is one of the lest bloodiest. This is the type of film that not only exuberates complete and total madness. It is inventive in every since of the world from its raw and gritty fell to its plot, a group of five friends go and check up on their grandparents graves in the wake of a series of grave robberies when they end up in the house of Leatherface. Leatherface the very definition of a scary villain, the simple fact that there is a psycho chasing you with a chainsaw should give you nightmares. This is why I believe that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the greatest horror film of all time.

So what is your favorite horror movie? Is it one that I put on my list or list it another? Vote below and leave a comment.

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