True Blood Season 4

True Blood Season Four- New Vamp in Town

Well, I guess you might just have to up that population sign outside of Bon Temps because it looks like there is gonna be at least one new vamp in town this season. Yes, I have heard the word and it sounds like witches are set to be the new vamps this season, but that doesn’t mean a new blood-sucker or two won’t make an appearance.

The only true new vampire that we have heard of so far is Blackburn, who is a very old vampire. In fact, he is ancient a vampire that it is questionable how well we are going to be able to see him in the episodes he is in. That is because he moves so fast. And what is more, he has some history with Erik and Bill. Some ancient history, from the sounds of it.

Actor Aaron Perilo says that he is looking forward to the action and that he is asking his fans to watch and see how fast that white face of his will be. It doesn’t help any that the old vampire has a bit of an attitude. That is bound to get him into trouble in Bon Temps, especially with the old guard in residence there now. But Blackburn isn’t the kind of vampire to let that stop him. As Aaron sees it, Blackburn is a very bloodthirsty individual and if there is trouble around, he is going to find it.

Cliffhangers We Loved at the End of Season 4

Well I must say that the last show of Season 4 certainly had its fair share of cliffhangers, enough to hang a dozen hats onto! But if I had to narrow it down to just three, I would say that these three are the ones that really stayed with me, and that make me want to come back just to see them resolved:

Cliffhanger #1 – We saw her tell both men in her life that she doesn’t want to see them anymore. It was heartbreaking, and we all cried for her. Still the question remains: With Bill and Eric out of the picture, where is Sookie going to go from here regarding her heart?

Cliffhanger #2 – Way back at the end of Season 3, Eric and Bill took final care of Russell, The King of Mississippi. At least we thought they did when they bound him in silver chains and locked him inside a garage that should have held him as close to forever as you can get with a mad vampire king. But when Alcide returns to that place to find a giant hole in the side of the garage, an employee who has been left with a gaping hole of his own where his memory should be and the silver chains just sitting there, well I was blown away. So where is Russell and when will we see him again?

Cliffhanger #3 – And of course the big one is the final scene in the kitchen, with Tara and Sookie. When Debbie shows up with that shotgun and Tara shoves Sookie aside to take the full brunt of the blast, well you know she must be dead. But we don’t really know, and anything is possible on this show. Can Tara really be gone for good?

Well, I must say they do like to leave us guessing. These three alone would be enough to get anyone to come back in June for the premiere of Season 5 of True Blood. Catch up with us for spoilers, cast news and more at the website!

True Blood Season Four Winners and Losers

There have been plenty of heart-stopping moments this past season in True Blood Season Four. Now that we are past it, we can take a look back and see that this past season had some cliff hangers (or ten) but it was a show that had begun to evolve beyond the basic gore of the season before.

There have been some winners and some losers this year. Although sometimes in True Blood, whenyou lose you actually win. Here are a list of some of the all time best losers in this season's show:

  • Sookie Loses A Year in Fairyland

  • Eric Loses His Memory (and his shirt!)

  • Jason Loses His Sense of Dignity (when the wer-pathers gang up on him)

  • Sookie's Fiary Godmother Loses all her Blood (to Erik)

  • Hoyt Loses Jessica (and then some!)

  • Pam Loses Face (literally! Way to go Marnie)

  • Sam loses control to Tommy (skinwalking in fact!)

Well there is lots more where that came from but you get the picture. There has just beenso much going on with this season of True Blood it is hard to actually keep track. I will be back with more pics soon!

Sam Horrigan

More True Blood Season 4 Spoilers!

More new characters are said to be joining the season four cast of True Blood! Apart from the characters I already told you about, sources have it that at least three more male characters will be joining this season. These are all minor supporting characters and will appear in episode three called “If You Love Me Why Am I Dying?” – looks like Bon Temps is going to be frenzy of new faces and characters!

Actor Sam Horrigan will be playing a fangbanger in the episode. Not only is the character said to be super hot, but he is also stupid as heck! He is describes as one that actually enjoys being bitten by vampire Pam! The American Actor (Horrigan) playing the role, is popularly known for his roles as Spike in Little Giants, Val in the Disney movie Brink and Quentin on the Hit TV show ‘Grace Under Fire.’

Aubrey Deeker is another Actor who will be joining this season’s cast. Deeker will play a new vampire who is caught on camera smirking and feeding on a female victim. This character is described as one desperately trying to escape the consequences of his actions so clearly recorded. Deeker is known for his role in the TV series The Wire.

The other character said to be featured in episode three of the upcoming season is that of a camera operator – a dim witted, righteous, bearded man in his twenties that will be played by Actor Brian Treitler. Treitler’s character is said to be seen on a grainy youtube video warning America about vampires. He is described as one that makes underground videos of vampires feeding on humans and later traps them.

In other related news, Alcide Herveaux (played by Joe Manganiello) will be appearing more on the show starting this season. In an announcement at ComicCon 2010, Manganiello said that he was asked by the creators to become a regular on the show starting from season four. The character Alcide is one of the very few good werewolves introduced on the show thus far who also has an ongoing thing for Sookie; and now he is going to be following her around everywhere like a faithful watch dog!

Also, we are definitely going to be seeing more of the sexy Jesus (played by Kevin Alejandro) who is Lafayette’s boyfriend on the show. Kevin’s character is also a “brujo”, meaning witch, and this season is said to be the “Season of the Witches.” Word has it that we are literally going to be seeing a lot more of Jesus! He is said to be undergoing an “intense” workout regimen in preparation for some nude scenes on the show!

True Blood Season 4 – New Cast Members

With season four of True Blood set to premiere in just a couple of months (June, 2011), there is now more and more news and spoilers becoming available to fans.

You can expect a whole bunch of new cast members, some who are slated to be regulars on the series. American Actress and Musician Janina Gavankar will be working closely with our favorite shape shifter Sam Merlotte in the upcoming season. Janina will be playing the role of a teacher who is also a shape shifter and will make her first appearance on the show in a gathering of other shape shifters. Janina is known for her role as papi the promiscuous lesbian in The L Word and as a cop in The Gates.

Fiona Shaw, an Irish Actress famous (In North America) for her role as Aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter movies, has also joined the True Blood Team as a regular. Fiona will be playing Hallow Stonebrook (also known as Marnie on the show) a palm reader who is possessed by the spirit of a powerful witch. Marnie is described as being a “mousy, timid, self loathing storefront medium”. Although the part was originally written with a younger actress in mind, it is now being re-written to fit Fiona.

Another new member to the show is Courtney Ford. Ford is an American Actress and producer of short films who is widely known for her role as a reporter on Showtime's television series Dexter. She will be playing Portia Bellefleur, sister of Andy Bellefleur (the town detective), in the upcoming season of True Blood. Portia is described as a strong woman who runs her own law practice in Bon Temps. Although Ford will not be a regular on the show, her character however is described as being recurring.

The casting call for Naomi, a strong fighter who participates in underground cage fights for money, has been filled by Actress Vedette Lim. Lim is better known for her work in the soap opera ‘As the World Turns’. She is also slated to be a recurring character on the series.

Alexandra Brecekenridge is another new addition to the cast, who is well known for her voice-over work in the comedy series Family Guy. Brecekenridge will be playing the role of Daisy on the show. Daisy is a part of the wiccan group that Marnie (Fiona Shaw) is part of and will be a recurring character on the show. 

True Blood Season 4 Spoilers

Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton in the True Blood series was interviewed by Phoenix FM radio while he was at the last performance of The Plotters of Cabbage Corner, a Christmas Show at the Brentwood Theatre. Moyer plays a powerful vampire who risks both his life and his reputation in the Vampire world to protect Sookie from those who take advantage of her ancestry and powers.

Moyer told the radio that he knew his character “inside and out”, and he went on to say that there were some scenes in season 4 that even he would never have thought of for Bill. He particularly mentioned a flash back scene for Bill that surprised him. So needless to say – I think season 4 will bring with it a ton of surprises!

In other related news, sources have it that yet another character has been created for Season 4. Paola Turbay will play a sensational Spanish woman called Antonia. According to the descriptions that were released she sounds like a pretty ferocious character. Watch out for Antonia in season 4 mostly from episodes two to six.

Actor Denis O’Hare who plays the Celtic Vampire King Russell Edgington in a comment implied that his character will make a come back in season 4! Russell was buried alive in cement by Bill and Eric after he goes on a rampage, killing people, and that too in full view of the TV screen. Some say that this story line just might change as O’ Hare hasn’t signed any contracts for the show yet. Nevertheless, sources muse that Russell will make a comeback at some point in the season.

One of the early season 4 episodes will include feisty scenes where Pam is seen enjoying a really hot but dim witted dude who actually enjoys being bitten! She has shown lesbian tendencies in the previous seasons but looks like that’s about to change!

Definite storylines speak of you tube videos of vampires attacks freely available in season 4. Although it sounds a lot like Russell, it turns out to be a secretive filmmaker that tapes and uploads the videos. So we can safely assume that relations between the conservative and vampires are NOT going to be pleasant. And Tommy Mickens played by Marshall Allman will be receiving an intriguing proposal from an interesting prospector. Allman’s is an original TV character and it does not appear in the novels. So no use trying to read the novels to see who or what!

True Blood Raves

True Blood has turned out to be one of the best shows on TV in 2010. It may not have made the Golden Globes for the year but it is widely popular among other forms of media, especially online. True Blood by popular choice has the best characters and TV moments of 2010 and that too with only half the number of episodes when compared to the usual norm of network show production.

The show won a Boxee award from for Best Scene of 2010 for its gripping scenes in episode 9 ‘Everything is Broken.’ It is the part where Russell Edgington’s lover of 700 years (good god!) is killed by Eric Northman. In reaction to the overwhelming grief Russel goes on a graphic killing spree – ripping out the spine of a news anchor. This unexpected scene also won the Most Shocking Moment of 2010 from MSNBC and the Today show and the Best Performance of 2010 from TV Guide.

Nelsan Ellis’s plays Lafayette Reynolds who is one of the show’s favorite characters is a cook at Merlotte’s, a drug dealer, a gay prostitute and a member of Jason Stackhouse’s road crew. He is also Tara’s cousin in the show. Lafayette was listed second on as one of the most under appreciated characters of 2010. In fact the character is killed in the very first novel in the series but Lafayette’s qualities and popularity made creator (of the TV series) Allan Ball, keep the character alive in all the seasons aired thus far. Cant wait to see him again on season 4!

Alexander Skarsgård who plays the character of Eric Northman, a thousand year old vampire, in the True Blood TV series was listed in the top 10 characters of 2010. Spoiler TV’s Favorite Guest Star Award for 2010 went to James Frain who plays Franklin Mott. Franklin, a love sick and slightly crazy vampire easily became the greatest comic relief of the season. The character could have been a dark one being an emotionally disturbed vampire but James Frain added a whole different dimension to the character truly earning the accolade.

The many fangtastic moments of season three – watching Sookie finally be able to stand up for herself and booting Bill and Eric to the curb, seeing Pam weep, watching the show move from Bon Temps to o Shreveport to Jackson and back, being introduced to a Warewolf are just some of the most interesting moments that earned the show sixth place in Houston Chronicle’s Top TV Shows of 2010. 

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse

Anna Paquin, better known as Sookie Satckhouse to all the TrueBlood fans, is Canadian by birth. She moved to New Zealand at the age of 4 and moved to Los Angeles only at the age of 13. Apparently, her most impressionable years were spent in New Zealand – which explains the sporadic kiwi influence in her accent. Although she seems to have a perfect southern accent on the show, her kiwi accent seems to take over when off the screen (of late, even her on screen accent seems to have minor kiwi influences).

Paquin rose to fame in Hollywood after she won the Academy award (Best Supporting Actress) for her role in a New Zealand drama film The Piano, in 1994. She was only 11 at the time, and is now known as the second youngest winner in the history of Academy Awards. She is also known for her roles is successful movies such as She's All That, Almost Famous and the X-Men series. Now, for her role as sookie in Trueblood, Paquin has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress (Television Series Drama) in 2008.

Reportedly, Paquin became an actress merely by chance! When Director Jane Campion ran an advertisement, looking for a young girl to play a key role in The Piano, Paquin’s sister auditioned for it. Paquin only tagged along with her sister because she had nothing else to do. Campion was impressed with Paquin’s performance and was selected for the role from among 5000 candidates! She was only 9 at the time and her only acting experience had been playing a skunk in a school play.

Paquin recently married Stephen Moyer also a Trueblood cast member, who plays vampire Bill Compton in the series. They had been dating since 2007 – when the pilot of the series was filmed – and finally tied the knot on the 21st of August 2010, at a private residence in Malibu. She now lives in Venice, Los Angeles with Moyer and his two children – 11 year old Billy and 9 year old Lilac. The family spends just as much time in the UK which is Moyer’s hometown. Although Moyer also has a native accent to deal with, he seems to find it easier to eradicate the accent when compared to Paquin. Well, whether they find it easy or not, they are doing a great job with putting on a southern accent on the show!

New and Exciting details – True Blood Season 4

What frenzy True Blood season 3 ended with! Sam was last seen opening fire aimlessly and full of rage. Sookie is off to fairy land, Eric escapes a cement bath of which the King of Louisiana is a victim, Lafayette discovers his inner witch, Bill confronts Queen Sophie-Ann, and Tara takes off! Cast members reportedly ask viewers to look forward to more of the extreme passions and clashes in the upcoming season 4. They did however reassure their fans that at least one of the unresolved endings will be cleared in the very first episode.

So, was Sam (the shape-shifter) shooting at his younger brother Tommy Mickens (played by Marshall Allman) who had apparently taken his cash? Or was it just friendly fire? (However absurd that may seem!) I’m pretty sure Allan Ball (writer / director) will come up with an unpredictable twist to that story.

What do you think? Is Sam capable of murdering his only brother? When asked Sam said: “I can’t answer that. You don’t want to know… because something would be ruined for you, but you will find out. You will find out pretty quickly whether I did or did not.”

Tara Thornton’s descent into darkness and turmoil began with the death of Eggs (played by Mehcad Brooks) She is seen constantly contemplating suicide and once even manages to down a large number of pills from her cousin’s medicine cabinet. Lafayette saves her but only temporarily. She is soon mixed up with Vampire Franklin Mott (played by James Frain.) She finally finds peace when Franklin dies but by then too much damage has already been done. She is forced to rethink her life. “There’s going to be some changes with Tara. Hopefully some power and some strength… And not be tied up all the time… I can’t tell you that (Wesley said when asked if Tara will return to Bon Temp). I love my job too much.”

Witches are expected to descend in season 4… that means more trouble and more havoc! Or is it? “What we know is that the werewolves and vampires don’t get along. We know that fairies and vampires don’t get along… Then we know from the books — if you look at the books — that the witches don’t get along with vampires. So basically everybody doesn’t get along with vampires. So at some point I would imagine the vampires are going to, possibly, [make] some friends…” said another cast member.

True Blood Season 4 Predictions

So, we have to wait until June 2011 before True Blood Season 4 begins.  In the meantime, let's recap some of the more popular rumors about what will happen next season!

1.  Tara may not return.  If you'll remember, in the season finale Tara drove off into the night.  She'd previously attempted to kill herself but was thwarted, thanks to Sookie.  Tara has a lot of things to work out about her life.  Perhaps she'll take a short hiatus to do this.  Or perhaps it will be a permanent hiatus . . .

2.  Russell Eddington LIVES!  The character playing Russell has already told the press that he'll return next season.  Will he exact revenge on Sookie and Eric or will he become more docile?  I'm voting for the revenge plan myself!

3.  Sam kills his brother.  In the True Blood season finale, Sam shot at his brother.  We don't know whether he hit his mark but I'm wondering if he killed him.  At the very least, he may have seriously injured him.

4.  Who will Sookie end up with?  In the last episode she was pretty disgusted with Bill and Eric.  I'm a big fangirl of both the show and the books so I'm hoping Sookie will eventually get back with Bill because I believe he truly loves her.  But then again, I really like Eric since he's so sexy!

True Blood Photo

True Blood Stars Talk About Their Wishlists

Here's what the True Blood stars say about Season 4:

Lafayette: wants the show to stick to the books. Says that if that happens, the next season will be about fighting witches.

Hoyt: Hoyt says that he's down for a fight with witches!

Terri Bellefleur: Says we've got some griffins, why not some Frankensteins?

Hadley: plans to go from a witch to a vampire!

Eric: he's just happy to come back for Season 4.

Bill Compton

Jason Stackhouse

Eric Northman

Sam Trammel

Alcide Hereveaux

Who's the SEXIEST True Blood Guy?

Who's the SEXIEST True Blood Hunk?

  • Bill Compton
  • Jason Stackhouse
  • Eric Northman
  • Sam Trammel
  • Alcide Hereveaux
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