Top Thirty Rock Songs


Rock on

My top Thirty all time rock favourites.

I have been a musician for almost fifty years; I started playing guitar in 1964, I’ve toured the working men’s clubs and pubs of the north, I’ve played Hammond organ at seaside holiday resorts and piano on cruise ships for over seven years. Music and art are 90% of what I am. So, here is my top thirty rock songs.

1. Born To Be Wild; Steppenwolf

2. I Would Do Anything For Love; Meatloaf

3. Black Magic Woman; Santana

4. Sunshine Of Your Love; Cream

5. All Along The Watchtower; Hendrix

6. All Right Now; Free

7. A Little Help From My Friends; Cocker

8. Dipping Low; Zztop

9. Brothers In Arms; Dire Straits

10. Sultans Of Swing; Dire Straits

11.Purple haze; Hendrix

12. Bohemian Rhapsody; Queen

13. Free Bird; Lynyrd Skynyrd

14. Baker Street; Raferty

15. Layla; Clapton

16. Paranoid; Black Sabbath

17. Smoke On The Water; Deep Purple

18. Schools Out; Cooper

19. Road To Hell; Rea

20. Jail Break; Lizzy

21. Rocky Mountain Way; Walsh

22. Wishing Well; Free

23. Fireball; Deep Purple

24. Bat Out Of Hell; Meatloaf

25. Long Train Running; Doobie Bros

26. Blowing Free; Wishbone Ash

27. Another One Bites The Dust; Queen

28. The Stealer; Free

29. Walk This Way; Aerosmith

30. Satisfaction; Rolling Stones.

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DanielCook profile image

DanielCook 6 years ago from London

Cracking list Tony - some superb tracks in there. Must have been hard to choose number 1, I'd probably stick All Along The Watchtower there I reckon.

tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 6 years ago from Yorkshire Author

Thanks Daniel, I like your hair-do.

Not an easy choice, some days it might change a bit

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 6 years ago from Massachusetts

Hi tonymead60 love your top Thirty Rock Song list, I'm not really a Meatloaf fan....but OK.But everything else is awesome!!! Just one thing though you have Led Zeppelin doing Smoke on the Water, I think that should be Deep Purple. I have everything Led Zeppelin done and the never recored Smoke on the water.

Great hub!!! Welcome to Hubpages !!!

tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 6 years ago from Yorkshire Author

hi Kashmir56

yes, just testing to see if you were paying attention[oops]

hub edited thanks for comment.

good luck Tony

Rod Marsden profile image

Rod Marsden 5 years ago from Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Voting up. Yes, I can see how Born to be Wild would make number one. I also like Black Magic Woman and Bat out of Hell. Smoke on the water is probably the best thing Deep Purple did.

tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 5 years ago from Yorkshire Author

HI Rod

thanks for dropping by.

YOu obviously have a good taste in music too:)

Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

There's about a third of the songs you've listed that I would add to a top 50 list of my own. Here are few of them:

Black Magic Woman; Santana

Sunshine Of Your Love; Cream

All Along The Watchtower; Hendrix

Brothers In Arms; Dire Straits

Sultans Of Swing; Dire Straits

Great hub, I'll have to do my own.

tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 5 years ago from Yorkshire Author

Hi Phil

yes I could add any of those to my list too, great music, Brothers in arms and sultans of swing are in my selection.

thanks for dropping by good luck with your hubs


JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

I have to agree with you on nearly everything on your list, Tony. Great tracks. I would have listed something by the Eagles and Chicago, too, since they were favorite groups of mine, long with the Doobie Brothers.

I haven't thought of Rafferty's "Baker Street" for years. I loved that song "back in the day." When I log off the computer, I think I'll go play it on my keyboard.

This probably comes under the heading "too much information", but....From the time I was about eight years old through my 40s and early 50s, I had a very good singing voice with a broad range. Throat surgery when I was in my mid-50s damaged my vocal chords--the same thing that happened to Julie Andrews. I miss singing a lot, but try to take the positive view that I "got my money's worth" in pleasure from my singing voice while it lasted.

Since I can no longer sing well enough to enjoy doing it, I play piano or electric keyboard as my musical creative outlet. I learned to play piano by ear at age 14 and for a long time listened to songs on the radio, then sat at the piano and played what I'd heard. In my 20s, I taught myself to read music. I can still play many songs that I learned by ear ages ago simply by sitting down and putting my hands on the keys. Oddly, songs I learned from reading the music didn't--and don't--stick in my memory. I have to see the music to play them again.)

tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 5 years ago from Yorkshire Author

Hi thanks for your comment, it is funny how some music sticks with you. I agree about putting the eagles in there, but there was not room.

Sad to hear you lost your voice, I'm sure you must miss singing. At least if you can express yourself through an instrument it is a small consolation.

profile image

Derdriu 4 years ago

Tony, It's your cooking hubs that I've read first so it's a different perspective altogether realizing that much of your life's about music instead of c-----e (you say on your profile word that you don't care for the word ;-]) and writing. Your list is persuasive, and I particularly like "All along the watchtower," "Another one bites the dust," "Bohemian rhapsody," "Layla" and "Purple Haze." So is "Born to be wild" your all-time favorite?

Respectfully, and with many thanks for sharing,


tonymead60 profile image

tonymead60 4 years ago from Yorkshire Author


I think Born to wild is probably my all time favourite, but only by a whisker.

i definatly like to drink beer with it...

you are so kind to review all my hubs.



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