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Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen was 2009’s follow-up to the human hero Sam Witwicky and his Autobot allies’ victory over the Decepticon transformers. At the conclusion of the first modern Transformers film, Megatron seemed to be dead – by Sam’s own hand, no less – and his body was banished to the depths of the ocean by the Defense Department of the United States, with the earthly presence of the Transformers still a State-Secret. Apparently, they couldn’t just melt Megatron down using sabot-heat rounds; but, nonetheless, his second entombment set the stage for his rescue by his minions. A visually spectacular feast, Revenge of the Fallen was a somewhat bloated story with triple the Transformers than were in the first movie. Many of these were hunted down by a human-Autobot clandestine military alliance called NEST…but, alas, not the most important ones. Under Megatron’s direction (who actually bowed to a higher master, the Fallen), the Decepticons were intent on locating and using a machine that would create a virtually endless source of their life-blood Energon – at great cost to humans and the Earth: the machine would have to destroy the Sun to work.

Revenge of the Fallen laid on the comic relief, even as the Transformers ravaged the deserts of Egypt in search of an alien key that would open the door to Earth’s destruction. Optimus Prime even gives his life attempting to stop the Decepticons; but he is restored by our human hero, a now college-enrolled Sam Witwicky. A meeting with an ancient, though still powerful turncoat boosts Optimus Prime’s already considerable power levels to ready him for a confrontation with the Fallen, who is even more powerful than Megatron. The fate of the Solar System truly hung in the balance.

Optimus Prime enjoyed one of the most powerful combinations in the history of the Autobot Transformers when the former Decepticon (and now Autobot ally), Jet-fire, sacrificed his life (there was a lot of that going around in Revenge of the Fallen) so that Optimus could make use of his formidable parts; which were the chassis, jets and weaponry of an SR-71 Blackbird. When the dust settled from the Autobot Jolt-enabled combination, Optimus arose reborn, and the only thing on the Earth capable of taking on the Fallen. Flying to the pinnacle of Egypt's pyramid, the last - soon-to-be-last, actually - Prime sent the oldest traitor to oblivion, and destroyed the Solar Harvester once and for all.

Revenge of the Fallen Transformers reviews

- Transformers 2 was worth seeing even though the story got kinda mystical…I liked the number of robots; the more, the merrier!

- There has to be a 3rd one to make up for Revenge of the Fallen’s story-line.

- They outdid themselves. The graphics were tremendous, and I could’ve sat there for four hours watching Transformers 2. Autobots, roll out!

Revenge of the Fallen Trailer

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