Transformers Movie 2007

Transformers 1 was 2007’s big-screen remake of the classic alien robots from the fictional planet Cybertron, come to Earth for the mechanical equivalent of the Holy Grail, the Cube (also known as the AllSpark). The mystical object is essentially the Creator of all things Transformers, including the source of energy that powered their very planet. As with any artifact of such power, it is also desired by their evil brethren, the Decepticons, who will follow the good-bots (the Autobots) to the planet of the humans in search of it, their leader – Megatron – crashed into Earth and, in his reckless eagerness to possess the AllSpark, became entombed in ice for eons.

Transformers AllSpark

What is this AllSpark after which the Cybertronians lust? The two most powerful of them, Optimus and Megatron, lead (respectively) the Autobots and the Decepticons; Optimus fights solely to keep the evil Megatron from gaining the kind of power that would jeopardize all sentient life in the universe. The AllSpark not only powers Transformers - or anything requiring energy to run (which is everything, by definition). There is no greater source of energy than the AllSpark, as far as the Transformers know, and it once powered both their robot-economy and the planet Cybertron, itself. They actually consider it to be more of a mythical object than a scientific one, as no Cybertronian Transformer has ever even bothered trying to discern its makeup!

Returning to The Transformers movie, the fate of the planet rests snugly in the hands of a boy, Sam Witwicky – who happens to be the descendant of the great explorer who discovered Megatron during a random expedition to the Arctic Circle. Of course, the boy has help in the form of an otherworldly car that helps him come of age, in addition to saving the planet. With both sides gunning for young Sam (the Autobots gunning with him; the Decepticons against); it is up to the senior high school student, the Transformer Bumblebee, and an assortment of unlikely support heroes to help Sam save the day.

The devastating occurrence that fried Megatron's navigational circuitry and left him trapped by ice for all those centuries saved early man from likely Annihilation at the hands of so powerful an alien threat. It is fortuitous that by the time the super-secret government agency, Sector 7, carved out the ex-monarch of Cybertron from the Arctic shelf in 2007, humanity had developed some semblance of strong self-defense skills, and withering offensive abilities.

Despite Earth's abilities by the year 2007, the Autobot-aided battle against the Decepticons and their dedicated pursuit of the AllSpark nearly saw the side of right lose the battle. It took the best Special Ops team that the military had to offer, the combined might of Cybertron's greatest warriors of light, and a boy befriended by an alien Bumblebee to thwart Megatron. Despite Optimus Prime's willingness toward self-sacrifice, Sam shoved the AllSpark into Megatron's chest instead, where the sheer magnitude of the energy overwhelmed him and put Megatron down for the count.

Transformers Movie-goer Opinions...

- "The movie Transformers 1 more than lived up to the hype; the modern interpretation of the robots in 3-D was nothing short of spectacular. Simply put, Industrial Light and Magic bio-organic, complex designs made the transformers of yesteryear look like they could’ve been defeated by box-cutters."

- "Although the first Autobot we saw was a wickedly-modified Bumblebee, the goosebumps really rose when a spectacular Optimus Prime stepped on screen. It was like seeing an old friend."

- "I am an Autobot at heart, but Blackout at the very beginning, taking apart that military base, was truly awesome!"

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