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True Blood Season Three Episode Three – Bill’s Dark Side

This is the episode where the dark side of Bill comes out in all its glory. We knew he had it in him, there have been seeds planted in earlier episodes. But to see him take Lorena on in this episode, well I know it was a shock for many but one we should have seen coming.

That he would even think of putting Sookie’s life in danger is unthinkable – but that he would force Lorena through such a bone-chilling and brutal act was a shocker. But enough of that, we all know it was there because no one could talk of anything else the next week.

I have to admit that I love the scene later in the show when Sookie has decided to head out to Jackson to find the missing loverboy. There is that moment in the bar when she gets the old “you look like dinner” routine, and you just think – oh boy! And sure enough, before you know it Sookie is making questions that are bound to get her attacked. Lucky for her, Alcide, that hunk, was around to keep her in one piece.

I like that the Nazi werewolves are still in the story, makes for interesting comparisons, if nothing else. Cooter is going to be one to watch out for, though. He is up to something more than appears.

But Franklin is one character I am not sure I understand. He certainly has no problems with the ladies, and he seems to really enjoy it. But his reasons for hanging around aren’t exactly clear. I just wish Sam would get his act together, but with a family like his I guess that is too much to ask for. But he does need to add a little backbone. Time will tell, as I like his character but find him still being too wishy washy for this show, but as fun to look at as ever.

I guess we will have to check in next week to see if the consequences to Bill’s acts show up on Sookie’s doorstep. My guess is that it will. See y’all then!

True Blood Episode 2: Beautifully Broken

Blood Is Spilt in True Blood Episode 11

In this episode it looks like Sookie is betrayed by both Bill and Eric in front of Russell. They both tell Russell that drinking Sookie's blood provides protection against the sun.

Russell doesn't believe them and tells Eric to take the first drink. He does and goes outside into the sunlight. It's a great scene because it's been centuries since Eric has seen the sunlight. Pam and Russel watch him on the monitors at Fangtasia. Both Pam and Russell are crying vampire tears (blood vampire tears I might add) as they watch Eric in the sun.

Eric then motions for Russell to come outside. He turns his face away from the camera so Russell won't see that he, Eric, is starting to smolder a bit. Russell comes outside and Eric turns to him. When Russell sees Eric's burning face he attempts to run away but Eric grabs him and handcuffs them to each other. The episode ends with the two of them burning in the sun.

Before the episode began though there was a GREAT tribute to "those that have met the True Death". It was called True Blood in Memorium and is a great vignette of all of the True Blood characters that have died since the series began!

True Blood Episode 2 Review

Last week, we left Bill surrounded by werewolves. Not such a good place to be but he makes short work of them before being stopped by a stranger on horseback. When Bill quickly bows to the man and says "your majesty", you see that this new character is the King of Mississippi and he admonishes the werewolves for treating Bill so badly - but one particularly ornery wolf tells Bill he is going to be dead soon and Bill finds out his name is "Cooter" - which makes it hard to take him seriously. The King invites (orders) Bill back to his house for some explanations.

Sookie is at Fangtasia with Eric trying to find out who took Bill and he explains what werewolves are. He lets her know that she is too valuable to throw away and warns her to leave things to him – I love the way he seems to see inside Sookie, like he really cares. Sookie tells Eric that she cannot stop looking for Bill and Eric tells her to leave it alone as she begins to cry. Her crying disturbs Eric.

Last week, Tara was trying to kill herself and Lafayette stopped her. Lafayette is taking Tara to the hospital but she talks him out of it. She keeps to her usual pattern of whining but Lafayette seems determined to keep her around so he explains that there is no way he is going to let her die. He takes her to see his mother in the mental hospital. He wants Tara to see what could happen to her because it runs in the family and for her to stop whining and start living.

Sam is sitting outside of the house he thinks belongs to his birth family when he wakes up to a boy carrying a rifle telling him to get out. The boy takes him into the house and Sam sees his mother and father for the first time. She asks "who the hell are you?" and he starts to tell her but she knows pretty quickly and is very happy to see him. His mother may be happy but his brother is not. Sam tries to talk to him but he is having none of it. He does relent a little by inviting Sam to go running with him and as Sam changes into his nice doggie form, his brother turns into a great big pit bull.

Sookie goes to work and hears someone saying that they are going to grab her. She looks into the woods and sees a man standing there but he disappears when Terry shows up. She chases the man into the woods because she knows it is a werewolf and Terry soon learns something is up when he sees the man's tracks turn into wolf tracks.

Jessica is still trying to figure out what to do with the dead body under the house as she sprays room freshener. Nothing like a nice, ripe body to stink up the place. Bill is having a lovely dinner when the King finally tells him that he wants Bill to be sheriff of Louisiana. Bill immediately thinks the King wants war but what he really wants is too marry the Queen of Louisiana. She has refused but he plans on making her change her mind with Bill's help.

The town is toasting Andy as a hero in the bar while Jason toasts him sarcastically. He wants Andy to tell the truth about killing Eggs. Andy tells him to keep it quiet and to try to make something of himself instead of feeling guilty. Sam and his brother are having fun running in the woods when his pit bull brother plays chicken with a truck and then changes into a bird just in time for Sam to be hit. Sam almost dies and he turns back to human form – talk about brotherly love.

Someone sneaks into Bill's house to find a hidden file that has all the details about Sookie and her life – I bet she knows nothing about that! Sookie, meanwhile, is sitting in her house with a gun ready when Eric shows up at the door. He knows a werewolf came after her. He tells her that he lied to her and he relates the story of his meeting with a werewolf when he was a Nazi soldier. It is then that he learned a vampire commands the werewolves. He tells her they depend on vampire blood for their powers and they are very strong and organized. They have been around a long time and are hard to stop. He is not worried about Bill but he's quite worried for Sookie and he wants her to invite him into her house so he can protect her but she refuses. The two of them verbally dance around each other on the porch as she avoids the invitation.

To add more fun to an already good episode, a new character with a great accent comes on the scene. He talks to Tara about her situation and the fact that she wants to die. Jessica goes back to the basement to find the dead, putrefying body gone and she freaks out. Jason is too drunk to drive so Andy drives him home. Just as they get ready to leave, they get a call that there is meth lab being busted so Andy takes Jason with him as he rushes to the scene. Jason watches from the car when he sees a pretty girl in the distance and naturally follows – this is Jason after all. Just as he tries to follow her, one of the drug dealers runs out of the house and Jason tackles him.

Tara is outside the bar drinking as she begins to beat up a few rednecks for insulting Eggs. She gets some help from the strange vampire that showed up. He holds the men as she beats them up. How thoughtful, it sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Meanwhile, Bill is shocked when Lorena shows up the King's house and he throws burning oil on her - can this woman please die? Eric and Sookie are still discussing the Bill situation when he senses a threat and he forces her to let him in – was it mind control or just fear of fangs? I couldn't tell. A werewolf is about to attack and Sookie raises her gun and fires. Was it an enemy or a friend?

And, once again, I can't wait until next week…

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