Tutankhamun was a King of Ancient Egypt of the 18th Dynasty, succeeded Akhnaten in about 1347 BC when he was only ten years of age. During his short reign of eight years the worship of Amen was restored to Thebes in place of the heresy of Akhnaten, but the fame of this unimportant king rests on the fact that the entrance to his tomb was concealed by diggings from the much larger tomb of Rameses VI nearby, and therefore his tomb escaped the looting that befell all the other royal tombs.

It was discovered in 1922 by an Englishman, Howard Carter, who found that the tomb consisted of four chambers containing an astonishing wealth of treasures. The mummified body of Tutankhamun lay in the innermost of three gold coffins, his head covered in a gold portrait mask. The chambers were filled with life-sized statues, chariots, couches, furniture, caskets, robes and jewellery in such quantity that it took Carter ten years to catalogue them. The sarcophagus and one gold coffin still lie in the tomb in the Valley of the Kings, while the rest of the contents are now in Cairo Museum.

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Civil War Bob 4 years ago from Glenside, Pennsylvania

Nice article, Hubography...short and to the point; which will not necessarily get you high ratings in this venue. One off the wall question for you. If God called to Moses, saying, "Moses...Moses" would he have called Tutankhamen by saying, "Tut...Tut?" ;)

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Hubography 4 years ago Author

Ratings don't interest me.

Funny joke!

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MikeSyrSutton 4 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

I loved King Tut while I was growing up. He was very interesting, and then, Steve martin came along! lol

Well done, and voted up.

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Paradise7 4 years ago from Upstate New York

I've always regreted I missed the MOMA (Metropolitan Museum of Art) King Tut traveling exhibition. Thanks for a brief but informative article.

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