Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Review

Bella & Edward's honeymoon
Bella & Edward's honeymoon | Source

My Sacrifce For Twilight

Like any good spouse I reluctantly went with my wife to see the recent Twilight movie. I know women are crazy for these movies and figured it was a good way to spend an evening. Even though both of us have not read the books we have enjoyed the movies. Yes, I must admin that the Twilight movies are well done and do provide some entertainment. Its a chick flick that is watchable compared to many others.

So tonight we decided to get our tickets online and show up at the theater early so we could get in line and score a decent seat.

When we arrived at the theater, we noticed it was unusually quiet. I was very surprised as I knew this movie was bringing in big crowds on this opening weekend.

We got our tickets scanned and proceeded to the theater 45 minutes early to wait in line. To our surprise, we found no line at the entrance to the theater.

This was the first sign that the movie was not going to be that good.

Once the theater was finished being cleaned we went in and found our favorite seats. Shortly after more people did arrive. The theater was only about three quarters full when the movie started.

Creepy Bella
Creepy Bella | Source

Breaking Dawn. The Day That Never Ends


Just wanted to ensure everyone that I will be talking about the movie in some details so I suggest you do not read any further if you have not seen the movie yet.

The movie started out with a Wedding that I though would never end. After the Wedding it moved to Bella and Edward's honeymoon that seemed really boring and long. Who play's chess on their honeymoon? Honestly?

Finally after going through several boring days Bella decides to eat some gross chicken and suddenly gets sick. She thinks its due to the chicken until she realizes she is late and might be pregnant. After seeing the chicken she was eating I'm starting to think its was the food she ate. That chicken looked really bad.

So finally something was happening. It turned out Edward had impregnated Bella with some sort of vampire baby.

The rest of the movie is Bella's super fast birthing period and Jacob fighting with everybody. He gets angry, leaves his wolfpack and plays bodyguard for Bella. This really makes the vampires look weak and harmless. Apparently vampires do not match up against wolves very well.

Wrap it Up

As the movie finally begins to end there is a bit of action but its short loved and pretty lame.

As if nobody could forsee Bella having her child and then almost dying in the process. Edward decided to bite her about 20 times in hopes of turning her.

It apparently works and she then fills up with air and her eyes turn red. That's the end.

Needless to say my wife and I were very disappointing by this movie. It seemed like a movie with just filler in order to get you ready for Part 2.

It reminded me of the second last Matrix movie that was a complete waste of time. As you can tell I do not recommend this movie.

I could basically sum it up with a wedding. pregnacy, birth and changing into a vampire.

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plussize-lingerie profile image

plussize-lingerie 5 years ago from UK

Oh no, I've just promised to go and see this, and I haven't even seen the others. It sounds awful.

beautyspot2010 profile image

beautyspot2010 5 years ago from uk

i agree with you I was so excited about twilight part 1 but I have to say I was a little disappointed in the end scene as it has left me hanging now and I’m not a very patient person I have read the books so I know what happens but still I would of liked a sneak peek into part 2 , i think your right about this being a filler in order to prepare us for part 2, let’s hope the next part is epic because as it’s the last film people are going to have high expectations,I myself will be one of them

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