Top Ten Weekend: Most Anticipated T.V. Show of 2013

This list is in similar vein as my last one except that instead of listing my ten most anticipated movies I will list my most anticipated T.V. shows this year. I have tried to make a list that is mostly comprised of television shows that will either make its primer, final season or set to be its best season so far. I will list them each by their respective air date so I have only listed confirmed T.V. shows.

1. The Following (January, 21)

I’m looking forward to this show because of two reasons. One is because of the premise. A serial killer who enlists other serial killers and makes a network of them is a very interested idea. Two, Kevin Bacon is stares in the show. I have always been a fan of his and have always felt that he was a very underrated as an actor. So I’m glad to see that is set to have his own show that will hopefully be successful.

2. Spartacus (January, 25)

This will be the last season of Spartacus and although I am sad that this great show won’t be around anymore I am excited for what this season will bring mainly a lot more blood and mayhem. With the inclusion of Julius Caesar this year is guaranteed to be a lot bigger in every aspect of the show.

3. The Americans (January, 30)

This should be another great show for FX. It’s the story of two Soviet KGB officers sent to America in order to become sleep agents. The show has an interesting premise and should go on be successful if it retains the same quality as FX’s other shows.

4. House of Cards (February, 1)

This should be one of the most interesting show out this year not because of its premise but because of the actors and director. Kevin Spacey stars as Frank Underwood as he tries to climb his up the Washington ladder. The show was directed by the great David Fincher and is set to debut on Netflix and that by itself is interesting because it will not be like a normal show. It will not air an episode a week but will have all of them available on the first of February.

5. The Walking Dead (February, 10)

The Walking Dead left off with a huge cliff hanger a few months ago and has many fans eagerly awaiting to see what happens next. If the show follows the comics as it has so far then there is a lot to come in the next six episodes as the Gov’ner sets his eye on the prison and Rick.

6. Game of Thrones (March, 31)

This season of Game of Thrones should be a lot more explosive. The last two seasons have been amazing but with the coming approach of the Wights things should quickly pick up. The coming season also has lot more question going forward just and I can’t wait to get the answers to them.

7. Arrested Development (May)

It has been six years since Arrested Development has been on television and although it won’t be back on any cable channel it will be back. Netflix picked it up a year ago and run with what should be a very funny and well welcomed back to a show that should have lasted a longer in the first place. The show will not be the same as each episode will focus on one member of the Bluth family as they have movies on with their lives .

8. Under the Dome (June, 24)

Another Stephen King adaption. Under the Dome is about a small town that finds itself cut off with the rest of the world by an impenetrable barrier that surrounds it. The town quickly goes into a panic and as a small group of people attempt to keep the peace and find out exactly what the barrier is. The show should prove to do well simply because of kings name but I am hoping that it does well because as a fan of the book I can easily see the show running at least three season and that would be a great thing to see.

9. Dexter (June, 30)

Dexter after three grueling and painful seasons has finally managed to pull itself together again and it was great to see how thing unfold last season with Dexter and Debra. This season might be the last and if it is I am sure the show runners and writes are planning something big for the fans of Dexter.

10. Breaking Bad (July, 14)

Out of everything coming out this year this is the one thing that I simply cannot wait for. The last half of the last season of Breaking Bad. It should be a very intense eight episodes as we get closer and closer to finding out the faith of Walt and Jessie. I wait to see how it all plays out between Hank and Walt.


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