Trouble Waters for Contract Negotiations between SAG and AMPTP

What Problems Will Arrive Over Contract Negotiations Between SAG And AMPTP?

by Valerie K.T.S. Read

SAG president, Alan Rosenberg, and SAG Union representative, Doug Allen, is asking all SAG members, to vote yes, on the Strike Authorization today, December 17, 2008.

Since, this writer doesn't have experience or all the evidence to make a case. I will just have to comment on my opinion for the decision to strike.

Several important issues are the lost of pay through New Media. New Media is where you can buy any new Plasa TV from a retail change, and it connects direct into your internet to order movies, or you can buy or download movies on the computer. This loss of unclaimed residuals doesn't go to the SAG members, but to the CEO's of huge broadcasting companies, who offer this extra convenince to their customers, us. If this is a new thing in the future, think of the loss of residual to the members of SAG, who have worked on those films.

Also, the protection of minors, infants, and any actor who is not protected, when filming a movie in any state, and is protected under the law of that state, not under union rules through contracts with SAG. The contract that AMPTP represented to SAG was not accepted because of the amount that the broadcasting companies made, are more than the SAG members would gain in loss residuals for New Media. The board members are urging all SAG card holders, to say yes, on the authorization to strike.

I think that after the WAG strike at the beginning of this year, and their win over contracts negotiations, was a clue that SAG might do the same. Now, all of us who respect this industry, and what SAG has done for the actors, in the last 75 years, hold our breathe for the final count, on the vote to strike. This will delay all projects in film, theatre, and television. It will mean a loss of jobs for countless 1000's, who depend on work, from movie projects for their income. Let's hope that in today's economy the SAG members will think about how this strike will effect their industry and make the right decision.


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