Twilight Trading Cards

If you love the Twilight movie and would love to collect and share images from the film, then you may want to start collecting Twilight trading cards. This isn't a collectible trading card game. Twilight trading cards are designed strictly as collectibles. You can display them in a specially designed Twilight album.

The company behind the cards, Inkworks, went out of business early in 2009, so it remains to be seen if there will be additional Twilight cards for future films like New Moon. NECA picked up the license and immediately reprinted the Inkworks set (except for the Piecework cards) so if you are looking for cards on Ebay, it may pay to be mindful of the manufacturer. The Inkwork cards should generally be more valuable.

What this means for you as a collector is that the Inkworks-released cards may become more valuable due to lower print runs resulting from the company's demise. One thing you should keep in mind though is that Redemptions will no longer be available as Inkworks has sold off all of their backstock. So do not pay big money for Redemption cards as you will not be able to redeem them.

If you are looking to complete a Twilight movie trading cards set, here's what's available and what you need.

San Diego Comic Con Twilight Cards

While Inkworks is out of business, there is already at least one card set released for New Moon as a special promotional limited edition. These were released at the San Diego Comic Con, but I have no idea who the manufacturer is (NECA??) and its possible they were simply commission by Summit Entertainment. They aren't the same as the other trading cards available, having a different look and feel to them.

It remains to be see if the SDCC style New Moon trading cards will ever be available at Retail, but I have a feeling they won't be. There are also exclusive Fan Club releases. You can always find these types of cards on Ebay though, if you weren't able to attend an event.

Complete Twilight Trading Card Set
Complete Twilight Trading Card Set

Twilight Trading Card Set with Binder

If you don't to fuss around with boxes of cards hoping you can put together a complete set of the 72 base cards and you don't want to have to track down individual cards, the limited Twilight Trading Card set that's an exclusive Amazon release is probably the best way to do it.It also comes with a really nice binder and the Dr. Carlisle Cullen card is signed by Peter Facinelli.

In the long run, it may actually work out the cheapest way to get the full set of cards as well at this point. I believe you will find the best price in the Ebay auctions below, since this set has officially sold out on Amazon and is fulfilled by a different company at a much higher price than it originally sold for.

This Trading Card set with Binder was manufactured by NECA once they took over from Inkworks.

Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set

AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set w/ Official Binder
AMAZON EXCLUSIVE! Twilight Limited Edition Trading Card Set w/ Official Binder

Note: Amazon is sending through some bad data here. The complete trading card set actually costs $249.00. This item originally sold out on Amazon, so it is now more expensive and is being fulfilled through another company. You may find a better deal on Ebay.

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Twilight Uncut Mini-Press SheetTwilight Protector Case Card
Twilight Uncut Mini-Press Sheet
Twilight Uncut Mini-Press Sheet
Twilight Protector Case Card
Twilight Protector Case Card

Twilight Bonus Trading Cards

You can also buy individual packs and boxes of trading cards. There are 72 base cards and then a series of randomly inserted bonus cards: 9 ALWAYS cards, 6 DIFFERENT cards, 3 IN PURSUIT cards.

Then there's the Uncut Mini-Press SheetAlways
Only 199 nine-card uncut and sequentially-numbered limited edition mini-press sheets of the "Always" nine card puzzle were made available and this is probably one of the most sought after items on Ebay.

And finally, there's the Twilight Protector case card which was only available if you bought a full case of Twilight cards. The Twilight Case Card is another highly sought after collectible card, but you can find it on Ebay if you are persistent. Check the listings below.

Twilight Pieceworks Cards

Some other cards released by Inkworks include the Twilight Pieceworks cards.

These cards were released strictly to hobby stores and stores that specialize in Trading Cards, so you'd not find them at places like Target or Walmart. I'm not even sure that Hot Topic would have gotten these.

The Twilight Piecework cards contain small pieces of the costumes worn by the various Twilight characters in the movies. There's a total of 12 cards. These are difficult to find, even on Ebay.

More Twilight Cards

Here are some more cards that are available, including a listing of Inkworks Twilight cards, if you are interested in collecting the Inkworks releases exclusively. Also, there's the exclusive New Moon Car Set from the Fan Club (the Fan Club which I'm unable to find. If you have a link, hook me up!).

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Helen Cater profile image

Helen Cater 7 years ago from UK

What a fab hub. Really enjoyed reading about this.

Chet Williams 7 years ago

What an efficent run down you have here! Please update as information becomes available. Great job!

Sarah 6 years ago

Question: did NECA ever reproduce the CL-1 caseloader card "Protector"? I can understand not reproducing the pieceworks cards, but the Protector card suprises me.

Any thoughts???

Thanks for the great HUB!

embitca profile image

embitca 6 years ago from Boston Author

I'm not 100% positive, but I'm not sure that NECA did the Protector card. I think they basically only reprinted the basic card sets and not any of the specials.

But then again, I haven't been on the look-out for that so I could be mistaken. Might be worth doing some searches on Ebay to see if there are any there. I'm sure if they exist there should be some auctions for them.

Sarah 6 years ago

Have you checked out the TOPPS versions of both the Twilight and New Moon cards? (The British call them 'photocards' instead of trading cards). The 4 by 6 inch size cards are quite nice. I was able to buy them off of the Ebay UK site. The Topps New Moon set features a 3 card chase set "Loyalties" which the Neca set does not have. I learned a lot from this site, so I thought it would be nice to mention the Topps cards so other fans can enjoy the 4 x 6 beauty!!!!

Jayme 6 years ago

I've just recently bought the TOPPS UK versions of the Twilight and New Moon cards. They are WAY nicer than the NECA/Inkworks cards. They are 4" X 5.5" and about the thickness of postcards. Very nice collectable for fans. My only problem now is finding some protective sleeves to fit them.

Lauren 6 years ago

Hi, I'm collecting the Topps (as I'm in England) trading/collectors cards. I have a full set for New Moon but I am missing a handfull of Twilight ones. Can anyone help out with a website where I can trade Topps cards?

Bruce 6 years ago

Check out seller 4655helen on ebay.

karieanne 6 years ago

these are fantastic. i noticed people asking about swapping you should try the website its a really good site ive been using this. you trade cards with other and all it costs is the postage. also people asked about putting them in something to protect them. i use a photo album they fit in there snuggly.

Sarah 6 years ago

What do you think of the Eclipe cards? Frankly I'm very suprised that there are *no* foil cards in the entire set!!! The chase cards look like photos of foil cards. I'm pretty disappointed. I contacted 4655helen on Ebay to ask about the Topps cards, and she said that they are supposed to be released much much later. I'm hoping that they are redoing the card set, since Topps usually has one foil card per pack. Anyway, I'm done ranting. The movie was fun, wish the cards had turned out better.


shelly 6 years ago

i was told in hmv 3 weeks time mayb at the most eclipse photocards would b out but could b as much as £2 a pack this time round

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