Top Ten Weekend: Best T.V. Shows of All Time

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This top ten list is about what I think are the best Television Shows of all time. Now keep in mind that I have not seen every show ever made and most of them will be HBO shows so with that said here is my criteria for this list. 1. The show has to be influential. It has to somehow change or added something to television that wasn’t there before. 2 the show has to have re-play value. That means that you should be able to watch the show over and over again and still feel like you’re watching something new. 3 the show has to be a serial. It has to have a continuing story that has one or more plots. 4 the show has to have ended or have more than three seasons. You can’t really tell how a show will impact anything until it ends or at least half way through its series.

10. Cowboy Bebop (1998-99)

This is the only anime on this list and for a good reason. Cowboy Bebop is one, if not the best anime’s ever. It has everything you would ever want in any form of television show. It has great characters, a fantastic story, the animation is beautiful and on top of all that the soundtrack is one of the best ever produced. For those of you who don’t know what Cowboy Bebop is it’s a story of a group of space bounty hunters. Simple but is so much more from the opening to the ending; every single episode is a marble.

9. Sons of Anarchy (2008-)

The reason Sons of Anarchy is on this list is because it has pushed the envelope for far a Television show can go. Along with Breaking Bad SoA has done a damn good job of turning basic cable into the mainstay for television shows. With a fantastic cast that includes the always terrific Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam and Katey Sagal, the show has no problem in the acting department. The only thing better than the acting might just be the writing, Kurt Sutter does an amazing job leaving ever episode with a cliff hanger that has you in agony for a week.

8. Mad Men (2007-)

I still find it funny when I hear comment about people disliking Mad Men solely because it’s a show without action. The show is one of the reasons that AMC became one of the best basic cable channels for quality shows. It’s one of the finest acted and well written shows. It’s hyper realistic portray of a 1960’s advertising agency is an in-depth examination of the times. Jon Hamm has cemented his status as one of the best and most interesting leading men in television history with his portray of Don Draper.

7. The Office (2001-03)

Like it or not the Office has dramatically changed the way most sitcom are portrayed. Its faux-doc style of filmmaking has brought about a whole new series of comedies and a whole lot of nationalize offices, with the American version being the most well-known. With its goofy and sometimes incredible annoying lead character, David Brent or Michael Scott depending on which version you prefer, the office has become one of the most enduring and funny comedies of all time. It has also brought us two great comedians in Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell.

6. Oz (1997-2003)

As far as I know this is the first true series to take the television format into a more mature and artistic level. OZ came out two years before the Sopranos. Oz is one of the grittiest and sometime most absurd shows ever produced but it is also one of the most interesting. Tom Fontana did an amazing job creating characters that were fun to watch but also scary and demented. the show is also notable for its many actors and actresses who have gone on to do more television shows with Kirk Acevedo, (Band of Brothers) J.K. Simmons, (Law & Order) and Dean Winters (Rescue Me) along with many others.

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5. The Sopranos (1999-2007)

Although not the first, it is definitely the defining and most successful series to bring about a serious change in the television universe. The Sopranos ushered in a new wave of hit series and single handedly brought about a more serious tone to television. It proved that T.V. shows can have interesting and well written character along with great direction and acting. Although the show faltered during its last fell seasons, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Sopranos for many years was the king of television.

4. Deadwood (2004-06)

The quintessential show for fantastic writing and acting, if it was just up to those tow thing Deadwood would be number one. For three short years people had the privilege to take in all the sights of Deadwood and meet some of the most clearly defined characters to ever grace the small screen. Many quality actors and actresses played a role In bringing deadwood alive but it was Ian McShane who stole the show ever single week, playing the flawed but beloved Al Swearengen.

3. Six Feet Under (2001-05)

Having one of the best if not the best ending of all time, Six Feet Under is an amazing show that deals with life and death and everything in between. Since it finished its run in 2005 no other show has come close to portray life in such a true manner. Six Feet Under had everything a great cast of character, great acting and writing. It is one of those shows that well make you go through all possible emotions, it will make you laugh, cry, angry, but most importantly it will make you happy. This show is not about death but about how precious life and the moments in them are. The one thing that this show does better than any other is probably the fact that it will stay with you for the rest of your life as by the end of the show the Fisher family would have become much more than just character, they would have become a part of your family.

2. Breaking Bad (2008-)

The best none HBO Television shoe ever. I could end it right there as I’m sure most would agree but none the less I’ll explain my opinion. Ever since the first episode Breaking Bad has been one of the smartest and most fun shows to have ever graced your television screen, it is the total package with everything that you could possibly want in a show. It has characters you care about, amazing actors, fantastic writing and superb directing with each episode being directed by a unique director. It also has one of the most original plots ever, a high school chemistry teacher who gets cancer and decides to cook meth.

1. The Wire (2002-08)

What makes the Wire in my opinion the greatest television show of all time is the simple fact that it is about as perfect as any show can get. It had remarkable writing, wonderful acting and character that you truly cared about. The ultra-realistic feel of the show added a lot to the atmosphere that it created. I find it hard to imagine a show that could ever be better than the Wire.

So what do you think? Do you agree, disagree, and are there any shows I forgot or one you think shouldn’t be on the list? Vote below and leave a comment is you wish.

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Monis Mas profile image

Monis Mas 3 years ago

Cool hub! For me: "The Office" it is, but before Michael left. It wasn't the same afterwards.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

I have always enjoyed the Office but to be honest I have stopped watching after the 5th season. I still kept on buying the DVDs though but haven’t got around to watching any of them. Thanks for reading and I’m glad you enjoyed.

Miller2232 profile image

Miller2232 3 years ago from Florida

I love Cowboy Bebop. Whenever there animation show on, i'm watching because i'm a huge fan of anime shows.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

I'm not the biggest anime fan but I love Cowboy Bebop. It's one of the best animations I have ever seen, thanks for reading.

dailytop10 profile image

dailytop10 3 years ago from Davao City

Cowboy Bebop is a classic made without the assistance of high-end computers. It's not just an anime series but a work of art.

mothman633 profile image

mothman633 3 years ago from Stockton, CA Author

I couldn’t have said it any better, thanks for reading.

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