The Twilight Saga Is Not Welcome in My Home

The Twilight Saga Invades My Home

A few years ago my journey began into what would be a crazy phenomenon called Twilight. My home has become a household of what I affectionately call “Twiheads.” These are people who are obsessed by Stephanie Meyer and her blood sucking Twilight characters. I had no idea what was about to happen. Anticipation in my house rose as those dwelling in it anticipated the release date of the latest book in Ms. Meyer’s collection. My house was a buzz and all conversation seemed to be focused on Twilight, New Moon, or Break Dawn. You see, my home is one where four females dwell. Three teenage girls and a wife who enjoyed reading young adult fiction. As the only man in the house, I had no escape, nowhere to run. The Twilight Saga in book and film with all its young adult drama was on its way to my home.

Edward, Jacob or Bella Who Cares?

Conversation around the dinner table was intense. The gossip of these characters and their story lines dominated our house. Who is this Edward person and why do they think he is cute? What kind of name is Bella anyways? These are just books, right? Soon conversations were focused on the upcoming movie. “Twilight the movie is coming,” is all I heard day in and day out for weeks on end. I really have not seen this much excitement around my house since the day that teenage wizard, Harry Potter , made his final appearance in book form.

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Being Violated By Twilight

There was no escaping it. Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn were fast becoming the everyday conversation in my home. Between discussions at my home and the constant bombardment of Twilight commercials, I felt like the paparazzi had violated my privacy. I now know what Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattison must be going through with all their publicity.

Will Twilight Ever End?

Of course, just when I thought this was over for a while, it starts all over again. New Moon has just been released and the madness is once again in my house. Thank you Stephanie Meyer. Everybody is writing articles about New Moon. Could this be the best Twilight movie? Would Bella really become a vampire? Is it possible for Jacob to kill Edward? Do I really care? Nope!

Thank You Stephanie Meyer

So Stephanie Meyer, I need to thank you. Your crazy obsessed "Twiheads” fans are those that are near and dear to my heart. At least the ones living under my roof.

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Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

I loved this. My kids are mostly grown and 3 out of the 4 were boys. When I was younger, I wanted to have 4 girls. Thank you for making me glad that didn't happen. LOL

mb2456 profile image

mb2456 6 years ago from Southern California Author

It's always different in my home. Having four females presents its own challenges...

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