Transformers Actors – Dark of the Moon’s Significant Roles


Transformers Cast: The Human Element

As far as money was concerned, Transformers 3 was the movie of the summer; indeed, perhaps the movie of all time, surpassing masterworks such as James Cameron’s Avatar and the earlier Titanic. To even the staunchest fan of human acting in movies, it was clear throughout the Michael Bay-directed, three movie franchise that these bucks go to the robots. With that said, there some memorable roles – not all for good reasons – in Dark of the Moon, played by actors without plasma-cannons attached to their forearms.

Shia Labeouf returned as the boy hero Sam Witwicky, who had inherited his grandfather’s alien-code-etched eyeglasses, wnd had acted as a red, flashing beacon to the Transformers – Autobot and Decepticon alike – as they sought out the key to the ultimate source of power. In Dark of the Moon, his acting went a little into overdrive, and projected arguably too much frantic, excited speed-talk. Sam clearly wanted more credit for, in his own delusional words, saving the world.

John Turturro reprised his role as the offbeat, high-ranking Agent Simmons,, except without the high-ranking nor title of Agent. In Dark of the Moon, this wellspring of alien and cyber knowledge was now a rich man, outside of the purview of government, although still very much involved with fringe science and the goings-on of the cyber underworld. Sam manages to convince him – without much prodding – to come along for the ride to uncover the Decepticon conspiracy.

New actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley replaced the beautiful Megan Fox as Shia’s on-screen girlfriend. As Carly, this model-turned actress played the part of the eye-candy; the acting was good, but the chemistry between the stars was mediocre, at best.

Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson also returned as Lennox and Epps, respectively; Lennox was still a high-ranking military leader of men, having asserted himself as a career soldier; Epps had resigned to private contracting work on a base that clandestinely housed Transformers. Their parts became nostalgically memorable when they finally teamed-up once again near the end of the movie to kick some Decepticon butt, with a spectacular base-jumping and city glide-through to engage the enemy; it was probably the only thing in the film not filmed in CGI. The remaining cast of characters included the stage actress Frances McDormand, who played the tough-as-nails National Security Director, the various wonderful Transformers voice actors, Sam’s parents Ron and Judy Witwicky, played by Julie White and Kevin Dunn again, and two renowned thespians in relatively minor roles, John Malkovich and Jon Voight.

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Admiral_Joraxx 5 years ago from Philippines

Thanks for this review! I almost forgot about this movie. Now I'm gonna list it down for future relaxation movie hours. Thanks again.=)

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