Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is one of the newest and most popular rides at Walt Disney World Orlando and Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim. What makes it so much fun? Well firstly it is designed around one of Disney's best loved movies, Toy Story. Buzz Lightyear and Woody are such family favorites a ride based around them was bound to be a hit. This $80 million ride is one of the most technologically advanced of any of the Disney attractions.

But what is the ride like? And it is really worth standing in line for up to 2 hours for? Find out in this guide to the Disney theme parks Toy Story Midway Mania a get a look at the brand new Toy Story Wii video game.

The simple way to explain Toy Story Mania is to say that it is a target shooting game. But of course with all that Disney technology and the talent of the Imagineers it is a lot more than that!

It is the first time that both Disney World and Disneyland have debuted the same ride within a month of each other. Usually a ride is tested at one of the Disney parks first before being given the go ahead for another park. So Disney was pretty confident that Toy Story Mania would be a big success. They were right of course. The only down side of this success is the lines. Yes you will wait for a considerable time in line - and because it is still a new ride there are no Fast Passes available.

At the moment everything Disney seems to be in 3D - and Toy Story Mania follows that trend in preparation for the release of the new Toy Story 3D movie in 2010.

Toy Story Mania Video

This video gives you a pretty good idea of just what Toy Story Mania involves. If you haven't yet been on the ride you may want to think twice before watching this. It is always great fun going on a  new Disney ride for the first time so think about whether you really want to spoil the surprise!

Toy Story Mania Ride Vehicles

When you have picked up your 3D glasses you will approach your ride vehicle. Each of the ride vehicles seats 4 guests with the 2 pairs of seating back to back. This is essential for the design of the ride but I have to say that I found it a little disappointing that when I ride this with my family I can't see my children as 2 of them are seated behind me. Just a minor point though as it is part of the fun that the vehicles can spin around 360 degrees - sometimes pretty sharply!

Photo Credit lorenjavier

All Aboard Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Midway Mania Ride

First you are taken through a practice round so that you can get the idea of how to shoot at the targets. You need to pull back on a string for each shot. 

Pie Throw Practice Booth

Hamm and Eggs

Bo Peep's Baa-loon Pop

Green Soldiers Shoot camp

Buzz Lightyears Flying Tossers

Woody's Rootin Tootin Shootin Gallery

Each scene has different targets. So there are darts to throw,rings to toss and plates to break. 

Whilst on the ride you may notice that there are some rounds which are non scoring. This is all part of the very sophisticated technology system. The ride can detect if there is a delay in the normal loading pattern and so slows down the movement of the ride automatically - so you get more time in there but unfortunately no more points on the scoreboard!

Photo Credit lorenjavier

Mr Potato Head on Toy Story Mania

Mr Potato Head is a welcome point of entertainment in the line for Toy Story Mania. He is truly interactive and will remark on what you are wearing or tell you a joke! A great feature in an otherwise pretty dull time standing in line.

I just wish Disney would start the Fast Pass System for this very popular ride! I have stood in line for almost 2 hours for Toy Story Mania. It is now one of my favorites but I so much prefer to be organized and cut my time in line as much as possible!

Score Points on Toy Story Mania

Each player has a scoreboard which will show the points and percentage of hits on each level. Each target has a different level of points if you hit it so it is fun to work out that of course the higher point although trickier targets will get you the highest overall score.

I have ridden this ride many times and unfortunately either myself or one of my children has ridden on a 'defective' vehicle which was not scoring. At first I thought this was a one off but it has now happened a number of times. Very frustrating when you have been in line for so long and then it doesn't work properly.

Photo Credits  lorenjavier

Toy Story Mania Wii

Very soon you will be able to experience the Toy Story Mania Wii video game when it is released on 15th September.

I have a copy on pre order for my 7 year old (and yes I am sure that I will play it too)!

Designed for a maximum of 4 players this Toy Story Mania game is exclusive to Nintendo Wii. The format of the game appears to be pretty close to the Disney ride and also has a 3D element to some of it's bonus games.

It will feature 10 shooting galleries some of which are like the ride and others which are new to this video game.  Up to 4 players can compete at the same time for points and prizes. It will certainly be interesting to see how the 3D features, which are unlocked by getting bonus points, work on this game. 

It is sure to be one of the bestselling Wii video games particularly in the run up to Christmas.

Have you been on Disney's Toy Story Mania Ride? 4 comments

Smireles profile image

Smireles 7 years ago from Texas

Nice hub.

lakern26 7 years ago

I love this ride! I didn't know that there was a Wii game for it, but somehow I'm not surprised. May have to pick that one up for my boys!

ThePartyAnimal profile image

ThePartyAnimal 7 years ago

I love the Toy Story Movies and cannot wait for the new one to come out

Hakjie11 7 years ago

Toy story Mania:

I think Disney will be releasing some cheap alternatives based on this 3D glasses ride system and I think they will put one of these in every Disney park. This ride will be the core system, its theme whether it is going to be a haunted 3d mansion ride or small world 3d shooting game will be updated like a software, therefore the production cost for new experienced will be very low and they could have cheap new rides coming out every year.

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