True Blood Season Five

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  • No - It would just mess up their friendship
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Russell getting dinner prepared.
Russell getting dinner prepared.

Episode 7 - In The Beginning

Man so much happened on this episode that my head is spinning. Anyone who complains that this show is moving too slow is just not paying attention! Well, for Sookie the big news was that her fae powers may just fade away because she is only half fae and half human. I can see that was a shock, but then once she started thinking about it she realized that she has really been wanting to just be a normal human. This may be her way to achieve it. The look on her face when she stood in her front yard cracking off one fairy ball after another was tremendous! That girl is just determined to drain her batteries until she is just a girl.

On the other hand, this may not be the best time to be getting rid of the only thing that protects her from vampires. Because it looks like the day of reckoning has come for the war between vampires and humans. Russell did indeed kill Roman, and we now know it was with more than a little help from Salome. This makes sense when you think how old Russell is supposed to be, and we know how far back Salome goes. Erik is just a kid compared to those two.

But Erik and Bill go from being enemies to being invited to join when Russell reveals he is a Lilith worshipper along with Salome and Erik’s “sister” and soon the whole council has joined. Probably because Russell was more than happy to show that if they didn’t join they were dust. Bill and Erik join in a ceremony where they each have a tiny sip of Lilith’s blood in that fancy bottle. I love that Erik’s final words before they drink is, “we’re vampires, and we drink blood all the time. What can it hurt?” Because before you know it they are walking down the street like a battalion and causing havoc and destruction everywhere they go. They have decided that vampires do not come from humans; they are a new superior race. Humans are just like cattle, there to be consumed.

We did get a bit of a peek at the wolf pack as Alcide get some very personal training for his upcoming fight against JD for control of the pack. But JD has some ideas of his own to present to the pack. He tells them that a vampire friends of his let him know that the big smack-down between humans and vamps is coming down. If the wolves want to survive, they will need to show their loyalty to the vampires by drinking of his blood. He holds up a vial of vampire blood and tells the group they should do it. Lots of discussion but it looks like in the end JD may prevail and if he does Alcide will never be able to win this fight.

But it may all be for nothing, as we watch the vampires invade a nightclub and proceed to drain every person in the club dry. As they are feasting on the assorted bodies strewn across the club’s floor, a light appears and a drop of blood descends as each vampire watches. It hits the floor, spreads into a pool and from that pool emerges Lilith. She walks, naked and glowing with power, howling at them. We end this episode with Erik, who sees the “ghost” of his other self telling him that he knows this is wrong. His sister is not aware, but he is and he must save her.

Can he? Will Sookie leave herself vulnerable at the wrong time? Will Alcide prevail or will the wolf pack join the vampires in taking down the humans?

Can’t wait to see next week’s episode to find out how this will go!

Wait- did you hear something??
Wait- did you hear something??

Episode 5 - Let’s Boot and Rally

Wow- let’s just say that this one started on a pretty hot note, with Sookie and Alcide starting on the couch and then moving it to the bedroom pretty quick. It was so cute when Alcide says how he has been dreaming of this moment – then Sookie upchucks on his tennies! Man – what a way to break the mood! It didn’t help any that that Erik and Bill are standing there when she looks up. Poor Alcide – he may have to wait a bit longer for his long dreamed night in the sack with Sookie. He sure is the forgiving kind seeing as how Sookie admitted she killed his girlfriend.

But when Bill and Erik fill her in on why they are there you gotta give the girl points for not backing down. It’s let suit up and go find Russell ‘cause nothing is gonna change for her until they do.

Meanwhile, her bro Jason is having his own struggles with strange dreams about his parents – dreams that reflect his conflicts about the information he learned last week about vamps killing his parents. He is still haunted by this when he heads out to investigate a double murder of a pair of shapeshifters that Sam was on his way to see after getting kicked out by Lorna. Seems that someone is not happy with the “supes” that live in Bon Temps and is planning on eliminating them with wooden bullets with silver cores, vampire killing bullets that work just fine on werewolves too it appears.

Luckily for Sookie her friend Tara seems to be dealing with being a vamp a bit better. She is working for Pam at Fantasia when she meets Jess, Bill’s recently turned vampire. They have their “girlfriend’s moment” when they sit and bitch together about how hard it is that the old vampires don’t understand the pain of being a young vampire. It seems that Tara has finally found someone who can really help her with this transition, because if there is anyone who ever really took being a vampire in stride it is Jess. Now if they can just learn to not fight over fangbangers like Hoyt they will be just fine.

Of course, lots of stuff happening with The Authority, the primary one being that Bill and Erik have been told they have until dawn to signal they have taken care of Russell or that cute little vamp tech will fry them via cell phone signals. Not fun! But Roman makes a stirring speech to the remaining cabel that they will not allow the new/old faction stop them from their goal and it’s time to kneel and prey to the great goblet of blood in a glass case. Someone on the writers team must have been Catholic at one time, this scene just smacks of the old Catholic rituals. But Roman better keep an eye on Salome; she seems just a little too slick and in charge. My bets are she was in cahoots with Nora and Russell, being one of the older vampires.

And in the end we have two really stirring scenes – one with Sam and Lorna as the posse of good ol’ boys shows up at her place spraying bullets that catch first Sam and then Lorna and we watch him watch her die. But the kid shifts to wolf and gets away and last we saw Sam he was hanging onto life. Let’s hope they aren’t knocking him off next.

The actual final scene is when Sookie and gang finally track Russell down. He is holed up in this old creepy mansion where they find plenty of evidence with body parts thrown in a corner and live meat on the hook just waiting to be taken and drained next. But when Bill and Erik, with a deadline hanging over their heads mind you, finally find Russell – do they stake him pronto? Nope – they threaten and talk about how they are going to end him. This, of course gives whatever is behind them and making scary noises enough time to come up from behind. What it is, we will have to wait until next week to find out.

Sookie and Pam square off again!
Sookie and Pam square off again!

True Blood – Season 5 Episode 3: Whatever I Am, You Made Me

Man that is one haunting line that truly encompasses so much of what happened this week in the show. We watched Tara struggle with the horrifying consequences to Pam’s agreement to “make” her into a vampire. We know that Tara has always considered them monsters, so to find she has been turned into one is beyond horrible, she is almost out of her mind with anger and self-loathing.

The other side to this coin, of course, is in the flashbacks we see of Pam and Erik. I love these because they really give us a feel for the relationship between these two. That sly dog Erik, he is such a lady’s man and it really shows in these scenes set in San Francisco in the early part of the 1900s. If Tara is someone who hates the fact she has become a vampire, then Pam is a great example of someone who gave her maker good reasons why she needs and wants the change. Erik is really shown in a good light here, as a gentleman who when he meets a newly minted Bill (yet another example of the title’s line) he instantly demands that retribution be paid to the human who cared for the girls that Bill drained. It is his territory and just the way he is apologized to show us just how powerful a vampire he is at this time. But it is the tender scene in the bed between Erik and Pam that tugs at her heartstrings as she remembers what they used to be to each other. Who knew Pam had a heart?

And speaking of someone who seems to finally have found their heart, what is it with Jason these days? The scene with his old school teacher, who obviously seduced him at a young age and taught him a few tricks, is bittersweet. You have to wonder if he is finally looking at himself and all the destruction his sexual exploitations have done in that town. He may not have been “made” in the way a vampire is made, but it is obvious that his old teacher is the one who made him who he is now, a lost little boy looking for a way to fill the loneliness he feels inside with pointless romps. So will Jessica finally be the one who reaches him? Wouldn’t that be an unexpected surprise!

Of course, later in the show we see that Erik is still quite the lady’s man, but then Salome does seem to like her party favors to run in threes. If she really is the biblical Salome as she says, then who is it that made her? This makes her even older than Erik, and therefore a force to be reckoned with in the future. Although going by how much fun she had this show, she may be a force to be reckoned with in bed (and against a wall!) right now!

But the real story throughout this episode was Tara and the powerful effect of her being turned is having on those around her. For once Alcide sees her and begins to question Sookie, of course then the truth finally comes out about what happened to the missing Debbie. Can you really blame him for being angry at Sookie for lying to him all this time while he looked for Debbie? There is going to be some consequences to that decision for Sookie, I am ready to bet money on that!

Can Tara rise again?
Can Tara rise again?

Season Five Off to a Big Bang of a Start!

Well the latest season got off with a bang, as we first relived the last few moments of last season, and we once again watch Tara get blown away, and then see Sookie do the same to Debbie. Erik and Bill may have second thoughts about coming to Sookie’s rescue, but in the end it doesn’t matter as The Vampire Authority wants a word with the two, and right now.

Sam gets cornered by Marcus’s old wolf pack and in the end confirms what a standup guy he is by refusing to tell them it was Alcide that killed their pack leader Marcus. Of course, if he hadn’t we would not have had that scene with Sam all shirtless and tied up. They do like to tie guys up on this show and I for one am not complaining!

But the big buck naked scene goes to Jason for answering the door in his birthday suit when the good Reverend comes a-calling. The rev wants vamp lessons, and he intends to get them from Jason. Of course, we know he has ulterior motives, but I sure did not expect them to be because Rev wants to declare himself a “gay vampire-American”! Now there is a demographic you don’t see too often in the census!

My favorite line in this episode has to be when Jason tells the Rev that “this dog don’t bark that way”. Can we get just a little more southern here?

Erik and Bill just keep getting more like a buddy movie, with the numerous exploding escapes including the one from the trunk that was straight outta one of those Smokey and the Bandit movies. These two are channeling Newman and Redford and doing it well.

In the end we all end up back at Sookie’s house as the deal she made with Pam to turn Tara rather than let her die is made and Pam and Tara are buried in Sookie’s back yard. It makes me kinda wonder about her neighbors. I know mine would certainly have noticed a little thing like a grave in my back yard. I loved the scene where Sookie is taking a shower (no not for that reason!) and remembering Tara from back when they were kids and everyone would snub Sookie for being strange. Sometimes we forget the kinds of things that make Sookie who she is, and how much Tara is a part of that.

So my heart was breaking when Sookie sat next to the grave after Pam rose up but Tara seemed to be gone forever. Sookie just broke down completely. That is, of course, why the last scene of Tara rising up, one crazed looking vampire, was so perfect! Man – have I missed this show! Sigh, welcome back Sookie!

What's Coming in True Blood Season Five

Well the next set of episodes for True Blood will be starting in June of this year with the premiere of Season Five. I for one can’t wait to see how this season will fare. Word is out that although it will be based on Dead as a Doornail, Ball says there will be other book sourced for some of the plot. The first two shows are already in the can and we have some clues as to what will be happening from cast calls etc.

Episode One is called “Turn! Turn! Turn!” and it will focus on the werewolf clan primarily from what we have seen so far. But the vamps are not ignored and there will be some action for Jason and Jessica, those red hot lovers we last saw in Season Four. And there will even be a short bit revealing something about Cassie’s past.

Episode Two is called “Authority Always Wins” . Could this be an homage to John Mellancamp? Well, maybe but the main point is that this episode will focus on The Authority, and we will get to know the various council members a bit better. Also- word is out that Jason gets decked for sleeping with the wrong women, as in someone else’s woman. Should be an interesting episode, from these little bits we have heard of so far.

So check in from time to time – we will let you know what we see happening as they continue to put out those interesting casting calls and keep shooting episodes. We will report back in soon!

True Blood Season 5 Poll

Okay- so we know that we have a long way to go until we get to see True Blood Season 5 premiere in June. But, no surprise, there are plenty of questions we have right now that we would love to see resolved. To my mind the biggest one is going to be the question of who Sookie will turn to, now that she has turned away from Eric and Bill. I mean, to my mind now is the time for Alcide to finally get in there and get what we know he has always wanted. But will Sookie see him that way finally?

Since I can’t get an answer out of anyone at TB Central, I thought we could have a poll to see what the fans are thinking. So here is the question: In Season 5, we know that Sookie has walked away from both Eric and Bill. Do you think it will be Alcide who will gain her attention, and her heart? If not, who?

Tell us your answer in the poll below. And since it is a long time until June when the new season starts, be sure to come by our sister site and catch up with us for spoilers, cast news and more on BestFantasyStories.

True Blood Season 5 Romance Poll

With Bill and Eric out of the picture, who will Sookie turn to now?

  • Alcide
  • return to Bill
  • return to Eric
  • Sam
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Dennis O’Hare Reprises His True Blood Role!

As should be expected, there are a few cast changes coming with the new season, but they are so far all good news. The best news I have heard so far is that Dennis O’Hare is going to be back as Russell Edgington, the Vampire King of Mississippi. If you recall, Dennis played Russell as this wild old Celt who has been around for several thousand years and is pretty much a wild man. Even though over the centuries he has had Talbot to tame him, in the end Russell is a creature of his time, and that is as an ancient sun-worshiping Celt. He is completely unpredictable as a character, which is what has always made him so interesting and so dangerous.

When asked recently how his character would be returning to the show, Dennis did at least reveal that although Russell will be in the story, he Dennis will not be acting on-screen. This could mean flash-backs to his earlier days before he was turned, or it could mean that he will be somewhere off-camera such as in a “vampire rehabilitation center” as postulated by the rumor site HollywoodHills. In any event, he says he will not be truly back in the show until mid-March, so we will just have to see what he really means when he says that “they have devised an amazing trick to allow me to be present, but not fully acting”. As ever, Dennis and his alter-ego Russell remain the mysterious ones!

But not us! We are not mysterious at all and just to prove it, you can catch more True Blood madness at our fantasy site BestFantasyStories where we will try and keep everyone up to date on the happinings of the world of fantasy, including cast and news from TB! Come on by, we’d love to have ya!

True Blood Season Five Spoilers Feast

Well it has been a while since the close of True Blood Season 4 finale and we have a long wait until the start of the new season in June of 2012. Sigh – just a little less than six months to go! So until that time what can a true blue fan do but crawl the web and see what kinds of spoilers we can find to share with other true blue TB fans.

Since production began on Season 5 already (it stated back in November) there might be some production shots around, I will see if I can find any for you.

Spoiler Alert! – I hear that Season 5 will pick up in the exact place we were left at the end of Season 4, with Tara and Sookie in the kitchen. Talk about a cliff-hanger, man I am sure going to be happy to see this scene resolved! Also- word is out from the big guy himself, Alan Ball, that we will be seeing some flashbacks this season of when Erik turned Pam.

Spoiler Alert! – Also from Alan is word that although yes, this season is based on the Dead As A Doornail book, he is planning to see elements combined from other books show up this season although he would not confirm which books. While it is true he has done this to some extent in previous seasons, Alan says it will be much more pronounced with Season 5.

Spoiler Alert! – Writers say that although there are no plans for a return of the zombies, other supernatural beings will be making appearances throughout the season. They wouldn’t say what kind exactly, just that they are “lesser known”, so I am thinking this may mean no more witches either. But who can tell, I am sure not everything is plotted out to the tenth degree, even now.

That’s about it for now guys and gals. And since it is a long time until June when the new season starts, be sure to come by our sister site and catch up with us for spoilers, cast news and more on More as we find it out!

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