Transformers Actors and Dark of the Moon

Mired deep within the success of the Transformers movies were several of the human actors, who brought levity and feeling to a movie that would have failed on both those fronts, had it been left only to the robots. Shia Labeouf’s turn as Sam Witwicky in all three films has run its course, and was largely successful throughout Transformers 2007, Revenge of the Fallen 2009, and Dark of the Moon 2011. The departed actress Megan Fox had fans missing her greatly in Dark of the Moon, after she ended her run (one way or another) with the Revenge of the Fallen; her replacement, the model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, received a lukewarm reception in Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon, due to the obvious lack of chemistry between her character and Sam Witwicky.

Transformers Special-Ops

Another mainstay in the Transformers movie franchise was the formidable William Lennox, played by strapping actor Josh Duhamel. A ready and willing leader, his grit shown through inall the trials and tribulations one might expect when dealing with how to kill an alien robot that burrows through concrete with the ease of a diver slicing through water. By the time we made it to Transformers the Dark of the Moon, Lennox had fought his way through the breakneck ranks of the elite armies in Afghanistan and the Gulf Wars, becoming a Major at an unheard-of young age. And, he managed to retain his easygoing and erstwhile humanity, using the strength and resolve he had in droves to inspire the boy hero, Sam Witwicky, to (help) save the day by first guiding the Allspark through a battle-zone in Revenge of the Fallen, and then defeating the traitorous Dylan (played by Patrick Dempsey), who turned from Carly’s boss into quite inarguably the perpetrator of the greatest instance of high treason in the known universe.

Secret Agent Turned Ally

Lastly, we appreciated and enjoyed the reemergence of John Turturro as Agent Simmons, the former Sector 7 bigwig who lost his job and became richer than his bosses, by selling his story (the non-classified version I imagine). In Revenge of the Fallen, he sought to keep the public in the dark about the presence of the Transformers on Earth, and made hell for Sam and his girl Mikaela (played by Megan Fox) until the Autobots rescued the duo and made it clear that having Sam Witwicky as an enemy is a losing proposition. Predictably, they would all fall in line, and the albeit tenuous bond they form was called upon in Dark of the Moon when Sam approached Simmons for adventure.

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